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  1. 55 minutes ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:
    1 hour ago, william.scherk said:

    I think that if you are a dog owner, vaccinations are worthwhile...

    How about masks? And six feet distancing?

    :evil:  :) 

    How about your original remarks? How much distance makes sense?  

    On 11/20/2021 at 8:21 AM, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

    The fucking zoo is vaccinating its animals.

    The thing about zoos, appreciate them or revile them, the only thing of value they have (besides real estate and plumbing) is the animals on display (and more abstractly, the genetic line if the animals are rare, protected, nearing extinction or otherwise threatened). The animals indirectly pay the wages of the caretakers.**


    -- on a mostly-unrelated side issue, I should note that a massive animal rescue is going on next-door to us in the flooded prairie. Many thousands of cattle and other livestock are dead, but thousands more have been brought to safety and feed and water drops are ongoing across the temporary lake. 

    The USA is waiving its stringent COVID controls at the border to allow us down for essential supplies. We also don't have to show a PCR test when we return north.  The nearest crossing is at Sumas, Washington, but to get there presently requires a fifty mile detour through congested, one-lane-at-a-time roads being refashioned.  The ethics of emergencies ...


    ** insert caveats and qualifiers about the variety of animal-pens in the pet industries, and nod to the variety of funding streams for animal shows from the rodeo to the larger, internationally-active research zoos. And to the captivity of research animals more broadly, fellow primates primarily. Insert image of Ivan the gorilla during his life at the Tacoma Mall.

  2. We haven't had a dog since our old "Bear" died a couple of years ago. I think there is nothing like a dog rescue to lift the spirits. From unspeakable cruelty to a life in a caring home ...

    I think that if you are a dog owner, vaccinations are worthwhile and in some cases (rabies) mandated


    Find out which puppy shots your new friend will need, and the right schedule for when your puppy should receive vaccinations.


  3. 2 hours ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

    The fucking zoo is vaccinating its animals.

    What's next?

    It could be that primates, otters and some of the big cat species can get COVID-19. 

    From November 14 at Phys.org:


    Three snow leopards have died at the Lincoln Children's Zoo in Nebraska of complications from COVID-19.

    From NPR in March of this year:


    As the pace of COVID-19 vaccinations for people speeds up across the country, some zoos are considering giving shots to animals that are susceptible to the virus.


  4. 26 minutes ago, tmj said:

    Very busy

    From the story cited:


    [Sherronna Bishop] said the agents would not tell her why they were searching her home. They did leave behind documents related to the search warrant, saying they entered her home because she was suspected of causing “intentional damage to a protected computer, wire fraud and conspiracy to cause damage to a protected computer.”

    I don’t know anything about this. They couldn’t explain any of this,” she said. “I will tell you why: they were at my home to intimidate me, to shut me up, because I was using my First Amendment rights to advocate for [Mesa County Clerk] Tina Peters on the issue of Dominion [voting machines] and the damage done in our election. And they’ll never be held accountable. Instead they will criminalize this woman who has stood up.”

    From another angle, a few more items to chew on:


    The FBI on Tuesday raided the home of a Colorado election clerk and three others in an investigation into a voting system security breach.

    Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters, a Republican, was accused by state officials in August of helping to leak voting system passwords to a right-wing blog. Peters later appeared at MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell's conspiracy-laden "cyber-symposium," where the pillow magnate promised but failed to produce evidence of election-rigging. Peters later briefly went into hiding with Lindell's help amid FBI scrutiny.

    On Tuesday morning, the FBI and local prosecutors raided Peters' home.


    "We executed four federally court-authorized operations today to gather evidence in connection with the investigation into the Mesa County Clerk and Recorder's Office," District Attorney Dan Rubinstein told Colorado Politics. "We did so with assistance from the DA's office from the 21st Judicial District, the Attorney General's Office and the FBI."

    Peters in an interview on Lindell's online streaming channel said the raid left her "terrified."


  5. On 11/15/2021 at 11:52 AM, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

    From the article: [


    The judge in Connecticut ruled on Monday that because Mr. Jones refused to turn over documents ordered by the courts, including financial records, he was liable by default.

    Does anyone really believe this will be the final result?

