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  1. Byrne and Wood (I forget who first suggested it) briefly mentioned an off-stage possible investigation into Sidney Powell's fundraising org or orgs. Seems they were in the ballpark. Lin Wood gave his best wishes ... Telegram: Contact @linwoodspeakstruth T.ME The love of money is the root of all evil. Follow the money and you will find the evil. Having stated that simple TRUTH, I pray that the investigation of Sidney Powell clears her of any wrongdoing. I pray for...
  2. There is a transcript of the Flynn-Wood call here at Descript: Michael Flynn - Lin Wood conversation November 3 2021 - Descript SHARE.DESCRIPT.COM Um, Patrick Byrne and the America project. So yeah, it's a good, it's a good, hopefully it's a good event, you know, was supposedly at some, some folks who have. And very, you know, supportive and the
  3. The quote within the quote is from the author of the Telegraph article, science editor Sarah Knapton. Of note, further down in the same article: There are so many commentaries out and about on the the subject of the Omicron variant, I think it pays to consult widely before taking a stand. Who is "condemning" at the moment? I don't understand this. Does this "purposefully and specifically adapted" mean we could or should view variants as 'designed' (by other than the virus's 'nature')? I'd wonder who or what is the agent with "purpose" ... There's some quotes I found notable in a Slate write-up: From the final paragraphs of the Knapton Telegraph article:
  4. An excerpt from a Michael Flynn/Lin Wood conversation about Q ... Does it seem like Flynn has abandoned WWG1WGA? Soon to be uploaded to Soundcloud
  5. I added the three parts together -- the HTML5 audio player lets the listener adjust the speed and volume, or download it to a preferred audio player (VLC or Audacity are the best, IMO, for free products):
  6. Sidney Powell repeatedly thrown under the same airport express bus by both men, punctuating the mutual appeasement with some surprising allegations.  It must be depressing to be Sidney Powell right now. Of course no raconteur like Wood and Byrne would stop there -- they utter some hard gossip against Jovan Pulitzer among others ... I almost feel sorry for Wood. He has been rejected or abandoned by his children and his law colleagues. He's facing further hits to his reputation each week, and he feels like the good guy leaders like Flynn are not coming to his aid.  

    I threw myself off the Airport Express just before it crushed Jack Posobiec. 

