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  1. Epstein-Barr Virus Causes Multiple Sclerosis: Study


    The cause of multiple sclerosis, a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nearly 3 million people worldwide, has remained unclear despite decades of research. Now, research published today (January 13) in Science bolsters the case that one of the chief suspects—Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), a common cause of mononucleosis—can also trigger MS.

    The research team examined the correlation between Epstein-Barr virus infection and MS in by analyzing serum samples and medical data collected from a cohort of more than 10 million US military service members, finding that EBV infections increased the odds of an MS diagnosis during their service by more than 32-fold. No such increases in likelihood were found for other viral infections. The researchers also found that, when they looked retrospectively at samples from the cohort members that were eventually diagnosed with MS, a biomarker for neurodegeneration became elevated only after EBV was detectable in their blood.

    Lead author and Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health epidemiologist Alberto Ascherio tells The Harvard Gazette that “this is the first study providing compelling evidence of causality.” He adds: “This is a big step because it suggests that most MS cases could be prevented by stopping EBV infection, and that targeting EBV could lead to the discovery of a cure for MS.”


    Conclusively linking Epstein-Barr to MS has proven especially challenging because of the timing of both diseases: EBV infections often happen in childhood or young adulthood, roughly a decade before MS symptoms appear, according to the Gazette. But the researchers say they were able to overcome this hurdle thanks to the immense dataset they used: the Department of Defense Serum Repository, a trove of roughly 62 million serum samples that were collected from more than 10 million US service members every few years during their tenure in the military, along with medical information about the serum donors.

    The team was able to use the temporal resolution of the repository to dig deeper into the timing of EBV infection and MS development. In addition to correlating MS diagnoses with prior EBV infection, the team found that an increase in serum levels of neurofilament light chain (NfL)—a biomarker of neurodegeneration that previous research suggests becomes elevated a couple years before MS symptoms appear—occurred only after EBV antibodies also increased.

    “Not only were soldiers not diagnosed with MS at the beginning of the study, but their NfL levels were also negligible, so they probably didn’t have a case of MS smoldering under the radar,” University of California, San Francisco, neurologist Michael Wilson notes to STAT, which he says adds weight to the idea of causality.

    Some experts remain skeptical that the virus directly causes MS. Anthony Reder, a multiple sclerosis expert at the University of Chicago who was not involved in the work, suggests to The New York Times that the immune response to the virus, rather than the virus itself, may ultimately be to blame, noting that MS patients have overactive immune systems in general. The authors attempted to exclude this possibility by comparing cytomegalovirus infection, another common viral infection, with EBV. Increases in serum levels of cytomegalovirus antibodies did not predict NfL levels, they found. But Reder cautions that cytomegalovirus may be a poor choice for comparison, as some previous studies have found infections with it to be oddly protective against MS.

    Another thing that remains to be explained is why MS is so rare, given that EBV infection is so common, Rocky Mountain MS Center neurologist John Corboy tells STAT via email. Approximately 95 percent of adults have been infected by the virus, according to the Gazette, but MS is seen in less than half a percent. In general, the study “leaves many questions about pathogenesis unanswered,” Corboy writes.


  2. On 1/13/2022 at 1:08 PM, william.scherk said:

    Full text of the charging document: https://www.justice.gov/opa/press-release/file/1462481/download?utm_medium=email&utm_source=govdelivery

    13 hours ago, Peter said:

    Local news had pictures of a Delaware man in a cowboy hat breaking and entering and staying in the Capitol. He is charged with several things which may put him behind bars for four years. I am not positive, but someone said he was a "Proud Boy." 

    No mention of Proud Boys or Oath Keepers in any of several news reports that I have looked at. 


    More than a year after the attack on the U.S. Capitol, a Millsboro man has been charged with trespass and disorderly conduct inside it on Jan. 6, 2021.
  3. On 12/5/2021 at 2:09 PM, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

    The 1-6 setup with the Fed-infested Oath Keepers and all while the videos are suppressed [...]

    An analogy can be used here;  Oath Keepers and Seditious Conspiracy.

    Leader of Oath Keepers and 10 Other Individuals Indicted in Federal Court for Seditious Conspiracy and Other Offenses Related to U.S. Capitol Breach

    On 12/5/2021 at 2:09 PM, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

    So I'm definitively not interested in that frame anymore.

    No doubt, and no wonder.

  4. On 7/3/2015 at 12:22 AM, RobinReborn said:

    This guy keeps making the news.