    The Connecticut case has been rolling along for quite some time. Readers can view the full, very long case docket here: http://civilinquiry.jud.ct.gov/CaseDetail/PublicCaseDetail.aspx?DocketNo=UWYCV186046437S

    If I have read the docket correctly, the ruling is here: http://civilinquiry.jud.ct.gov/DocumentInquiry/DocumentInquiry.aspx?DocumentNo=21734820


    On 11/15/2021 at 11:52 AM, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

    I'm not intimate with this case, but I know there have been court assaults on Alex Jones for the Sandy Hook thing for ages. And I've heard that, in instances where outcomes do not go the way defendants like, appeals courts exist.

    What I gleaned from the court's ruling is that Jones and his lawyers have long been warned that not supplying what the court has ordered would result in a default judgement. Have a gander at the procedural history laid out in the ruling above.

    Alex Jones et al will be appealing this ruling, but I don't see a way he can win -- overturning Judge Bellis' ruling. See the penultimate page (16).

    On 11/15/2021 at 11:52 AM, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

    I suspect this thing is more about elections than about Sandy Hook. In fact, I lean toward this interpretation. It's called lawfare for political purposes.

    I don't know how this pertains to the Sandy Hook families pursuing their civil cases.  The orginal actions were brought almost 9 years ago.

    On 11/15/2021 at 11:52 AM, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

    I also suspect the court proceedings will go on for another 20 years. Alex has some top lawyers in the country beside him.

    He's been going through lawyers at a fine clip. His present team is not giving up (Reuters) :


    Norm Pattis, who represents Infowars, said: "We remain confident that, in the end, the Sandy Hook families cannot prove either liability or damages. We think their lawyers know this; hence, the desperate effort to obtain a default.”

    A family spokesperson also acknowledged the road ahead:


    "Mr. Jones was given every opportunity to comply but, when he chose instead to withhold evidence for more than two years, the Court was left with no choice but to rule as it did today," said Mattei, whose firm, Koskoff, Koskoff & Bieder, represents families of the Sandy Hook victims.

    "While the families are grateful for the court's ruling, they remain focused on uncovering the truth," he said.

    If I am reading the docket correctly the court dates for the next steps in the civil proceeding begin with jury selection next August (2022).  

    It's probably much too simplistic, but I think when you refuse to follow court ordered "discovery" procedures, you run the risk of a default judgement. 

    The trial beginning next year will be not fun for anyone, I expect.

    From the horse's mouth:


    Experts Agree Political Ruling By Democrat Judge Is 100% Unconstitutional Statement by attorney Norm Pattis “The trial court’s entry of a default in these cases is stunning. It takes no account of the...

    -- Alex has spoken directly to the issues:


  6. On 11/14/2021 at 1:21 PM, william.scherk said:
    Which means without paying, we can't really figure out how the tables in Kirsh's article were derived, or at least not exactly.


    I paid for a subscription to the paywalled analysis at Steve Kirsch's Substack. Unfortunately, the Benevides tables do not include unique VAERS IDs.

    However, Benevides's spreadsheets are available in Excel format, and I was able to import the data in this table pictured below to Google Sheets ...


    On 11/14/2021 at 1:21 PM, william.scherk said:




    Here is a link to the Google Sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qlNMMiprBsPZ9s21arUOpyaZgz2o3urcNAVzhdi02NY/edit?usp=sharing ... If anyone is interested in exploring the datasets ...



    match Symptoms,C19 Count,Baseline count,X factor Heavy menstrual bleeding,3,528,2,8820 Heart rate,3,189,2,7973 Magnetic resonance imaging head,1,512,2,3780 Angiogram pulmonary...


  7. 5 hours ago, Ellen Stuttle said:


    My eyes start losing the ability to focus trying to read your lengthy run-ons.  It would help if you would put some white-space gaps between segments.

    I will add some in, thank you for the suggestion.

  8. 8 hours ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

    As I mentioned above, the name of this guy (who is a Brit) is Dr. John Campbell. He has a YouTube channel with literally millions of views (God knows for how long giving his non-biased and clear approach). I just subscribed and intend to watch many other of his videos. Here's the link to his channel.

    Dr. John Campbell (YouTube)

    I've been following Campbell's output for a while. His channel has an "Introduction" video for folks to get oriented to his stance and purpose.


  9. Regarding usage of the CDC Wonder system of querying the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System database, a couple of additions and corrections.

    On 11/10/2021 at 5:09 PM, william.scherk said:

    If you use a database utility or spreadsheet program, you can easily import the result data in CSV (comma delimited values) format.  For Excel, Open Office, etc.