  7. A phone-call between L Lin Wood and Patrick Byrne, just posted ... Byrne dishes on Sidney Powell ... Telegram: Contact @linwoodspeakstruth T.ME That is the first of three recordings Wood has posted to his Telegram channel. The phone call took place last night. Patrick Byrne lit a fuse with this nasty video at Rumble: I Hate to Break it to You Folks, But Lynn Wood is a Tacky Kook RUMBLE.COM Patrick Byrne wastes 33 minutes of his life responding to assertions being made by Lynn Wood about the Brothers Flynn and himself..
  8. His latest posts at Telegram have received a lot of attention. Here's one posted not so long ago: Telegram: Contact @linwoodspeakstruth T.ME After doing the research and connecting the dots, I have reached the conclusion that the Stop The Steal organization is a Deep State organization to raise money for purposes other than to FIX 2020. A... The "Stop the Steal" organization is tied to Ali Alexander, but he is unlikely to have been the only vector of financing various Stop the Steal projects and demonstrations. Ali has been subpeonaed by the January 6 Committee. Twitter account @2021_Karma has been keeping abreast of Lin Wood's messaging: Adam Klasfeld of boo hiss Law and Crime published a podcast back in late March of this year, in which Rittenhouse's mother and former Wood associate Dave Hancock related their disagreements with Lin Wood; it contains a lot of recorded material of Lin Wood himself. May be worth a listen for interested readers here: Stew Peters is in Lin's corner: Telegram: Contact @linwoodspeakstruth T.ME ALERT! New Variant, “HEAVILY MUTATED”
  9. Happy Thanksgiving, William. Thank you, Michael! We've already celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving last month (October 10), but I appreciate the good wishes. All the best to you and yours.
  10. What raised my eyebrow was the gut-check. Setting greenscreen 'malfunction' aside, what explanations can be found or raised for a fuzzy foot as pictured in the TikTok guy's video? Guts are important as a kind of early-warning system, and if that is a start for analysis, great. I think it's unlikely that the TikTok guy (Trippiewhyte) was in the courtroom, so he was dealing with at least a single level of reprocessing from one of many live feeds from the courtroom. It might be impossible to find out what the original resolution was for the background in his upload. Sure, I am interested in apparent oddities, puzzles or mysteries -- so I was responding to the bringing of TrippieWhyte's video to OL. "A spirited discussion ensued ..." I think that the TrippleWhyte video at TikTok likely used the built-in non-green-screen "green screen" option. As with Zoom, users can let the software figure out what is the foreground; Zoom calls this a "Virtual Background." I've used it a lot for my online Zoom cardiac rehab exercise classes. It's hard indeed to prove a negative. Digital video compression artifacts are a fact of digital life: I tend to respond to oddities, puzzles and apparent mysteries -- here I am trying to post informative material -- to put the matter raised into perspective. I dunno. No other reader has hopped in to this particular "spirited discussion." I cannot read minds. It might not seem profitable for other readers to get involved. Anyway, my amateur, beginner level opinion is that the apparent "disappearing foot" is an artifact of digital video compression. If there is some other explanation that accounts for the phenomenon -- without multiple entailments -- it hasn't been presented here yet. **************** What’s up with the disappearing foot from the Rittenhouse trial? (Reddit) Full Video: Prosecutors Cross-Examine Kyle Rittenhouse (cued to the apparent 'disappearing foot' moment). A slowed-down extract from the above video, recorded by ShareX from the full-screen video played at 1080p HD -- slowed, edited and exported in VideoPad using lossless compression: https://wsscherk.com/VIDEOCASTS/A64KF/artifactsEtc/footDisappearanceMX.mp4 Happy Thanksgiving to all those celebrating a family day!
  11. Not convinced. Can you say something about the range of common digital video compression artifacts highlighted above? I am not clear what in particular is you are not convinced of ... Is this like the griddlequakes -- you don't quite grok a more prosaic explanation?
  12. What did you do? Just post the link to the audio file? I copied a section of a webpage on my server, which section had text above and below and the audio player sandwiched between. Magic!
  13. He seems stymied today. Further to whatever was seemingly promised to have happened today, Mike explaining himself to Steve Bannon; better than an hour of Boris Epshteyn. Steve and Mike discuss the draft Complaint to the Supreme Court that Mike seems to have promised to file on this day, in that court. (have not a clue how the OL software let through an audio element, but there you go)
  14. He seems stymied today. Lindell has put what seems like a draft of his complaint up at michaeljlindell.com (PDF) https://cdn.michaeljlindell.com/downloads/fix2020first/states-v-us-and-states-compl-2021-11-23.pdf
  15. To "use greenscreen effects" one needs a actual green screen behind the actors. The green screen or "chroma key" technique is a form of matting, and was developed by a Hollywood studio back in the 1930s. In a nutshell, action takes place in front of a well-lit solid-colour background. In post-processing, the solid colour is swapped-out and replaced with whatever the script calls for to be behind the action -- in compositing or layering of the scene's foreground and background elements. Here's a simple example of before and after, taken from a YouTube video: For any green screen effect, you need a green (or blue or solid colour background) to be physically present. Ipso facto, no green screen technique in the Rittenhouse trial courtroom. The guy with the TikTok video doesn't seem to understand necessary elements of the process. My general impression is that he also doesn't understand phenomena of digital video compression artifacts.
