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  1. Just to round out Act Two, Jen Fifield reports Ken Bennett changed his mind about resignation. I'm guessing he wants back in the loop.
  2. The audit-watchers report more drama. Melodrama? Quality control? Transparency and integrity?
  3. The audit-watchers report more drama. The whole hideous mess is explored by my curated accounts today: http://wsscherk.com/VIDEOCASTS/A59KF/AZ-watcherstimelines.php
  4. Here's a transcribed sample of Dr Hoffe's Brighteon video where he makes the strongest claims. Dr Hoffe of Lytton - Descript
  5. Transcript via Descript: Ken Bennett audio transcript - Descript
  6. You may want to change the "Eskimo" nomenclature. Eskimo is an older term of art that refers to peoples of the Arctic who speak Inuit/Aleutian languages. Lytton, BC has long been Canada's "hotspot" and was destroyed by wildfire on July 2. Think "Eskimo = Igloo" and you can see the error. You can make a very readable transcript of the two edited videos with Descript. This page includes a raft of material featuring or authored by the doctor: Health Impact News Canadian Doctor Defi...led Indigenous People in His Community (website-files.com) Lytton's destruction immediately set off the "Space Lasers" crowd of researchers:
  7. Ken Bennett may have turned into a "traitor" ... considering how opaque the latter parts of the Oddit are.
  8. Chance'd be a fine thing. Here's something fresh from Maricopa County's ongoing drama ... Arizona GOP Audit Director Barred From Recount After Sharing Data Supporting Trump Loss I've got a page up for following Arizona 'oddit wotchers': https://wsscherk.com/VIDEOCASTS/A59KF/AZ-watcherstimelines.php
  9. A spread in opinion following a Rasmussen Report survey ... Trump is now more popular than Biden. Who knew? Sinking, plunging, cratering, dropping, dipping. Unraveling?
  10. Did not know where to put this excerpt from a story at Science Daily. I figured I had to post it to OL, given the phrase therein "Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics." How the brain paints the beauty of a landscape
  11. Well well. Pollsters: ‘Impossible’ to say why 2020 polls were wrong
  12. Quote dropped in Google search gives back an NBC News story by Pete Williams, with details: Florida man gets 8 months in prison in 1st felony sentence from Capitol riot (nbcnews.com) From February, via CSpan ...
  13. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the arkansas ...
  14. That looks like a useful tool. I have found the best tool for cleaning up transcripts is Notepad++. These guys and their writing and reading aids. Like Ma and her copper pots. "What did you ever cook in this here pot, Ma?" "Shuttup you, I brain you with the pot. Have respeck." I just came across an application that chews up Spext, spits it in a bucket, and flushes it down the CueCat hole. It's called Descript. It works with video, audio and text and looks to be a gigantic advance for content creators -- of both video and audio. It's also (in the Pro version) creepy as all hell in a few spots. The many uses of the tool are focused on script production (as in voice-over script, podcast/videocast script) before or after the fact ... ... talk in sentences from your rough [eg podcast] notes, correct the text, be rendered a timed script to read. And then correct fluffs and errors easily and quickly after recording. It is thus also a great and powerful simple dictation system (like a mirror image of the Chromium text-to-speech Read Aloud). Your doorway to the First Draft. If you write a lot, online or on paper, getting your thoughts on the screen with Descript is dead easy and two clicks from a file to share. Bif bam boom, as they say. You yap at the dictaphone, and then bam, yer secretary slaps down the document ready for signature ... I downloaded the Mark Crispin Miller video at the link posted by Mark and stripped out all the humming and hawing using only the Descript text editor -- in under five minutes. In the CIA box below is some of the unprettified result without Hum Haw Um Uh. The following link should show you the results side by side, text and video; the Descript text editor tweaked the video automatically. MCM False Claims (edited) - Descript "Yeah, hi Dad, I got the job. Now what do I do?" Would it surprise anyone that Miller entertains the notion of orbital lasers zapping up the last round of Western fires in the USA? Evidence that California’s wildfires have been fed by laser beams – NEWS FROM UNDERGROUND (markcrispinmiller.com)
  15. The writing is on the wall, I think, after having absorbed a few play-by-plays of the six-hour long ordeal. Basically, the judge asked about what "minimal vetting" was done on each of the attached affidavits. The judge plodded through each affidavit in turn, and was occasionally surprised by feeble, evasive, buck-passing responses from the names on the Michigan Kraken complaint appearing before her. The heart of the matter is the feebleness and the slackness of testing their own affiants' claims before stapling them to the doomed filing. If you want to skip the intervening six hours, some sneaky Zoom viewer provided Sidney Powell's oration to Lin Wood (who shared it and deleted it at Telegram) ... I've put it up in a video player at the page linked below. Sidney Powell remarks | Statement in public interest (wsscherk.com)
  16. Sometimes a link cries out to be included ... I searched for Peter's phrase inside quotes, which search turned up the exact phrase within Insider's article. They dropped the "Business" from their branding last year, but their domain remains the same: businessinsider.evil.com Including links to source and context for quotes is a plot, I tell you.
