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  1. Does this remind anyone of the psychological lore surrounding Uncanny Valley?  

    This Twitter account did not note the provenance. I'll see if I can find a better reference and the stories that go with this -- should it not be the result of some advanced CGI or other fudging video edits.

    1. william.scherk


      It's an actual robot from the UK's Engineered Arts. YouTube Channel home page: https://www.youtube.com/c/EngineeredArtsLtd/featured; Website: https://www.engineeredarts.co.uk.




  2. Sidney Powell repeatedly thrown under the same airport express bus by both men, punctuating the mutual appeasement with some surprising allegations.  It must be depressing to be Sidney Powell right now. Of course no raconteur like Wood and Byrne would stop there -- they utter some hard gossip against Jovan Pulitzer among others ... I almost feel sorry for Wood. He has been rejected or abandoned by his children and his law colleagues. He's facing further hits to his reputation each week, and he feels like the good guy leaders like Flynn are not coming to his aid.  

    I threw myself off the Airport Express just before it crushed Jack Posobiec. 

  3. Status? A dike breached and a lot of farms inundated. Three hours warning meant people were able to seek higher ground, though rescues will go on through the night. Many of the thousand farmers affected will not have been able to rescue their cows and horses and other livestock. Status horribilus.


  4. Major flooding in our area of the world ...


    1. william.scherk
    2. Peter


      Those pictures tell a story. I saw some from Washington State today and they have similar flooding there. I don't consider global warming and sea water rises to be "man made" but global warming is happening. I have mentioned before how different areas here on Delmarva have different sea levels and now one daughter who lives in Ocean City, MD has a house with the lowest elevation in the family. For me it is a constant fear that she will be flooded out by a "nor'easter" but other non storm related flooding is also occurring here.    

    3. william.scherk


      We are getting news of a massive rescue effort for livestock. Abbotsford and our agricultural city are hugely important for the BC dairy and egg industries.  Devastated.

  5. Yesterday Chilliwack set an all-time one-day rainfall record, 154.6 millimetres. This "pineapple express" is wreaking havoc on critical infrastructure, as the waters rage. Cut off communities and lots of people stranded or evacuated or on their way to public shelters. It's not that often an entire town floods out, as happened in Merritt. Our neighbouring municipality of Abbotsford is swamped in parts


  6. I have done another VAERS dive and successfully exported the data to Google Sheets, where I have made the file public.

    Looks like OL software will extract info from the page and embed  that meta-information); https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SG7k9R28Otw6H5Tpura5KlO7c3-8wtmkfHYaY5Ja9lU/edit?usp=sharing




    allCOVIDvaccineDeaths2021 Notes,VAERS ID,VAERS ID Code,Vaccine Type,Vaccine Type Code,Age,Age Code,Sex,Sex Code,Symptoms,Symptoms Code,Adverse Event Description,Lab...

    I am slowlhy adding links for each unique death 'case' -- clicking one on the shared spreadsheet will take you directly to a well-designed full 'read-out' for human eyes. I'm just about to give Steve Kirsch five bucks so I can get at his X-Factor analysis. I am hoping that the datasets from Benavides include the all-important unique IDs.

    This post will roll away unmolested. I'll perhaps add something to the appropriate thread when I have finished adding direct links to the spreadsheet.

    In the meantime, I will leave this as a test to see if the links take you directly there, or if you must agree to the CDC Wonder caveats. Logout, restart, blah blah. 







  7. This brings on a mood with me. It may with you.


  8. Measurement Omission round one

    Graphic plotting of location data

    Plats, cadastral maps, land survey systems


    Consider addresses on a mile grid.

    Avenues run east-west

    Streets run north-south.

    Start a address numbering system

    The corner of 0 Avenue and 0 Street

    On 0 Avenue, addresses increase by increments

    The first block of Zero Avenue addresses runs from 1 up to 100. 

    "You are here" on the 0-100 block of Zero Avenue.

    Now go ten miles north and twenty miles east

    Now select a good corner property.

    Record the address

    Record the intersection of X Street and X Avenue.

    Record a precise latitude and longitude of the corner.

    Spell it out:

    5998 264 St

    49.110817, -122.492586


    1. Peter


      I had to look Lulu Island up on Wikipedia. I am still trying to figure out the rest. Peter

      Lulu Island is the name of the largest island in the estuary of the Fraser River, located south of VancouverBritish Columbia, and the second-most populous island in British Columbia, after Vancouver Island. The city of Richmond occupies most of the island, while a small section at the eastern tip, known as Queensborough, is part of the city of New Westminster.

      Lulu Island is situated between the two principal arms of the Fraser River estuary across and downstream from the City of New Westminster. The Middle Arm of the Fraser River separates it on the northwest from Sea Island, the site of Vancouver International Airport, which, despite its name, is also part of the City of Richmond. At the western edge of the island lies Sturgeon Bank, a large sandbank which falls off into the Strait of Georgia on its western edge.