    Not entirely sure what to make of him, on some level he's a good businessman but there's something off about him. I can't quite put my finger on it.

    Apparently the folks at National Public Radio have been trying to get an interview with Donald Trump since about the time this topic thread was instantiated.  Yesterday, Steve Inskeep managed to keep the former president on the line for eight minutes of a scheduled fifteen.

    Nothing can knock President Trump off-message, nothing. I have no doubt this will be the last NPR-Trump interview for quite a while ...


    NPR's Steve Inskeep spoke with former President Donald Trump on Tuesday. Trump continued to repeat false claims that the 2020 election was rigged.


  5. 54 minutes ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

    You might take a look at the transcript I did above.

    I took a look at the transcript -- and highlighted Malone's caveats therein. 

    Sometimes it seems that truncquoating acts to stall or stymie to-and-fro --has discussion of HFRS been killed? 

  6. 40 minutes ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

    That means I don't have to keep an eye on this. I can rely on what the predator class media tells me and just forget about it.

    The pertinent point was that the hemorrhagic fever outbreak was first reported three weeks ago.

    Malone's views ... 


    They're using the language that this is a hemorrhagic fever virus. If that's the case, thenit would be very odd that this would be something caused by a coronavirus. That terminology is usually used for viruses in the family of Marburg and Ebola. So this is something that many people have figured is the development of a rapidly spreading Ebola-like hemorrhagic fever virus. I... 

    But we have no knowledge of whether that's what's going on here or not. So we don't know if what we're dealing with is a further mutation of the SARS-CoV-2 or related coronavirus, or is it a new threat that's emerging in China.

    ... or a return of a seasonal Hantavirus-spread hemorrhagic fever in X'ian, Shaanxi (which was subject to a hard lockdown at the same time this outbreak of hemorrhagic fever was first reported -- three weeks ago)?

    Useful search term: "Hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS)"


  7. 22 hours ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

    I first saw this on The Gateway Pundit. I used the National File site above since the headline at GP was so over-the-top at fear porn. But this is where I got it and people interested should look at this one, too. The video is the same, but the report is different.

    More… Dr. Malone Mentions Possible Outbreak in China of Ebola-Like Hemorrhagic Fever Virus or Marburg Virus — That Has Only 50% Survival Rate

    An outbreak of hemorrhagic fever in X'ian province was reported three weeks ago. None of the original reporting suggested a "Ebola-Like" disease process.  

    Most of the reporting was in English-language Chinese sources, as here:


    Experts said that haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome, also known as epidemic haemorrhagic fever, is caused by Hantavirus, with rodents as the main source of infection. It can be transmitted by a mouse bite, by eating food or water that a mouse h...

    Read more at: https://www.deccanherald.com/international/china-province-reports-litany-of-haemorrhagic-fever-cases-caused-by-rodents-1062563.html

    Unlike Ebola, this hemorrhagic fever is not transmitted person to person, from what I have gathered, not transmitted by aerosols like Coronavirus.

    Hantavirus, Dr Yan?


  8. On 1/6/2022 at 3:44 PM, william.scherk said:

    Tore would not be amused by what the guys at Knowledge Fight did ... the date on the podcast is ... August 17 2020.

    Terpsichore Maras-Lindeman aka Tore does a requiem for the dead:


    First some words regarding the death of Cirsten Weldon, freedom fighter and patriot. R.I.P. It is a true sign of the times that even the calendar and seasons cannot be trusted. How did time tracking get...

    Maras-Lindeman's lawsuit against Dominion Voting Systems is featured in a snarky article here.

  9. 20 hours ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

    I'm not much interested in personal cases like this because one side says look at this guy and the other side says yeah, well look at that guy. And it all means nothing.

    I think I understand. What made Kuzma's COVID-19 death notable were the context of anthrax claims from the Clay Travis event -- and that he had been a vociferous critic of "the jabs."

    Kuzma of course is not the first activist against vaccinations to die.  He cannot be said to be an avatar of the whole population of unvaccinated people.  The subset of being vulnerable (by age and fitness) and fiercely opposed is hard to estimate. But human stories can have punch.  When anti-vaccine influencers and campaigners die of COVID-19, folks are going to take notice -- and maybe try to make hay. I find these stories ineffably sad.

    The teen heart-attack death cannot be said to be an avatar of the whole population of vaccinated people. His death is notable because heart attacks are rare in teens -- though not unheard of. But the subset of teens and young men suffering fatal heart attacks at some point after vaccination of course can give a post hoc ergo propter hoc impression. 