    It's a bit more picky than my sketch. Saved files are usually exported as .txt files, but are "tab-delimited" rather than comma-delimited. I semi-successfully imported the text file into Calc, the Open Office spreadsheet app by Apache. Excel and Google Sheets are also picky -- but the best option for export might be to PDF.  

    By saved files, I mean that the CDC/Wonder can record all your criteria and give you a unique web page URL.  Once that is accomplished, you can share the report with a link. Eg, VAERS Saved WSS Wonder CDC report URL for OL: https://wonder.cdc.gov/controller/saved/D8/D249F113

    (as embedded by OL software: )


    Before you head off there to verify mine or/and build your own report, one other picky thing you have to do first: you must go to the bottom of the page and click the AGREE button. 




    Once you agree, you head back up to the top of this unique page set, where you can click the first tab "Request Form" to view (and modify) the criteria:




    Screengrabs of the dataset criteria:




    -- note you can give your own title to describe the dataset.  Here is a view of what the "Results" table looks like:




    Because the cells of data in the table of results are not uniform, the resulting spreadsheet will sometime be unwieldy as a table -- this appears to be unavoidable.  Here's another example screenshot of the results:




    This particular individual row of results is almost unreadable, but you can click on the unique ID and get the same information in a more legible format:




    Remember to save your dataset criteria, or it all turns blank after a 30 minute session clock runs out!


    On 11/10/2021 at 5:09 PM, william.scherk said:

    Bear in mind that if you leave your query or results tab untouched and open for more than 30 minutes, you lose your session and have to start again


    Ellen noted a Substack article by Steve Kirsch. In it he tells us of an analysis made from VAERS data:



    [...] In a brand new VAERS data analysis performed by our friend Albert Benavides (aka WelcomeTheEagle88), we found hundreds of serious adverse events that were completely missed by the CDC that should have been mentioned in the informed consent document that are given to patients. And we found over 200 symptoms that occur at a higher relative rate than myocarditis (relative to all previous vaccines over the last 5 years). All together, there were over 4,000 VAERS adverse event codes that were elevated by these vaccines by a factor of 10 or more over baseline that the CDC should have warned people about.

    As of November 1, 2021, there have been more adverse events reported for the COVID vaccines than for all 70+ vaccines combined since they started tracking adverse events 30 years ago. That’s a stunning statistic, nobody can deny it, but nobody in the mainstream medical community (or mainstream media) seems to care much. It’s not even worth noting in passing. Wow.



    Follows a list of key observations, followed by a how-to-verify the work of the Kirsch team. It isn't clear if Albert Benavides used CDC's Wonder or one or more of the query sites noted here:




    What we found in the VAERS analysis below can be verified by anyone because it is all publicly accessible. Albert spent only a few hours to produce the tables. So the CDC should have been able to do the same work Albert did.

    You can easily verify any entry yourself via manual queries to any VAERS interface (my favorite is MedAlerts, but others such as openvaers and the HHS site give the same results).

    Before we get to Albert’s analysis of the VAERS data, let’s do a little background.



    Then there comes a section on "how to properly interpret" the observations:



    The X factor analysis (November 7, 2021)

    Before I give you the link to the spreadsheet of VAERS symptoms sorted by X factor, you need to know a few things to properly interpret the data.


    Finally, Kirsch provides the link to the X Factor Analysis: 



    The Excel file with the full results

    I’m trying to increase the number of paying subscribers I have as this supports the substack community. All proceeds will go to paying the salaries of people working for the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation (vacsafety.org) as well as buying ads so we can get the message out.

    You can find the full Excel file and Albert’s analysis in this article.






    Albert Benavides did an analysis of the VAERS data to find which symptoms were the most strongly elevated vs. baseline. Here's what he found.


    At the bottom of that page ... 




    It's only five bucks for a month's subsription, so it might be worth it to pay ...

    Which means without paying, we can't really figure out how the tables in Kirsh's article were derived, or at least not exactly.  What I am going to do is look up individual "symptom" entities from this table:




    Looking at a single symptom at a time should probably return entries in VAERS -- each one with a unique ID and thus able to be examined more closely.

    I am not at all sure I understand the Kirsch team's derivation of C19 count.


    On 11/11/2021 at 8:58 PM, Ellen Stuttle said:

    What the data tells us

    Here are a few quick observations from the complete data set (see next section for downloading):

    1. Female reproductive issues top the list. These are strongly elevated by these vaccines. Many of the top symptoms are all related to the menstrual process.