  17. The current Skeptic magazine almost cites Rand in the article "25 Fallacies in the Case for Christianity." Number 23, Stolen Concept. Skeptic is a bit of an old warhorse, but a libertarian ethos is well-saddled at times, and not just in editor Michael Shermer's weighty pieces. Like the old horse it seems to have trodden deeply on a few routes, one of which is god claims and arguments. Most of the time, it's straight-up small-o objectivism. And Skeptic leaves almost all the Bigfoot trails clear for Skeptical Inquirer, which is even more venerable and habituated to ancient battlefields ...
  18. Sometimes a link cries out to be included ... https://www.businessinsider.com/capitol-rioters-say-trump-told-them-to-come-to-washington-2021-1
  19. Lots. How many of the ~450 arrested are in this category, I wonder. It'd be handy to have some names ... https://www.justice.gov/usao-dc/capitol-breach-cases
  20. [...] Sidney Powell is reemerging and like a Kraken at that. While the mainstream press was spending its time laughing at her, she's been busy, busy, busy. Sidney Powell and Lin Wood are in court today, and some of the usual suspects have been giving the session their attention, here via Twitter: For a nastier and less faux-neutral ride-along, Q Origins Project ... Spyder? "Flood the zone with shit"? Much ink will be spilled about ye olde Kraken's appearance in court before the day is done, I wager. I can see the headlines now ... "Lin Wood Throws Sidney Powell Under The Bus" ...
  21. Mike Allen at Axios seems to think he has a scoop, writing "Former President Trump has given at least 22 interviews for 17 different books since leaving office, with authors lining up at Mar-a-Lago as he labors to shape a coming tsunami of Trump tomes, Axios has learned." Scoop: Trump works refs ahead of book barrage
  22. Transcript and video of former president Donald Trump's July 7 announcement at Rev.com's blog: Donald Trump Press Conference Announcement Transcript: Sues Facebook, Twitter, Google Over Censorship Claims - Rev Trump raised the matter after this question by a reporter: Just to clarify, who should be the arbiter of what’s hate, what’s offensive, what should not be published? What goes beyond free speech? And because so much of this your banning has to do with comments you made around January 6th, just to clarify further, what did you do to stop the insurrection as some people call it and why were you not able to stop it? Trump's response: So that whole event, unfortunate event just went through Congress and a report was issued and my name wasn’t even mentioned. And I appreciate that. I was surprised frankly because I would have assumed that they would have come up with their typically biased, at least on the Democrat side statement. The report came out as you saw it two weeks ago. My name wasn’t even mentioned, that was an unfortunate event. I say though however, people are being treated unbelievably unfairly. When you look at people in prison and nothing happens to Antifa and they burned down cities and killed people. There were no guns in the Capitol except for the gun that shot Ashli Babbitt. And nobody knows who that men were. She was not shot in the head by the US Capitol Police officer. Search term Ashli Babbitt ...