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  1. Jeanine Pirro interviews former president Trump: Trump Grades the Biden Administration in Interview With Jeanine Pirro RUMBLE.COM Donald Trump grades Biden administration
  2. There seems to be a fair amount of vaccine "hesitancy" in Russia, according to a New York Times article: Covid News: Moscow Orders Shutdown as Russia Battles New Wave of Cases Notable in a July Nature article was the third paragraph: This week President Puting beefed with the G-20 and WHO for lagging approvals. Also lagging is Sputnik-V take-up within Russia, according to the stats cited by David Axe, one of the daemons of the Daily Beast, who has an article up brimming with loaded language, the fiend. A couple of least-overwrought paragraphs from Russia’s Petty Race With the West Ends in Dire COVID Crisis One take-away number from daemons and not is 33%, the level of fully-vaccinated Russians at present. Those people are barred from travel into most of Europe and the USA, giving way to unvaccinated Russians traveling to the West for WHO/USA/EU-approved 'jabs.' If you strip away the emotive frills and clangs in a Guardian article, a few more facts can be gleaned. Also of interest to resident immunologics experts is the July 2021 Nature 'briefing' article, which tends to frame up an 'arms race' between the West and Russia: Mounting evidence suggests Sputnik COVID vaccine is safe and effective What kind of vaccine (or pseudo-vaccine or inoculant or experimental gene-therapy murder-jab) is Sputnik-V / Gam-COVID-Vac? The "Health Ranger" Mike Adams takes a different tack on challenges faced ... MONTERS, ZOMBIES & MUTANTS! The Health Ranger Report: Situation Update, Nov 2, 2021 - Monsters, Zombies and Mutants: HORRIFYING new research reveals how vaccines suppress DNA repair mechanism in your cells HEALTHRANGERREPORT.COM 0:00 Horrifying Research 18:55 Science Direct 39:33 COVID Study For more updates, visit: NaturalNews videos would not be possible without you, as always we remain passionately dedicated to our mission of...
  3. Ballot processing is underway right now. According to the state, early votes cast (whether early in-person or via mail balloting) will be the first to be posted once the official polls close. From the New York Times Virginia election results page:
  4. The HAARP-assisted earthquake project has begun its assault on Hawai'i ... grid patterns!
  5. Apparently some offshoot or minority withing the Q community believes that JFK Jr is still alive, and will appear in Dallas ... Will Sommer is there ...
  6. Mike Lindell has moved on ... REPORT: My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell Announces 3-day "Marathon" Broadcast to PREPARE THE COUNTRY for the 2020 Presidential Election to be Overturned STARPOLITICAL.COM REPORT: My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell has announced a 3-day "marathon" broadcast to PREPARE THE COUNTRY for the 2020 presidential election to be overturned Is this 'hopium' or 'copium'?
  7. The plat thickens ... A quite skeptical story that points out some features of so-called Mass Pyschogenic Illness (with useful links): Havana Syndrome Skepticism WWW.SKEPTIC.COM A report by the National Academy of Sciences says microwaves caused an array of mysterious health complaints at the American embassy in Cuba. Robert E. Bartholomew reminds us why we should be skeptical... On the other hand, howzabout a website called "Fake Nous"? This is courtesy of Michael Huemer ... About Fake Nous – Fake Nous FAKENOUS.NET Fake Noûs is a blog for reasonable thoughts about philosophy, politics, or other interesting stuff. Commenting Guidelines: Do not post personal attacks directed at other authors or commenters, incl…
  8. Measurement Omission round one

    Graphic plotting of location data

    Plats, cadastral maps, land survey systems


    Consider addresses on a mile grid.

    Avenues run east-west

    Streets run north-south.

    Start a address numbering system

    The corner of 0 Avenue and 0 Street

    On 0 Avenue, addresses increase by increments

    The first block of Zero Avenue addresses runs from 1 up to 100. 

    "You are here" on the 0-100 block of Zero Avenue.

    Now go ten miles north and twenty miles east

    Now select a good corner property.

    Record the address

    Record the intersection of X Street and X Avenue.

    Record a precise latitude and longitude of the corner.

    Spell it out:

    5998 264 St

    49.110817, -122.492586


    1. Peter


      I had to look Lulu Island up on Wikipedia. I am still trying to figure out the rest. Peter

      Lulu Island is the name of the largest island in the estuary of the Fraser River, located south of VancouverBritish Columbia, and the second-most populous island in British Columbia, after Vancouver Island. The city of Richmond occupies most of the island, while a small section at the eastern tip, known as Queensborough, is part of the city of New Westminster.

      Lulu Island is situated between the two principal arms of the Fraser River estuary across and downstream from the City of New Westminster. The Middle Arm of the Fraser River separates it on the northwest from Sea Island, the site of Vancouver International Airport, which, despite its name, is also part of the City of Richmond. At the western edge of the island lies Sturgeon Bank, a large sandbank which falls off into the Strait of Georgia on its western edge.

    2. william.scherk


      Peter wrote:


      I had to look Lulu Island up on Wikipedia. I am still trying to figure out the rest. Peter

      I missed this earlier (which is the nice part of OL 'Status' posts, they just just drip down the main page unnoticed for the most part). 

      I was having a bit of a brainstorm, Peter, so I don't expect anyone to follow the suggested steps -- I am still puzzling over how to present a useful argument using Grid Coordinates. I am trying to use mapping and address conventions as a way to think about how earthquake swarms can appear to be all going off at the exact same points (in two dimensional/left-right+top-bottom) as the grid pattern that set off the thread.

      There are many conventions of mapping that use a kind of grid coordinate system. Most of these are familiar to Americans of the Great Plains, and to Canadians of the Prairie provinces.  They are known as Homestead Survey Systems or Township sytems.  A brief bit from a history of Surrey BC says it better than I can:


      The basis of this was the township; a block six miles by six miles containing 36 sections. Each section was one mile by one mile and contained 640 acres. Each section in turn was divided into quarter sections each containing 160 acres. It was the quarter section parcels that were available for Surrey Homesteaders to preempt. The land could be held as a homestead as long as it was improved. The lines dividing the sections became the grid pattern for Surrey's arterial road system.

      Zooming ahead, the homestead grid in Surrey had no numbers until after 1957.  Before that all roads had names, no numbers, and with post-war suburban growth, the lack of a rational address system was getting in the way of mail, fire, and other emergency services. ("We got a fire out here on Jonston's Farm off Hjorth Road in Happy Valley").

      Here's a very simplified depiction of what resulted:


      So, starting out west in Delta is a mythical Zero Street. At the USA/Canadian border another street, actually called Zero Avenue.  This pattern extends all the way to the last of the flatlands on the south of the Fraser River -- almost all the way to Hope, BC.

      So, it is possible to have two adjoining properties with long addresses, something like this:

      • 8090-8121 210 Street         [lat/long:  49.149526, -122.639881]
      • 21098-21000 80B Avenue  [lat/long:  49.149248, -122.639483]

      Link to such a corner (Google Maps).

      Anyway, this is not a finished thought. It will continue to drip down the All Activities page until I get to the central point!


    3. william.scherk


      Bonfire symbols as markers on a township-scale map -- a way to record and display individual "happenings" to the limits of precision!

      Within a six mile by six mile grid, plot a hundred or so "bonfires" in a random pattern.

      Record the individual events with Google Maps "My Maps" or Acme Mapper session markers. Keep a list of each event as a latitude/longitute position.