    Is there a direct link between Kuzma's infection and Kuzma's death?
    Is there a direct link between O'Drain's vaccinations and O'Drain's death?

    In any case, a sense of tragedy can impinge.  Lots of awful nasty Twitter folks like to mock and take shadenfreude on these deaths of 'anti-vaxx' influencers and activists. I don't take that line.

    Here's another notable death, with the predictable reactions: QAnon Star Who Said Only ‘Idiots’ Get Vax Dies of COVID


    A leading QAnon promoter who urged both her followers and strangers she passed on the street not to take the COVID vaccine died Thursday of the coronavirus, making her just the latest vaccine opponent killed by the disease.

    Cirsten Weldon had amassed tens of thousands of followers across right-wing social media networks by promoting the pro-Trump QAnon conspiracy under the screenname “CirstenW.” She was prominent enough to become a sort of QAnon interpreter for comedian conspiracy theorist Roseanne Barr, and started recording videos about QAnon with her.

    Weldon focused on attacking vaccines and other efforts to fight COVID-19, saying in one video that Dr. Anthony Fauci “needs to be hung from a rope.” She claimed the vaccine killed people, and even recorded herself yelling at people standing in line to receive vaccines.

    “The vaccines kill, don’t get it!” Weldon warned the waiting vaccine recipients in an undated video posted to one of her online accounts. “This is how gullible these idiots are. They’re all getting vaccine!”



  10. Then ...

    On 9/24/2021 at 1:19 PM, william.scherk said:

    NOW: Maricopa County 2020 Election Audit Update On Cyber Ninjas Report Confirms President Biden Win - YouTube

    Now ...

    Dartunorro Clark / NBC News:

    Cyber Ninjas, company that led Arizona GOP election ‘audit,’ is shutting down  —  Cyber Ninjas, the company that led a partisan review of 2020 ballots in Arizona, is closing down following a scathing report by election officials and the threat of $50,000 a day in fines.  —  “Cyber Ninjas is shutting down.
    Jonathan J. Cooper / Associated Press:
    Cyber Ninjas faces fine over Arizona election review records
    The Maricopa audit report by the 2-B-defunct Cyber-Ninjas was countered in a session of the Maricopa Board of Supervisors a couple of days ago. Their rebuttal report is here: https://wsscherk.com/VIDEOCASTS/A66KF/PDFs/CorrectingTheRecord-MARICOPA-audit-response.pdf

    Video of the presentation for wonks and details aficionados ...
  11. 2 hours ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

    I only heard of Kuzma for the first time from your post just now.

    Tmj named Kuzma in this message:

    I'd noted the Anthrax Attack 'news' as it was being blabbered about by Oltman and Clements a few days earlier. Jovan's experience was related on Rumble; he later showed off a scab and a sore throat when he fully re-emerged after having 'survived' the bio-attack, dropping a new report on the Maricopa audit/oddit schmozzle -- 


  12. On 8/18/2020 at 2:32 PM, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

    And for those who like a little bitchy inhouse gossip, the full Shadowgate documentary is now hard to find on the Banned Video site. Why? Because someone over there changed the release date from August 15 to July 15. 

    Like I said, Alex is pissed that in the film, Patrick Bergy said bad things about Roger Stone. Then showed up in person to be interviewed before Alex had time to see the film, did a full interview, and not once mentioned that. Then, later and elsewhere, Patrick said some bad things about Alex being squishy and so on.

    Tore is not amused by what Banned Video did.

    Tore would not be amused by what the guys at Knowledge Fight did ... the date on the podcast is ... August 17 2020.


    Today, Dan and Jordan take a look at the new documentary created by Infowars reporter Millie Weaver, which was released shortly after her arrest on Friday. In this installment, the gents try to decide whether...

    -- I will add a note about Tore's civil suit against Dominion Voting Systems later.  It turns out that being defamed by Dominion in their own lawsuit against Sidney Powell pissed off Tore enough to hire some lawyers. 

    This Washington Post story below gives the likely hinge. Though the anti-Kraken Dominion defamation complaints against Sidney Powell did not mention Tore by name ... she felt the sting.



  13. 19 hours ago, william.scherk said:
    On 12/26/2021 at 1:44 PM, william.scherk said:

    For more context and reporting of Kuzma's health crisis, check preceding Telegram messages at the Frog News channel.

