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  1. So true; from The Hill today: Trump launches new communications tool after social media ban
  2. The resourceful Mick West of Metabunk with a plausible explanation ...
  3. I predict it will be a while yet before Frankspeech.com fulfills its initial promises.
  4. Have you been defamed? (135) Project Veritas - OLIGARCHY (Official Video) - YouTube
  5. Another "Big Lie" trope is already in circulation ... Rudy Giuliani wants $1.3-B lawsuit over his 'big lie' election claims thrown out Denver-based Dominion alleged in its Jan. 25 lawsuit that Giuliani "manufactured and disseminated the ‘Big Lie,’ which foreseeably went viral and deceived millions of people into believing that Dominion had stolen their votes and fixed the election
  6. 3 Facets of the Kraken ... I took an audio excerpt from a YouTube video of a new 35 minute Sidney Powell interview: https://wsscherk.com/VIDEOCASTS/A59KF/sounds/MAY2_Sidney-Powell_NTRVW.mp3 How scientists caught footage of 'the kraken' after centuries of searching | By Brandon Specktor - Senior Writer 2 days ago Tricking the giant squid's basketball-size eyes may have been the key. Closer to home ... Canucks: Here's their Seattle Kraken expansion draft list
  7. Newsmax Disavows List of Election Conspiracy Claims While Settling Defamation Lawsuit by Dominion Employee Originally Tagged as ‘Antifa’
  8. Mrln, f y cn rd ths mssg, pls rply ...


  9. Mentioning Merlin. Merlin gave me access to his OL account. Full report due this weekend, or after 20 kilometres logged on my tracker, whichever comes first. The key takeaways are that Merlin was truthful in his reporting: the restrictions on his account prevent him from replying to topics and comments, from quoting, from making a new comment/post on a topic he started. Merlin is only able to submit two kinds of material to the moderator -- a reply to a Status, which are displayed under the All Activity tab, and an OL Calendar Event.
  10. With details to hand, social media watchers galore can better understand what is going on, if not get bogged down in minutia ... I watched the Zoom hearing, to gain as much useful detail as I could. Link: Full Video: Arizona Maricopa County Election Audit Hearing (April 28) (ntd.com) The place to be, speaking of things galore, is on Sidney Powell's Telegram channel. She is busting some moves today. If you want to watch someone watching the feeds ... (80) 7AM Daily Updates Maricopa County Arizona Audit - 4/30/2021 - YouTube
  11. CyFIR policies and procedures manual ... Modifications to CyFIR Evidence Handling Procedures ... Counting floor policies ...
  12. Maricopa audit judge recusal claims ... How did "the Dems" manage that? What did they produce ... ? [B]asically Marc Elias took a bunch a lawyers (I've read over 70 and I've read over 100) to Arizona to try whatever they could to stop the audit. They ended up finding a lawyer who had a close relationship with the judge in some manner or other and turned the case over to him. From ABC15 in Phoenix, on April 25: Late Sunday night, a Maricopa County Superior Court judge was forced to remove himself from presiding over a case challenging the
  13. How did "the Dems" manage that? What did they produce ... ?
  14. Three months ago .... Today, from Fox Business ... (21) Feds raid Rudy Giuliani's apartment as part of Ukraine probe: Report - YouTube ... shades of Michael Cohen.
  15. You're welcome. I'm not quite sure what you are thanking me for.
  16. The headline at Science Daily is "Mice master complex thinking with a remarkable capacity for abstraction." Study details, link: Sandra Reinert, Mark Hübener, Tobias Bonhoeffer, Pieter M. Goltstein. Mouse prefrontal cortex represents learned rules for categorization. Nature, 2021; DOI: 10.1038/s41586-021-03452-z
  17. As a stand-alone text-to-speech I use Natural Reader, which comes with David and Zira -- which makes me think I am talking about a version of TextAloud. When my last laptop turned into a brick, I lost a few premium voices, but bought back my favourites, Peter, Bruno, Rod and Sharon. Peter has a UK accent (not posh and not London) and a bit of a hectoring tone (compared to Sharon, who sounds eerily seductive), and whenever he reads 'Yeah' or 'yeah' he kind of barks it at you. Which keeps the reading fun. Peter reading WSS: https://wsscherk.com/VIDEOCASTS/A59KF/sounds/PeterReadsWSS.mp3 Sh
  18. Here's a brief transcript for Caroljane's continuing edification: MC: Jim, Tim, your point you're playing the role of Tim Ballard and Tim is actually continuing to save kids. I mean, this is you're making a movie about it. But this is what he does and he - Caviezel: He was supposed to be in the room with me and in here, or in Tulsa, but he's down there saving children as we speak, because they're pulling kids out of the darkest recesses of hell now, in D.U.M.Bs and all kinds of places. The adrenochrome-ing of children, the I mean, look where we're at now, hopefully we need y
  19. William, Even on the free service, it gives you the option of indicating different voices in the machine-made transcript. Watson looks like it provides a better initial reading of audio files than does Spext -- AI 'guessing' at capitalization especially. Spext has a neat feature -- you can invite folks to a transcription 'project,' eg: I use Video Downloader Ultimate. It gives many options, including video quality/size and also the ability to download only audio -- or only corresponding SRT files (subtitles). -- another way I obt
  20. The folks at QAnonAnonymous did an episode on "They Live" a couple of months ago. I looked for the film via YouTube after listening to the episode, and found a DMCA-evading account had posted the whole thang:
  21. Who says there was a Satanic Panic? I mean, besides Jeffrey Victor? A transcript of the Mike Adams Health Ranger audio report linked above; my emphases for the former maiden-lady now moral-monstress Karel O'Ligark: Getting a Spext rendering to be easier reading is not as much fun as can be imagined, but neither is it as dire as can be imagined. It just takes time. I'll probably add the Caviezel transcript next, and then do the longest one, with both Mike and Lin. But that river trail is not going to ride itself. Speaking of beautiful calves, Mike Adams as eye ca
  22. Contentiousness and flubs. Here Nick Martin goes all-in. "Ballot-altering pens" is clickbait, as they say ...
  23. I know for a fact that Merlin signs into OL at times. His last login was Sunday (April 18). So he is not blocked. What might be happening if neither one of you is stating untruths? I believe you that Merlin signs in to OL at times. What Merlin has told me is that he cannot post to any topic, and I believe him. If I remember correctly, he tried to add to the thread that features terse links to his blog, and could not get his link published. I believe that. I believe you both. Perhaps Merlin will try to post some fresh links in that thread of blog links. Maybe he will discov
  24. Details on how to watch ... we'll probably need a comfy chair.