    2. william.scherk


      Peter wrote:


      I had to look Lulu Island up on Wikipedia. I am still trying to figure out the rest. Peter

      I missed this earlier (which is the nice part of OL 'Status' posts, they just just drip down the main page unnoticed for the most part). 

      I was having a bit of a brainstorm, Peter, so I don't expect anyone to follow the suggested steps -- I am still puzzling over how to present a useful argument using Grid Coordinates. I am trying to use mapping and address conventions as a way to think about how earthquake swarms can appear to be all going off at the exact same points (in two dimensional/left-right+top-bottom) as the grid pattern that set off the thread.

      There are many conventions of mapping that use a kind of grid coordinate system. Most of these are familiar to Americans of the Great Plains, and to Canadians of the Prairie provinces.  They are known as Homestead Survey Systems or Township sytems.  A brief bit from a history of Surrey BC says it better than I can:


      The basis of this was the township; a block six miles by six miles containing 36 sections. Each section was one mile by one mile and contained 640 acres. Each section in turn was divided into quarter sections each containing 160 acres. It was the quarter section parcels that were available for Surrey Homesteaders to preempt. The land could be held as a homestead as long as it was improved. The lines dividing the sections became the grid pattern for Surrey's arterial road system.

      Zooming ahead, the homestead grid in Surrey had no numbers until after 1957.  Before that all roads had names, no numbers, and with post-war suburban growth, the lack of a rational address system was getting in the way of mail, fire, and other emergency services. ("We got a fire out here on Jonston's Farm off Hjorth Road in Happy Valley").

      Here's a very simplified depiction of what resulted:


      So, starting out west in Delta is a mythical Zero Street. At the USA/Canadian border another street, actually called Zero Avenue.  This pattern extends all the way to the last of the flatlands on the south of the Fraser River -- almost all the way to Hope, BC.

      So, it is possible to have two adjoining properties with long addresses, something like this:

      • 8090-8121 210 Street         [lat/long:  49.149526, -122.639881]
      • 21098-21000 80B Avenue  [lat/long:  49.149248, -122.639483]

      Link to such a corner (Google Maps).

      Anyway, this is not a finished thought. It will continue to drip down the All Activities page until I get to the central point!


    3. william.scherk


      Bonfire symbols as markers on a township-scale map -- a way to record and display individual "happenings" to the limits of precision!

      Within a six mile by six mile grid, plot a hundred or so "bonfires" in a random pattern.

      Record the individual events with Google Maps "My Maps" or Acme Mapper session markers. Keep a list of each event as a latitude/longitute position.


  9. Mark of the Beast!


  10. Testing ... 



  11. A leftist podcaster who's not as easy to love as Jimmy Dore, but who  just had Mike Lindell on his live show for half an hour.

     I like how Mike did not leave the encounter in a rage ...

  12. A few hours back in my neck of the woods, on my cardiac rehab journey.


    You are looking upriver at the Chilliwack River from Vedder Crossing bridge. Just off to the right is a spot of land being developed, adjoining the Soowahlie reserve.

    It will comprise a local brewery outlet slash restaurant slash moneymaker, and a climbing gym ... oddly enough, the company that bought the site to develop is the company that built the bridge.

  13. New bike, who dis?



  14. Mrln, f y cn rd ths mssg, pls rply ...


  15. Our Pal in Alberta and the Puppy ...


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      [William posting as Merlin Jetton]



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      WSS ... posting a screen-shot of the bottom of page 17 of the Correspondence and Coherence topic, logged in as william.scherk:


      This was posted using the Brave browser ... you can clearly see the 'Quote' button and a place to click "Reply to this topic."

      I will next log in as merjet and post a reply here -- showing the screen-shot of the same bottom of the 17th page of comments under the Correspondence and Coherence topic.  

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      [WSS inside Merjet's glove]

      Waiting for moderation. This is what the exact same page looks like from within Merlin's account:


      No 'Quote' button, no area to  "Reply to this topic."

      We'll put up a video tomorrow that compares and contrasts the two accounts.

  16. Our cold miserable spring lasted seven days and nine hours, and the onset of early summer brought out confused fruit tree blossoms along with first open buds. 

    Exercizing out on the trails parallel to the Vedder River, Chilliwack's beauty can calm the savage beast, even folks from Yarrow.  Mountains to the west, to the east, to the north and to the south.


    This place has horses, donkeys, two mules, llamas and alpacas ...


    Chilliwack in the past year opened up room for 'taco trucks' and alcohol consumption in the most popular city park. There were six wagons of good stuff on the trail yesterday. Here are two.  I discovered a new drink -- espresso with tonic over ice. Who knew?