    I will start snooping VAERS for the reproductive issues first. 

    If anyone is interested in reading a critique of Steve Kirsch, there is a massive amount of material out there -- since his appearance on the Dark Horse podcast back in June of this year (described in Kirsch's quoted Substack article):



    Dr. Robert Malone is the inventor of mRNA Vaccine technology. Mr. Steve Kirsch is a serial entrepreneur who has been researching adverse reactions to COVID vaccines. Dr. Bret Weinstein is an evolutionary...


    This critique gets down to business: 



    There are a number of individuals on social media confidently claiming the mRNA vaccines are dangerous and killing people, and implying the vaccine distribution should be halted. Many are quasi-experts who are...


  10. 22 hours ago, Ellen Stuttle said:

    [Quoting from an embedded link/blurb] Millions of people who have refused to get an experimental mRNA vaccine may soon be forced to consume the gene therapy in their food.

    While we are waiting for may soon, perhaps an allocation of newfangled anti-viral feed will be sorted for so-called "animal reservoirs" like Bambi and Co ...

    [Preprint via Biorxiv:  https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.10.31.466677v1]


    Between April 2020 and January 2021, up to 80 percent of white-tailed deer in Iowa became infected with SARS-CoV-2 — the virus that causes Covid-19.
  11. On 10/27/2021 at 1:23 PM, william.scherk said:

    Here is Roger Stone being a bit snippy about Steve Bannon. 


    I imagine Roger Stone will be offering additional advice to Steve Bannon regarding "take the fifth" ... given that the DOJ just returned a grand jury indictment. 


    A DC grand jury indicted former Trump Chief Strategist Steve Bannon on Friday afternoon for refusing to comply with a subpoena from the House January 6 Committee. The crooks indicted Steve Bannon over...

    The indictment can be accessed here: https://www.justice.gov/opa/press-release/file/1447811/download

  12. On 10/20/2021 at 3:06 PM, william.scherk said:

    On a different tangent, Carrie Madej's claims about the immortal self-aware organism [added: Hydra] in the mumbly-sourced vaccine vials ... are topped by another fine person claiming a Polish team saw aluminum-based life-forms in mumbly-sourced vaccine vials ...

    Carrie Madej is now offering a bathing process to in some fashion de-vaccinate yourself, if you had not been scared off by the aluminum-based life-forms ... or immortal self-aware organisms [hydra].


    In a TikTok video that has garnered hundreds of thousands of views, Dr. Carrie Madej outlined the ingredients for a bath she said will “detox the vaxx” for people who have given into Covid-19 vaccine mandates.

    The ingredients in the bath are mostly not harmful, although the supposed benefits attached to them are entirely fictional. Baking soda and epsom salts, she falsely claims, will provide a “radiation detox” to remove radiation Madej falsely believes is activated by the vaccine.  Bentonite clay will add a “major pull of poison,” she says, based on a mistaken idea in anti-vaccine communities that toxins can be removed from the body with certain therapies. 

    Then, she recommends adding in one cup of borax, a cleaning agent that’s been banned as a food additive by the Food and Drug Administration, to “take nanotechnologies out of you.”

    -- the video was removed from TikTok, but at least a portion of it can be viewed here on BrandNewTube:


    Source: Jim_Crenshaw Dr. Carrie Madej explains how to detox from poisons. Other videos you may like: PREPARING FOR THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE - The CDC is training the military...

    At the end of the clip, Madej says she will relate more of her bath-detox process at her website: carriemadej.com.

  13. 2 hours ago, Ellen Stuttle said:

    They have to start with 6-month-olds.  They are MONSTERS!!


    A Study to Evaluate Safety and Effectiveness of mRNA-1273 COVID-19 Vaccine in Healthy Children Between 6 Months of Age and Less Than 12 Years of Age - Full Text View.


  14. Anyone can have at reports recorded at the CDC's adverse-events site.  In case you wanted to have a look at any precise particularity or wanted to view results by multiple criteria, VAERS has a not-too-complex front end with "CDC Wonder": 


    A few screen shots to show the explanatory page and a few of the criteria that you can use to narrow a search to particulars such as Lot Number.




    -- screengrab of the first fields to enter particularities:




    -- details of Vaccine Products:


    Temporal range for vaccination/s and for adverse event onset:



    In the end you get returned a table of data from VAERS. In this one I have selected Lot number EK9231 as one of the criteria for inclusion.


    Below (click images to zoom if you are on OL in a desktop or laptop browser):


    Many of the table cell headers let you sort the results further. 


     Each report has a unique identifier -- in the sscreengrab above it's a URL link in blue. It opens up a page with only the one report on it:



    If you use a database utility or spreadsheet program, you can easily import the result data in CSV (comma delimited values) format.  For Excel, Open Office, etc.

    Bear in mind that if you leave your query or results tab untouched and open for more than 30 minutes, you lose your session and have to start again (though there is a way to save your query early on).


  15. 3 hours ago, Peter said:
    On 7/27/2021 at 1:39 PM, Marc said:

    These people will do anything to stay in power.

    I don't think you are talking about the pro Trump rioters / rally-ers, but look what happened to this guy. Peter

    The first Capitol riot defendant to plead guilty to assaulting an officer has been sentenced to 41 months in prison



    Ex-MMA fighter Scott Fairlamb received the harshest sentence imposed yet for the attack.

    From the CBS article, below what was quoted by Peter:


    In one video, prosecutors said, Fairlamb can be seen shoving and punching an officer on the West Front of the Capitol. CBS News and the press coalition were granted access to a few of the videos prosecutors used to build their case. 

    On Wednesday, Fairlamb addressed the court about his behavior on January 6, calling it "completely irresponsible, reckless behavior." 

    "I truly regret my actions that day," he said. 

    Prosecutors, who showed some profanity-laced videos of Fairlamb in court Wednesday during the attack, asked for 44 months in prison. 

    They described the attack on an officer and said the officer recounted it as the "scariest day of his career." 

    Fairlamb's attorney, Harley Breite, who also happens to be an MMA coaching client, defended his Fairlamb's character and claimed he had been ill-treated in the District of Columbia jail where Fairlamb is being held.  

    He said Fairlamb no longer holds the beliefs that inspired him to join the rioting. And he said that in the D.C. jail, the ex-MMA fighter faced threats of violence. Breite also told Lamberth that the jail made it difficult for him to convey information to his client.


    He also said that Fairlamb has agreed to be interviewed by the  January 6 House select committee, but so far, the jail has not allowed investigators in to interview him. 

    Outside of court, Breite continued to rail against D.C. jail. "Conditions in the DC jail are repugnant," he said. "They're embarrassing, and they're a disgrace to every penal system in this country." 

    Fairlamb has asked to serve his time in a federal prison in New Jersey, so that he can be close to his family. 

    Assault On The U.S. Capitol


    Belarus!  A paradise for freedom ...

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  16. On 10/1/2021 at 3:40 PM, Dglgmut said:
    On 10/1/2021 at 2:40 PM, Marc said:

    I don't know a single peson who has had the flu since March 2020.

    It's public information that the PCR test cannot tell the difference between flu and COVID.

    Revisiting this, after some persistent "snooping." 

    The issue of tests has come up in the household since the barriers to normal border traffic are coming down your end. One of my siblings travels internationally as a flight attendant, but we often take the land border crossing nearby for authentic Mexican eats and general day-tripping, bargain-milk-shopping and visiting our great aunt in Seattle (she's now 103).

    The newest 'relaxed' rules for entering the USA by air take effect today -- passengers are required to be fully-vaccinated and to have a recent negative COVID-19 test; combining these strictures with the slightly harsher and stupider newest Canada re-entry requirements means some advance planning.

    Basically, to get into the USA by land, we need to show that we are fully-vaccinated, but don't have to provide negative results from a COVID-19 test. But, of course, to get back into Canada, we have to prove we are fully-vaccinated and provide a negative COVID-19 test. 

    This mismatch of course is going to hurt the border communities to the south that rely to some part on Canadian visitors. I expect the testing requirement for Canadians returning north by land to be put aside sometime soon ...

    In any case, what tests do you or I need to get from here to there and back to the here? Firstly, no antigen tests. Secondly to twentiethly ...


    Types of pre-entry test

    • Rapid antigen tests aren't accepted.

    Accepted types of molecular tests

    • PCR - Polymerase chain reaction
    • Nucleic acid test (NAT) or Nucleic acid amplification test (NAATs)
    • Reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification (RT-LAMP)

    These tests use methods such as a nasopharyngeal (NP) swab, nose swab, or saliva sample.

    Other acceptable types of tests
    • RT-PCR – reverse transcription real time PCR
    • Quantitative PCR (qPCR)
    • Isothermal amplification
    • Droplet digital PCR or digital droplet PCR (ddPCR)
    • Transcription-mediated amplification (TMA)
    • RNA (Ribonucleic acid)
    • Ct (cycle threshold)
    • CRISPR
    • Sequencing
    • Next generational sequencing (NGS) or whole genome sequencing (WGS)
    • Oxford Nanopore sequencing (LamPORE)
    • Detection of the N gene
    • Detection of Orf1a/b
    • Detection of the S gene
    • Detection of the E gene
    • Detection of the RdRp gene

     I got on the "How does RT-PRC (purportedly) work?" train in Snoopsville.  A couple of videos from the trip stood out as being sufficiently detailed to be informational, but not insanely technical.  Here's one:


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  17. 9 hours ago, Ellen Stuttle said:

    A rose by another name and gussied up…is a lot more expensive.

    A gnomic aside, a bit of a riddle. I'll bite, since it is likely about Pfizer's splashy news about Rosystockprice¹ antiviral pill ... compared against another earlier Rosyproduct pill panacea ...

    If you want to to see the heavy hand of Twitter, click the tweet to see it in situ, so to speak.  A related CovidMemo tweet was placed in a 'you can look, but you can't share or interact' penalty box, which is a weird weird way to carry out suppression/editing. 



    ¹ from Forbes: Billions Wiped From Covid Pharma Heavyweights—Including Moderna, Regeneron, Merck—As Pfizer’s Antiviral Pill Triggers Selloff

    Win some billions, lose some billions, seems to me.



    Merck’s initial announcement of promising trial data for molnupiravir precipitated a similar collapse in the pharmaceutical stock market, particularly among vaccine makers heavily invested in Covid-19 shots. The announcement wiped $22 billion off Moderna’s market value by 11 a.m. EDT the same morning. More Covid-centric vaccine makers (Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca are much larger and have more diverse pipelines) like BioNTech and Novavax (whose Covid-19 vaccine is not approved in the U.S.) also fell 13% and 18%, respectively, at that time, around $12 billion in combined market value lost. 



  18. 1 hour ago, Peter said:

    On Fox Business just now, at 1:09. Pfizer CEO, Covid pill a game changer, but you must be 18 or older.

    Merck has just had their Molnupiravir granted conditional authorization for use in the UK (story above in this thread); now Pfizer claims its drug Paxlovid has been found effective -- more effective than Molnupiravir:


    Pfizer’s is the second pill to show effectiveness against Covid-19, and it is the first purpose-built to attack the virus that causes the disease.

    From the NYT article:

    Nov. 5, 2021Updated 8:18 a.m. ET

    Pfizer announced on Friday that its pill to treat Covid-19 had been found in a key clinical trial to be highly effective at preventing severe illness among at-risk people who received the drug soon after they exhibited symptoms.

    The antiviral pill is the second of its kind to demonstrate efficacy against Covid. It appears to be more effective than a similar offering from Merck, which is awaiting federal authorization.

    Pfizer’s pill, which will be sold under the brand name Paxlovid, cut the risk of hospitalization or death by 89 percent when given within three days after the start of symptoms.

    Pfizer said an independent board of experts monitoring its clinical trial recommended that the study be stopped early because the drug’s benefit to patients had proved so convincing. The company said it planned to submit the data as soon as possible to the Food and Drug Administration to seek authorization for the pill to be used in the United States.


    The research that Pfizer puts forward is here: https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT04960202


    A Study of PF-07321332/Ritonavir in Nonhospitalized High Risk Adult Participants With COVID-19 - Full Text View.

    Peter referred to a Fox Business report. I think this is what he viewed or read:


    Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla called Friday’s announcement that the company’s experimental antiviral pill for COVID-19 cut rates of hospitalization and death by nearly 90% in high-risk adults “a...


  19. On 10/28/2021 at 11:50 AM, william.scherk said:

    Bundling this with a video "debate" moderated by Steve Kirsch, recorded yesterday. On the 'Kirsch side' (yes, the 'moderator' takes a side) a number of interested parties and researchers, on the other a fellow named Yuri Deigin ... 

    Yuri Deigin gives a play-by-play of the debate (or "debate, since the format seems far from being an exemplar) on Twitter:

    -- it goes on to list eight points in total.