    Kuzma has died.

    VICE has a raft of details:


    Doug Kuzma, 61, used his show to push an array of conspiracy theories ranging from QAnon to COVID denial and election fraud lies.


  14. On 8/29/2021 at 2:31 PM, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

    It might be that the whole Theranos scandal is interconnected with the COVID-19 thing, Elizabeth Holmes lost her usefulness to the Deep State and Health Mafia, and they simply threw her in the trash once they got from her what they needed (I speculate, but it was probably testing waters in some manner along with money laundering).

    I wonder how much time she will serve.

    Theranos’ Elizabeth Holmes found guilty of defrauding investors in blood tech startup



    Prosecutors said had Holmes been truthful with investors and patients, the venture never would have attracted critical funding and revenue.

    “She chose fraud over business failure. She chose to be dishonest,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Jeff Schenk said at the start of closing arguments. “That choice was not only callous, it was criminal.”

    Testifying in her own defense at trial, Holmes said she never meant to deceive anyone and that Theranos’ lab directors were in charge of test quality. In closing arguments, defense attorney Kevin Downey said the evidence did not show Holmes was motivated by a cash crunch at Theranos, but rather thought she was “building a technology that would change the world.”

    “You know that at the first sign of trouble, crooks cash out,” but Holmes stayed, Downey said. “She went down with that ship when it went down.”


  15. whoIsAttackingWhom.jfif

    On 12/26/2021 at 1:44 PM, william.scherk said:

    Jovan Pulitzer's suite of symptoms was described second-hand by Joe Oltman, and until one of us pays to view Jovan's no-doubt-informative podcast, we won't know if Joe Oltman was embroidering or not.

    Jovan Pulitzer is having a heck of a week. He was to have a formal discussion with Professor Clements on New Year's Eve, but that changed. He's left a Twitter video "Broadcast" to explain what went wrong from his point of view. A lot of nasty happened ... https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1eaKbNBLWaZKX (skip to the last five minutes to hear the Jovan Pulitzer "Warrior" paean. "You are brave like a lion ...") 

    Longtime QAnon observer Will Sommers has a new article up at the Daily Beast that includes some of the weird and nasty infighting.


    “I will stab you in the face with the truth,” inventor Jovan Pulitzer warned a rival.

    -- as another poster has noted, Pulitzer's newest claim has to do with so-called "counterfeit" ballots in the 2020 Maricopa audit.  He starts to discuss this at around 48:00 in last night's two and a half hour video podcast: 

    Arizona Audit Facts versus Arizona Audit Fiction & Exposing Deep Staters

    ... also on Rumble:


    Arizona Audit Facts - Arizona Audit Fiction and The Deep State Status


  16. An unpublished-till-today "off the record" interview between Ghislaine Maxwell and Vicky Ward, recorded in 2002:



    The Full Transcript from My 2002 Interview with Ghislaine Maxwell

    A quote from Ward's editorial addition at the end of the recap:



    “Use your common sense,” AUSA Maurene Comey had told the jury during her closing arguments. “Your common sense tells you that you don't give someone $30 million unless they're giving you exactly what you want,” Comey said of the huge sum of money Epstein had paid into accounts bearing Maxwell’s name. She continued, “Your common sense tells you the witnesses are not lying and they just cannot be all misremembering the same thing.”

    “You are the finders of the fact. You're the judges of the truth,” Comey had told the jury. “Ladies and gentlemen, look at the big picture and use your common sense.”

    Apparently, they did.



    At Law and Crime: Ghislaine Maxwell’s Verdict Won’t Close the Jeffrey Epstein Saga. Here’s What to Watch Out for in the Courts.




    Law&Crime breaks down what's next now that Ghislaine Maxwell has been convicted of sex trafficking and other crimes. Here's what to look for at sentencing, appeal and other litigation.





    Some experts have explored the possibility that Maxwell could cooperate with prosecutors following her convictions, but Krell believed that this option may be of limited appeal to her prosecutors.

    “It’s pretty uncommon, at this stage of the game after a full jury trial, for someone to cooperate in a way that’s really meaningful to the outcome of their sentencing,” Krell said. “In other words, that ship has kind of sailed for her.”

    Typically, cooperators are valuable in going after someone higher in a criminal conspiracy.

    “Here, the way the evidence was painted, the only one above her is the person who’s dead now, Mr. Epstein himself,” Krell said.