  9. Is Someone Making Artificial Earthquakes under La Palma? I think this statement reverses causality -- in that magma flows 'frack' the rocky substrate, which fractures are the source of the seismic events. The link above contains not overly technical explanations that can help skeptics re-adjust their priors ...
  10. Comeuppance looks like a good, deep read. The author has made a fair bit of the book's front matter viewable at Amazon. In the LA Review of Books in 2012, Flesch reviews "Pathological Altruism." Paradoxes of Altruism in the Digital Age (emphases added)
  11. I had long thought "corresponding author" was the person to whom requests for pre-prints or reprints should be addressed. But that is not exactly the case -- although a polite request for a re-print is almost always granted. From the folks at major publisher Elsevier: What is a Corresponding Author? Bundling this with a video "debate" moderated by Steve Kirsch, recorded yesterday. On the 'Kirsch side' (yes, the 'moderator' takes a side) a number of interested parties and researchers, on the other a fellow named Yuri Deigin ... Yuri Deigin is a founding member of DRASTIC, a group that has done yeoman's work establishing the plausibility of a Wuhan lab-leak scenario: The Team – D.R.A.S.T.I.C. Research DRASTICRESEARCH.ORG D.R.A.S.T.I.C. (Decentralized Radical Autonomous Search Team Investigating COVID-19) The Origin of SARS-CoV-2 is a Riddle: Meet the Twitter Detectives Who Aim To Solve It Read More Twitter Billy... -- it looks like there has been a touch of schism within the original group:
  12. I don't know the situation for real in Myanmar, but I do know the Biden junta and the CCP are against the military coup. One thing leads to another ... Myanmar military uses systematic torture across country A wodge of nuance in this story from February: Myanmar coup: China blocks UN condemnation as protest grows
  13. Catty catty catty... Tell me the meaning of life, oh wise one... Show me how to save the world... My soul yearns for your vision... Yeah well. Here is Roger Stone being a bit snippy about Steve Bannon.
  14. At the time, seemed perceptive and true in the main. Caroljane now lives in the wonderful province of New Brunswick, a strange and festive place -- like Maine but more plaid, more 'visible minorities'° and with deeply-rooted francophone communities still alive. Real down home. One of Canada's "traditionally" poor provinces (it's one of a handful of provinces where folks who raised families elsewhere while working in better-functioning economies still long to return 'home' and do so. Newfoundland perhaps instills the strongest longing to return. I wonder if it is the kind of longing that Americans feel for West Virginia and other gorgeous Appalachian states, if they have been forced to go elsewhere for work). Closer to me, a wonderful bit of news out of Alberta. The question Pandora wants answered: how do you change the Canadian constitution to stop cheating Alberta? Resounding referendum results! Rather than giving you a link, I'll let you chase down variants of the story as it ripens.⁺ Although our national politics observes a relative flatline of excitement compared to the behemoth to the south, constitutional questions can strike hot up here now and again. It took tough political will for the more accomplished Trudeau to 'repatriate' the Empire-era constitution back in the day†. Much political strife attended Mulroney's doomed attempts to fix the Trudeau errors. It's interesting that Kenney may be seen having botched COVID-19 -- that he has yet to recover from abysmal polling** that reflect the botch. With a pivot to the constitution, he'll claw back support from the communist Rachel Notley, a one-term wonder (wonder why she's still leader). This could in the next year or so result in a national referendum, a rare campaign on our calendars. I'd vote with Alberta and Quebec and British Columbia: more sovereign provinces can deliver "peace, order and good government." We're gonna trim back your meddling, your slovenly accounting, your slush funds and the ability to rob and plunder rich provinces. ____________________ ** All polls are wrong. RONG! † 1982 Canada and the Behemoth: ⁺ Just kidding. Alberta referendum results are in, Kenney speaks to results WWW.MSN.COM Those in Alberta took to the polls Oct. 18 to cast their municipal vote along with their vote when it comes to two referendum questions. ° I am probably getting this wrong and should credit Nova Scotia, but where else in North America do you get A Snowshoveler Bhangra? I enjoy "reading" from text-to-speech and from podcasts. I augment the sound with various "road trips" on YouTube. Some of the West Virginian landscapes are just plain downhome beautiful. Here's a 360 degree video of a hike Michael and Deanna mentioned elsewhere this week. I am happy to hear of Michael's milestone approaching.
  15. Michael Shermer of Skeptic has a podcast with Damasio just published: Show notes exerpt: You can download an MP3 at the Skeptic link: The Michael Shermer Show WWW.SKEPTIC.COM The Michael Shermer Show (formerly Science Salon) is a series of long-form conversations between Dr. Michael Shermer and leading scientists, philosophers, historians, scholars, writers...
