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  1. The capital of Missouri got a tornado whacking last night. Data-visualization of storm dynamics is advancing. This appeared earlier on Twitter.
  2. I am enjoying spring in Chilliwack, with plentiful healthy bike riding. I also have enjoyed getting in the gears with Periscope, Spreaker, and Youtube. One of my most popular videos was the first of the Scott Adams' several Tony Heller Challenges, which he permitted me to republish, which led to some light and some heat. Why is light hot? Or is light hot? Which part of the light is hot? We almost turned on the swamp cooler ... This is a blurb/promo, using OBS Server, a dedicated fan page (http://bit.ly/climateBrawl_001), and a homemade audio soundboard to feed a mix to Periscope. It was was live for its first appearance on Twitter. As you can imagine, HTML5 and me are getting better acquainted. I should mention also the impressive, cheap, easy to learn 'intuitive' design of podcasting app Spreaker.
  3. This got some traction on Reddit: "It’s Time to Boot Climate Deniers Off Social Media." I wonder if the person behind this article would go on a live podcast with us ...
  4. How has the Prime Minister managed to hold on so long? And will intrepid Paul Joseph Watson of Summit.news be able to unscramble the details of her announcement? The 'Socratic Method' may well be deprecated, I expect. "You get to vote on my cough new deal, or no deal." "You yes you get to vote on the negotiated deal. You yes you, dear voter, can also vote to pull the plug." CABAL Psy-Ops Trap-door Betrays Democracy!
  5. Federal parliamentary ('lower house') elections in Australia have a few features that are relatively unknown in North America. They use a 'preferential ballot,' in the form of ranked-choice. The polling industry also uses various means to 'capture' voting intentions for the balloting -- by asking respondents for first and second choices. In the run up to the lower house elections, the most recent polling actually forecast a National Party/Liberal coalition win -- when considering the parties alone and not an estimate of the results of the ranked-choice balloting. But. The expectation in the chattering classes was indeed that Labour would win. Althought most polls showed the Prime Minister to be more trustworthy and popular than the Labour leader -- the scrying industry got way ahead of itself. In the end, the party totals between the Coalition and Labour moved by 0.69%. The Labour party lost two seats and the Coalition gained three (with several still pending). The Australian system only counts the final two ranked-choice 'winners' and so the totals always add up to a strict 100%. So, the percentage of finalized votes for the Coalition versus Labour? The TPP results: 51.9% Coalition / 48.1% Dirty Commies ... -- my takeaway is that Australia will take a break from 'bumping off' its leaders. The current Prime Minister is the 7th to hold the office in 10 years. Political stability is almost always good for the economy. In passing, there are 258 days until the first Iowan trudges off to caucus. And, all polls are wrong.
  6. President Trump has boosted OANN at least once. Here the network's main anchor addresses abortion and the fools who do not understand this administration. Bill Mitchell ...
  7. Monday night promo ...


  8. Facts be damned. What does "our side" have to say about the process? Did the European Union 'force' Britain to hold elections for the European Parliament? No taxation without representation!
  9. Kevin Pluck got a plug in a recent video on "Climate Communications." Readers of this thread will be familiar with the Yale efforts.
  10. I am thoroughly tired of the horse-race/Groundhog Day reporting of public opinion -- as if the horses run the race freshly each day of soundings. There are two hundred and sixty two days until the first minivan is loaded for the Iowa caucuses. Gah. As you can imagine the hoopla-industry is touting this meaningless poll: Fox News Poll: Biden booms, Bernie fades
  11. Alarum! Rahmstorf is "Head of Earth System Analysis at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research; professor of Physics of the Oceans at Potsdam University." Guardian link: ‘Extraordinary thinning’ of ice sheets revealed deep inside Antarctica.' Cited study published in Geophysical Research Letters, "Warm ocean is eroding West Antarctic Ice Sheet." [Free Access] A short video that accompanied the Guardian article:
  12. Tim Pool has had a raft of intriguing videos in the last week. This one may be of interest to the Objectivist Living viewers ... I am conducting a campaign on Bitchute, GAB, Dissenter and Brighteon ... as young debunker "Magick Kool-Aid" was suspended from Twitter this morning. In the tiny tiny community of crazy fans of Magick, this is bad news.
  13. Enemies of the American people ... D.C. radio station is a Russian agent, federal judge rules. 'WZHF-AM is "a Russian state-owned media enterprise created by Vladimir Putin to advance Russian interests abroad," the Justice Department contended.'
  14. This is kind of crossborder. The former "Lord Black" has received a full pardon from President Trump. From Reuters: Trump pardons ex-media mogul Conrad Black
  15. Yikes. I'd be less yikesy in the face of pertinent comments from the OL Ladies Club.
  16. And the Alabama anti-abortion law passed Alabamian Congress, both houses. If signed by the governor, even doctors who perform abortions in Alabama go to jail. Now watch the left and the establishment cronies keep doing stupid shit to cheat and mock instead of making an actual case at law-making time when the lawsuits start. And watch them keep trying to legislate from the bench. Or keep beating the mantra: Orange Man Bad. https://www.bamapolitics.com/alabama/bills/2019rs/hb/hb-314/ "What would Ayn Rand say?"
  17. Is there something wrong with me? I just don't like this guy. Not that every shouty or ranty-histrionic guy on the TV or internet meets equal disdain -- not since I want to keep shouty, jostling, operatic and free aspects of this thread thriving.