  16. How about masks? And six feet distancing? How about your original remarks? How much distance makes sense? The thing about zoos, appreciate them or revile them, the only thing of value they have (besides real estate and plumbing) is the animals on display (and more abstractly, the genetic line if the animals are rare, protected, nearing extinction or otherwise threatened). The animals indirectly pay the wages of the caretakers.** ** insert caveats and qualifiers about the variety of animal-pens in the pet industries, and nod to the variety of funding streams for animal shows from the rodeo to the larger, internationally-active research zoos. And to the captivity of research animals more broadly, fellow primates primarily. Insert image of Ivan the gorilla during his life at the Tacoma Mall.
  17. We haven't had a dog since our old "Bear" died a couple of years ago. I think there is nothing like a dog rescue to lift the spirits. From unspeakable cruelty to a life in a caring home ... I think that if you are a dog owner, vaccinations are worthwhile and in some cases (rabies) mandated. Puppy Shots Schedule: A Complete Guide to Puppy Vaccinations WWW.AKC.ORG Find out which puppy shots your new friend will need, and the right schedule for when your puppy should receive vaccinations.
  18. It could be that primates, otters and some of the big cat species can get COVID-19. From November 14 at Phys.org: 3 snow leopards with COVID-19 die at Lincoln Children's Zoo PHYS.ORG Three snow leopards have died at the Lincoln Children's Zoo in Nebraska of complications from COVID-19. From NPR in March of this year: Zoo Vaccinates Apes To Protect Both Animals And Humans From COVID-19 WWW.NPR.ORG As the pace of COVID-19 vaccinations for people speeds up across the country, some zoos are considering giving shots to animals that are susceptible to the virus.
  19. From the story cited: From another angle, a few more items to chew on:
  20. Does anyone really believe this will be the final result? The Connecticut case has been rolling along for quite some time. Readers can view the full, very long case docket here: http://civilinquiry.jud.ct.gov/CaseDetail/PublicCaseDetail.aspx?DocketNo=UWYCV186046437S If I have read the docket correctly, the ruling is here: http://civilinquiry.jud.ct.gov/DocumentInquiry/DocumentInquiry.aspx?DocumentNo=21734820 What I gleaned from the court's ruling is that Jones and his lawyers have long been warned that not supplying what the court has ordered would result in a default judgement. Have a gander at the procedural history laid out in the ruling above. Alex Jones et al will be appealing this ruling, but I don't see a way he can win -- overturning Judge Bellis' ruling. See the penultimate page (16). I don't know how this pertains to the Sandy Hook families pursuing their civil cases. The orginal actions were brought almost 9 years ago. He's been going through lawyers at a fine clip. His present team is not giving up (Reuters) : A family spokesperson also acknowledged the road ahead: If I am reading the docket correctly the court dates for the next steps in the civil proceeding begin with jury selection next August (2022). It's probably much too simplistic, but I think when you refuse to follow court ordered "discovery" procedures, you run the risk of a default judgement. The trial beginning next year will be not fun for anyone, I expect. From the horse's mouth: Texas Judge Crucifies First Amendment In Alex Jones / Sandy Hook Case FREEWORLDNEWS.TV Experts Agree Political Ruling By Democrat Judge Is 100% Unconstitutional Statement by attorney Norm Pattis “The trial court’s entry of a default in these cases is stunning. It takes no account of the... -- Alex has spoken directly to the issues: https://banned.video/watch?id=6192e0c06eb7794b57d8a751
  21. I paid for a subscription to the paywalled analysis at Steve Kirsch's Substack. Unfortunately, the Benevides tables do not include unique VAERS IDs. However, Benevides's spreadsheets are available in Excel format, and I was able to import the data in this table pictured below to Google Sheets ... Here is a link to the Google Sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qlNMMiprBsPZ9s21arUOpyaZgz2o3urcNAVzhdi02NY/edit?usp=sharing ... If anyone is interested in exploring the datasets ... X-Factor Analysis November 17 2021 - Google Sheets DOCS.GOOGLE.COM match Symptoms,C19 Count,Baseline count,X factor Heavy menstrual bleeding,3,528,2,8820 Heart rate,3,189,2,7973 Magnetic resonance imaging head,1,512,2,3780 Angiogram pulmonary...
  22. Status? A dike breached and a lot of farms inundated. Three hours warning meant people were able to seek higher ground, though rescues will go on through the night. Many of the thousand farmers affected will not have been able to rescue their cows and horses and other livestock. Status horribilus.


  23. Major flooding in our area of the world ...


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      Those pictures tell a story. I saw some from Washington State today and they have similar flooding there. I don't consider global warming and sea water rises to be "man made" but global warming is happening. I have mentioned before how different areas here on Delmarva have different sea levels and now one daughter who lives in Ocean City, MD has a house with the lowest elevation in the family. For me it is a constant fear that she will be flooded out by a "nor'easter" but other non storm related flooding is also occurring here.    

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      We are getting news of a massive rescue effort for livestock. Abbotsford and our agricultural city are hugely important for the BC dairy and egg industries.  Devastated.

  24. Yesterday Chilliwack set an all-time one-day rainfall record, 154.6 millimetres. This "pineapple express" is wreaking havoc on critical infrastructure, as the waters rage. Cut off communities and lots of people stranded or evacuated or on their way to public shelters. It's not that often an entire town floods out, as happened in Merritt. Our neighbouring municipality of Abbotsford is swamped in parts