  16. Frankly, no. Your second video, to me, is just one more expert trying to tell people that common sense doesn't work in this particular case because heartland people are too fucking stupid to understand science. Well, other readers may find the second stab at explanation fits the facts quite well. It seems pretty obvious to me that the grid pattern is an artefact. If the seismic reports have only two decimal places in their Long/Lat notation -- precision is lost. He says in the shownotes/description "The coordinates of the quakes are rounded up/down to the nearest hundredth decimal place." In the second video, at ~1:42 the fellow shows another seismic visualization -- this time in 3D interactive. That shows a different pattern than the 'rounded up' notation in the 2D maps freaking a few people out. Eg, IGN: Interactive, Precise 3D Map of Earthquakes & More https://ign-esp.maps.arcgis.com/apps/...
  17. My first guess was that this was an artefact of graphic representation of a 'swarm' of earthquakes -- the 'swarm' happening in the magma chambers -- where the scaling of location data is re-imaged by a mapping utility. Something like that. Since we don't have a vulcanologist on call or on staff, one is left looking for an explanation that is not too technical and accounts for the phenomena in the depictions. Attempt at explanation 1: A stab at explanation 2: -- what I glean from these explanations is that the grid pattern is an artefact of Latitude and Longitude notation. Any buyers?
  18. Interesting. Sidney Powell and General Flynn have both remarked that there is no magic plan. On the other hand, there is a bargeload of things you can kind of believe in ... this video was just projected at the “For God & Country Patriot Double Down” in Las Vegas. Are You Ready for the Light? (QAnon maven has tweeted cuts from a Great Awakening video) A new Earth is coming ... It's a feast, a blood feast ... "We Are The Plan," dammit.
  19. To and fro of discussion? A Harvard Study Is Going Viral Among Anti-Vaxxers. The Author Says They Are All Wrong From the concluding paragraph of the cited study by Subramanian and Kumar -- in the European Journal of Epidemiology: From the article written by Ali Breland at Mother Jones, quoting the lead author: On a different tangent, Carrie Madej's claims about the immortal self-aware organism in the mumbly-sourced vaccine vials ... are topped by another fine person claiming a Polish team saw aluminum-based life-forms in mumbly-sourced vaccine vials ... Scientist Discovers Aluminium-Based Life Forms in the Vaccine (Eggs Hatch after Injection) WWW.BITCHUTE.COM When you thought you had seen it all!... A polish scientist, Dr Franc Zalewski, looking into the secret "vaccine" recipe made horrific discoveries! Another strange parasite, nanobot or a... -- the interviewee names several other researchers, for those who like to track down cited materials. I'll be trying to find the OG video report Dr Ruby notes. BONUS for those who wonder if human ingenuity can get a visual on the virus called SARS-CoV-2: How I Built a 3-D Model of the Coronavirus for Scientific American WWW.SCIENTIFICAMERICAN.COM Rendering SARS-CoV-2 in molecular detail required a mix of research, hypothesis and artistic license Magic Graphene! -- Unmasking the magic of superconductivity in twisted graphene
  20. Which leads to puzzling hypotheses about Trumpism and the riot in Congress on January 6 2021. Who and what fed, encouraged and manipulated the mob action? A variety of concerned citizens demonstrated against (among other things) a general provincial COVID-19 vaccine "tyranny" early last month. The biggest demonstration was at Vancouver City Hall (not really responsible for provincial tyranny, but hey), with lesser crowds at hospitals and, yes, schools. Perhaps inadvertently, the organizers of the demonstrations at hospitals and schools were not able to enforce any discipline. So, a fair number of roads and driveways blocked, ambulance delays, staff issues, confrontations between hospital/school employees and demonstrators, general frustration, anger, fright and disruption. You only had to see one clip of a poor senior prevented from getting in for her appointment to see them all. Whether it was the highly biased mainstream media coverage (which, wouldn't you know stressed order, peace and good government while focusing only on the most witlesss moments) or local knowledge, you could almost feel a wave of revulsion building in the province over the confrontations. The organizers were not baffled by this response. They kind of understood heightened emotions. They tried again the following week, but allowed the same mistakes to occur, and then they basically shut it down. Local letters to the editor were Disgust Disgust Dismay Disapproval yadda yadda. *** The last big-ass riot in British Columbia was a hockey-loss riot. It took three years, but the criminals who committed or led the mobs in the worst destruction were in the end led away into custody. To repent, to rehabilitate, to think about it ... ("Why did I presume I would not be able to be identified? Why did I burn that cop car? Why did I smash all those windows?") Dialing back to tyranny and the mob, it's easy to think in black and white terms.