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  1. Until Trapezoid gets his cloud account settled, this thread gives URLs to the depositions, with instructions:
  2. There are a raft of other depositions available. The Twitter account Trapezoid of Discovery is amassing them all in one place in the cloud. This is one of the Oltmann depositions: https://wsscherk.com/VIDEOCASTS/A63KF/coomerDoxDepos/oltmannDepo.pdf A story at the Colorado Sun reports happenings in the courtroom: Trump allies converge on Denver as key defendant defies judge in Eric Coomer’s defamation lawsuit
  3. Not too surprising, but. Ron Watkins has signalled his intention to run for a congressional seat in Arizona. It's not clear if he will be able to establish residency ...
  4. The case order from Judge Radicka Leffti published at the Gateway Pundit is from the Colorado case Coomer v Donald J Trump for President et al. Case #2020cv034319 A couple of depositions from the defendents are available online. The first is Rudy Giuliani's deposition, the second Sidney Powell's.
  5. From Dan Hannan of the Washington Examiner: Conservatives everywhere should fear a Canada-like future
  6. If this is not utter bullshit, you should be able to provide this "public information."
  7. That is coming up starting October 22 in Las Vegas: The Patriot Voice – For God & Country THEPATRIOTVOICE.US Closer at hand is a whoop-up at Trump Doral starting October 7. Looks like Sidney Powell is not part of the line-up. Psychedelic!
  8. [...] Any evidence that the vaxx is effective is completely irrelevant. Here's the story: Here's another story: Vic. Health Minister Martin Foley's vaccination gaffe fuels misinformation around the globe - ABC News WWW.ABC.NET.AU A momentary slip of the tongue from Victorian Health Minister Martin Foley at a press conference this week is being used in anti-vaccine messaging in Australia and overseas.
  9. As you should (not really, nobody should because the tests don't detect for the disease or even the virus) Are you saying there is no reliable means to test for the presence of the virus that causes COVID-19? How many deaths are reported in Victoria may be a useful question. But where did you see this information shared?
  10. Does this name ring a bell? -- Dr. Gary Davidson. This sounds like a good beef in itself. If it's Davidson, you should be able to find some commentary and a few stories. Premier Kenney is not making a lot of new friends this week ...
  11. The live feed from the Arizona Senate is up on YouTube: NOW: Maricopa County 2020 Election Audit Update On Cyber Ninjas Report Confirms President Biden Win - YouTube
  12. -- a "draft" of the presentation/report has been leaked already today, so the spin is on. Wendy Rodger's tweet is wending its way across the universe: "God is in control." Great. If you want to watch the 'no questions, please' presentation as it unfolds: https://azleg.gov/videoplayer/?clientID=6361162879&eventID=2021091005 Video Player AZLEG.GOV Maricopa County has a bit of I Told You So in its initial reaction. Not that there will not be fine-grained detail in the three hour show and the released final "official" version of this oddity, with much "anomalies" and scare quoted suspicious outliers. But in the end, it will not serve as the much ballyhooed "proof" some zealots assumed was coming. The Big Lie will trundle on regardless, I expect. Once you've invested that much in a framing story, how can you begin to entertain the notion that you might have been conned? That takes a lot of courage. So -- big promises, no smoking guns -- as with the earth-shattering Kraken bluster and the nothingburger Symposium.
  13. Friday at 1PM local time in Arizona, the state Senate will receive the reports from CyberNinjas and other contractors. Senate liaison Ken Bennett gave some details. The official agenda was noted by local reporters:
  14. This story is making the rounds of truefalsemiddling media today; this is from Conservative Brief. Report: Mike Pence Rejected Plan To Overturn Election Results The "memo" that numerous rants have launched is here: https://wsscherk.com/VIDEOCASTS/A62KF/specialDOX/eastman.memo.pdf
  15. Official COVID-19 portal for India, gives an idea of the scope of vaccination efforts. #IndiaFightsCorona COVID-19 WWW.MYGOV.IN Government is gearing up its effort to fight against the #COVID-19 pandemic. #IndiaFightsCorona And ... How India flipped its vaccine fortunes | India News - Times of India TIMESOFINDIA.INDIATIMES.COM India News: Only months ago, India ran so short of Covid-19 vaccines that computer experts wrote software code to help people snag scarce immunisation slots and t India is the world's largest vaccine producer ... who knew? India to resume exports of coronavirus vaccines in October WWW.NBCNEWS.COM The country stopped exporting the shots months ago amid a surge in domestic infections, leaving many developing nations without adequate supplies. More coming down the pike: India’s DNA COVID vaccine is a world first –... WWW.NATURE.COM The ZyCoV-D vaccine heralds a wave of DNA vaccines for various diseases that are undergoing clinical trials around the world. The ZyCoV-D vaccine heralds a wave of DNA vaccines...
  16. How'd that work out? The Green vote collapsed and The People's Party ramped up to 5%, although the party leader Maxime Bernier was not able to take a seat. Winners? Besides the Rhinoceros Party beating out both the Communist Party and the Marxist-Leninists ... Erin O'Toole, with some of the best lines of the night.
  17. A graphic of last-minute guesses from pollsters a couple of days ago --courtesy of Andrew Coyne ... Detail: "Advanced Symbolics" is the outlier in the mix. Unlike any other firm offering prognostications, they don't survey any prospective voters. They say theirs was the only Canadian outfit to accurately predict the 2016 US Presidential election, the 2019 Canadian federal election, and Brexit. I think I will stick with my previous wild guess of ~150 for the Conservatives. We will probably know the final seat totals a few days after polls close, due to a larger than usual amount of mailed-in ballots expected. Nothing gets counted until the polls close. Not a particularly exciting election, except for the rock-throwing. Canadian Federal Election Trends - ASI ADVANCEDSYMBOLICS.COM Canadian Federal Election Trends Polly’s predicted outcome, based on the measured sentiment of Canadians, for the next federal...
  18. Can we find a few names to put with this claim? "Without charging them" ... is surely unconstitutional. Jacob Chansley ... habeus corpus et deliriare Capitol Breach Cases | USAO-DC | Department of Justice
  19. Can we find a few names to put with this claim? "Without charging them" ... is surely unconstitutional. Here's someone who was just told she has to stay in custody: Who are the six officers?
  20. IO Episode 54 - Patrick Byrne - The AZ GOP Is Trying To Manipulate Audit Results RUMBLE.COM Host L Todd Wood speaks with Patrick Byrne on the AZ election audit report and expected results. Byrne says the AZ GOP is attempting to manipulate audit results. We had some... From August 29. Byrne does not name names, but expressed a number of pressing concerns about the report being prepared for release next Friday. This interview has been used to suggest that the report will not satisfy all "election integrity" advocates. Eg, Arizona 'Audit' Report Likely To Concede That Biden Won In 2020 - National Memo WWW.NATIONALMEMO.COM The team of Arizona Republicans finalizing the Cyber Ninjas' report on the 2020 presidential election in Maricopa County is preparing to say that Joe Biden legitimately won the election Much leaping to conclusions!
  21. Word just in from the oligarchy: https://wsscherk.com/VIDEOCASTS/A62KF/specialDOX/Senate-county-AZ-Agreement.pdf
  22. From Audit-Watcher Jeremy Duda at AZ Central: Beset by delays, ‘audit’ team plans to submit full draft report to Senate next week As for the Liz Harris-led non-random canvass report ... FACT FOCUS: Arizona canvass report draws nonsensical conclusions The county recorder for Maricopa, Stephen Richer:
  23. So you say. From June this year, in Nature: Six months of COVID vaccines: what 1.7 billion doses have taught scientists