    In addition, defense attorneys would likely attack Maxwell’s credibility if she turned cooperator, given the exposure that she faces.

    “Having a person who is now a cooperator, who has a life sentence hanging over their head and also has to perjury accounts isn’t really a great look as a valuable witness against someone else,” Krell added.

    “[Epstein’s] Criminality Traveled the World”

    A little less than an hour before the jury reached a verdict, two federal judges in the same courthouse ordered the unsealing of a 2009 settlement deal between Giuffre and Epstein. The document will become public on Jan. 3, one day before the next court match-up between Giuffre and the U.K.’s Prince Andrew. The timing is significant: Andrew’s attorneys have argued that the agreement shields their client from litigation.




  18. On 12/20/2021 at 2:45 AM, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

    Verdict in Ghislaine Maxwell Trial “Highly Likely” by Wednesday – Source: Maxwell Threatening to Start “Naming Names”

    Guilty on five of six charges -- except for "enticing a minor to travel across state lines to engage in an illegal sexual act."


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  19. 18 minutes ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:
    48 minutes ago, william.scherk said:
    23 hours ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:
    [AP report] The U.S. flu season has arrived on schedule after taking a year off, with flu hospitalizations rising and two child deaths reported. Last year's...

    If anybody out there doesn't get it (which I doubt, but who knows?), the flu did not take a year off. Seasonal endemic viruses do not take a year off. They don't take vacations.

    So what happened? Well, last year the motherfuckers who report stats reported all flu stats as COVID-19.


    I notice you didn't ask this "really?" to the idiots who said the flu took a year off from infecting people, nor have you shown any interest in why the flu took a vacation.

    I am questioning the claim. The problem  here is that no work has been shown, just opinion.  As with the HAARP Gridquake, some people tend to reject a prosaic explanation in favour of murky supposition. Or mere suspicion ...

    Here's my general thoughts: influenza is a respiratory infection, so what kinds of behaviours can slow the spread of respiratory infections?

    -- short answer: masking, social distancing, restricting attendance at indoor affairs with strangers.  Etcetera.  Individual actions.


    How COVID-19 is changing the cold and flu season

    -- Measures meant to tame the coronavirus pandemic are quashing influenza and most other respiratory diseases, which could have wide-ranging implications.


    Why haven't you had an influenza infection since your sickness three or four years ago? 


    Avoid close contact. Avoid close contact with people who are sick. ...

    Stay home when you are sick. ...

    Cover your mouth and nose. ...

    Clean your hands. ...

    Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. ...

    Practice other good health habits.


    15 minutes ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

    btw - Yes really.

    I want to see those motherfuckers in jail.

    That's fine. If one can identify those unnamed motherfuckers and the specific crimes they have committed, there might be a case.  Otherwise, I see bombastic opinion masquerading as reasonable hypothesis.  Identify correctly first ...

    The bottom line is that the claims do not assess the reasons given in the AP story. Identify those reasons and pick them apart one by one ... if the aim is persuasion, there is work to do.



  20. On 9/20/2021 at 1:41 AM, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

    One can hope...


      Hillary attorney Marc Elias was involved in nearly every 2020 Election court case representing the Democrats.   We saw Elias in not one but two cases in Georgia with corrupt Georgia Secretary of State Brad...



    Apparently, Steve Bannon has long had Marc Elias (and Democracy Docket) on his storm-tracking radar. Here, he confirms that Marc Elias is 'evil' -- which is harder to prove than you might think -- but gives some back-handed props.  No corruption alleged, oddly. "Crazy, but" is one claim, with the next being that on the GOP-Trumpist side there is nothing but "feckless, hapless, gutless individuals."


    On the other hand, famed libertarian Senator from Kentucky lays out a different set of weasel words and agit-prop, snarkily presented by another evil one (MMFA).

    When one thinks of the difference between The Kraken and This Evil One, does one wonder "where are they now"? Is it really about "guts"? Didn't Lin and Sidney and Rudy and Jenna have "guts"? Maybe what Steve is pissed with is the whole can of worms labelled "Hapless."

    I have my eye on Peter Navarro. A man with many irons in many fires, and a guy who knows things about January 6 2020 that I may never know. 


    Agitation and propaganda through the lens of agitation and propaganda. Tales from the Dark Side

    Or ... while you are cleaning your room:

    Text to Speech Audio by Deluxe:

    Edited for clarity -- by Jose Pagliery at the Daily Beast: