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  1. Russia announces plan to ‘use the advantages’ of climate change. Putin says 'nobody knows' causes of global climate change The USA's 4th National Climate Assessment was released in 2017: About the report:
  2. Whoever or whatever "Q" is, he or she or they are probably enjoying the break, not having posted since December 29 2019. This break has had zero effect on propagation of the 'cleaned-up' version of the mighty conspiracy-of-all-conspiracies ... from Mike Rothschild: The article is here. As "Q" might say, The 'silent' war continues.
  3. A funny thing happened on the way to the forum. Ted Nugent used a Facebook account to -- seemingly -- endorse Q, and then -- seemingly -- reversed the seeming endorsement, and used pretty strong language to denounce a few items. This came to a boil just after a Trump2020 campaign actor denounced Q.
  4. [Link to kerfufflage on the main stage] Three unfinished 'draft' blog entries had been posted into abeyance, had been put off to the future, which future was January 1 2020. The entries were glops of quoted material (some of which contained a stupid 'turn Trump to Drumpf' JS routine) ... and I had no pertinent plan to revisit them. When I deleted them, I also deleted a number of comments that were attached to at least one of the entries. I had thought there was no way of saving those comments once the blog entries had been removed. However, I noticed today that my syndicated 'feed' represented at Feedreader preserved the deleted items. Here I post a visual snapshot of six of those items. The 'feed' only encompassed these six when I checked it today.
  5. I removed three blog entries that were 'drafts' ... in that I hadn't finished whatever I had intended to do with them. They had been pushed ahead to a January 1 2020 publishing date, as the blog format doesn't have a drafts capability. It was an error on my part not to have deleted or pushed them ahead to an even later date to publish. For those who had comments also deleted -- I had no way of saving them once the entries were deleted. You may forgive me or not. Happy New Year to all. May reason be your guide ...
  6. "Q" is on a tear about supposed shenanigans in the March primary elections in California ... "Q" is not a top-level analyst.
  7. The fundamental attribution error, maybe. If I were Chief Censor, I'd say "Say what you wish, I don't care, nor does anyone else who counts. On the other hand, beware 'fighting words.'" With a couple of "Joyeuses Fêtes!" tacked to walls, with bitter grievances relegated to the porch or garage or tied fast 'round the Festivus pole. Many atheists I know practice generosity and kindness, celebrate family and food traditions fully. The greatest yearly exodus from home to home in the USA is I believe Thanksgiving, whereas up here it is the Christmas holidays bar none. Our biggest shopping day of the year is Boxing Day. Christmas ritual is for most of all but on-duty workers, a gather-round-the-hearth stuff-your-face kind of time. I love that among (New York) Jewish Christmas traditions, according to lore, is going out for Chinese food. Apparently there are many variations in and among groups and faiths other than Christian. For example, the mostly-Muslim Iranian community in Vancouver does the whole tree-gifts-Santa thing en famille, as do so many others -- including many Santa-hatted Sikhs -- who up their year-round charity game this time of year, targeting the homeless and otherwise suffering for their gifts. For any OLers who may be spending holiday time alone or shut-in, I sent my best wishes for the season. May your days be merry and bright, even if without a gang of family, parcels of friends or festive boards. Take solace in community traditions if possible, accept jolly invitations, make the round of sung masses and holy convocations, of Christmas choristers and festival-ettes of light and peace. It's kind of cool to look back at almost fifteen years of OL. Festivities of Reason! -- with occasional bumps along the road. Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night. Beware of communist-influenced "Holiday" movies ...
  8. "When I woke up from my dream, there were many questions ..." Tell me how much time you spend on Twitter, while doing your Q-Level work. Don't your co-workers ever wonder why your work-product is so slap-dash? Something big is always coming. Just ask Manafort, Gates, Flynn and Stone. Oh, and 'trust Sessions,' 'disinformation is necessary,' and 'trust Huber.' For the republic.
  9. The Stenographer Known as "Q" sucks up some more Falun Gong news...
  10. Former White House officials say they feared Putin influenced the president’s views on Ukraine and 2016 campaign
  11. Longer sampler of the QAA Patrons-only episode #54:
  12. -- from Newberry's opinion article at TAS: Modern Art was CIA 'Weapon' | November 9, 2010 [Paragraphing by WSS] By Frances Stonor Saunders Independent | 22 October 1995 Newberry misgendered Frances Stonor Saunders. Such rigour!
  13. A second slashing episode on Left-Wing Grifters -- from QAnon Anonymous (sampler):
  14. We get closer and closer to the Great Awakening ... "Hi, my name is 'Q' -- I have a Top Sekrit Classification, which allows me access to terrific insider information like, um, Fox News tweets. I love my job."
  15. I wonder if this person/collective is on the job today. Do any of their co-workers observe this kind of thing being typed out ... ? Think for yourself. Be the white zebra. The black zebras are evul.
  16. It looks like the person or persons who post as Q has been watching TV and spending time on Twitter today. For a 'top secret' insider, he or she or they doesn't appear to have any insights not available via OSINT.