    1. william.scherk


      Spare a thought for the residents of New British Arizonalberta, who are celebrating a weather milestone. I betcha wish you hadn't whinged about spring.

      The image purports to portray the 2 metre temperature anomaly. Full rotating globe with varied atmospheric measurement depictions: Climate Reanalyzer



      I testify to the truth of the bright red blob. 


  17. A minute and a half of production values, from the first episode of HBO's documentary series "Q - Into the Storm.  The intro music includes a theramin ...


  18. From the current issue of Skeptic, in Michael Shermer's The After Time: The Future of Civilization after COVID-19



    The Before Time

    In a 1966 episode of Star Trek titled "Miri," the pre-pubescent heroine of the story explains to a flummoxed Captain Kirk what happened on her planet in which all the Grups (Grownups) were dead, leaving the Onlies (children) to fend for themselves: "That was when they started to get sick in the Before Time. We hid, then they were gone." As the linguist Ben Zimmer tracts [sic] the phrase's etymology, the Before Time represents a pre-plague world, and the expression has a deep literary history at least as old as the King James Bible (1611), in which the author of the Book of Samuel writes (1 Samuel 9:9): "Beforetime in Israel, when a man went to enquire of God, thus he spake, Come, and let us go to a seer: for he that is now called a Prophet was beforetime called a Seer." The locution was resurrected in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, as tracked by The Atlantic columnist Marina Koren: "the exacerbated sense that the days before the coronavirus swept across the country -- the "Before Time," as many have taken to calling it -- feel like a bygone era."

    If there is a Before Time describing a pre-post-apocalyptic world, there is an After Time onto which we may prophesize what happens after the world ends.


    Although troubling times like the 1860s, the 1960s, and today are often tagged as apocalyptic -- inasmuch as the word is often employed in the popular imagination as the complete and final destruction of the world -- its orginal Greek meaning was "revelation," or "an unveiling or unfolding of things not previously known and which cannot be known apart from the unveiling. [...] 

    The Junior Skeptic is a fun thing to share with the non-yet-seniors in your life ... 

    Secrets and Plots
    Reckless Rumors
    Revolutionary Rumors
    Passion and Paranoia
    Conspiracy Nation
    Invisible Invasion?
    Imagining Enemies
    Watching for Weirdness
    Conspiracy Believers
    Deadly Delusions
    The Power of Stories
    Escaping the Rabbit Hole
    How to Help


    JrS78-cover245.jpg (490×642) (skeptic.com)

    Dialogue snippets from "Miri" via IMDB


    Mr. Spock: According to their Life Prolongation Plan - what they THOUGHT they were accomplishing - a person would only age one month for every one hundred years of real time.

    Yeoman Rand: One hundred years? And only one month?

    Mr. Spock: Exactly, Yeoman. Evidently, through some miscalculation, this virus annihilated the entire adult population in a very short period, leaving only the children.

    Yeoman Rand: But that means these children...

    Mr. Spock: ...could very well be immensely old.

    Yeoman Rand: [upset] Back on the ship, I used to try to get you to look at my legs. Captain, look at my legs.

    [as he looks, she involuntarily covers the blue scabs growing on them]

    Capt. Kirk: What'd you find?

    Dr. McCoy: The disease, Captain! The one they created three hundred years ago.

    Yeoman Rand: There's a chance!

    Dr. McCoy: There's a chance. At least it's a race now, and we just wasted a minute.

    Capt. Kirk: Don't you know why you don't like to play games anymore, why you don't see your friends the way you used to? It's because you're becoming a young woman; and, the moment you become a young woman you get the disease - ALL of you.

    Miri: It's not true. It just happens sometimes.

    Capt. Kirk: ALL THE TIME, Miri! It's happening to you RIGHT NOW!

    [Kirk exposes her diseased arm]

    Capt. Kirk: Look at it! Look at it, Miri! It's in YOU!

    Miri: No. No! NOOOOO! NOOooo!


  19. This story on Jovan Hutton Pulitzer at the Conservative Daily News site is dated March 18, and makes for entertaining reading. It's very liberal with extensive quotes and evocative analogies. Whether you suspect he has a streak of fabulism or not. 

    How History, Homer and Physics, Forever Changed Voting and Politics


    1. william.scherk


      Audio (text-to-speech) rendering you can play on the web or download:



  20. "Unironically" does the heavy lifting (should show a Matt Binder tweet):

    And from another keyhole, recently added to my aggregation page "My Favourite League of Q-Watchers":


    1. william.scherk


      Tonight HBO premieres episodes 3 and 4, leaving time for a "white hat" view of the so-called documentary series. Ron Watkins, via a fresh 8kun posting.



  21. Evergreen ...


  22. Join an electric bike tour of the isle of Capri, Caroljane ...

    If that is too vertiginous and exciting for you, a relaxing canal-boat ride will do good things to your brain waves: