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  1. https://merjet46.blogspot.com/2019/04/60-minutes-show-on-climate-change.html Search the Community Show results for 'amplification arctic' in content posted by william.scherk.
  2. NOTE FROM MSK: Trolling text removed. Would anybody be concerned if an unseen hand began to remove 'trolling text' ... or 'inappropriate' bits of commentary going forward? The invisible hand guide would be the Objectivist Living rules. Personally, I think such an invisible hand would be wise to "mark" the inappropriate material rather than delete it. Perhaps a spoiler ...
  3. Rush Limbaugh has announced he is beginning treatment for 'advanced' lung cancer. My siblings and I nursed our mother at home as she died from lung cancer. I hope Rush beats this.
  4. A bit more information about the basis for the Six Americas ... from the gang at Yale Climate Communications.
  5. I lose sight of the essential disagreement(s) ... amid the scorn-storms and psychological/character assessments. I think sometimes that 'What Could Persuade You to Change Your Mind?" is the right way to go, but that question doesn't reveal what a particular person believes. I don't -- after all this time -- know which beliefs are held by who, not in detail (except for Bob/Ba'al). It might be best answered by the Yale Climate Communications survey questions as revised. (or by a simple set of questions which answers reflect relative adhesion to so-called 'Consensus Statements**). The results of answering the Yale 'SASSY' survey questions assign a person's position among the "Six Americas" ... My assignment: Brief video that outlines the distinctions between the six 'buckets' ... _____________________ ** Eg, Scientific Consensus: Earth's Climate is Warming from NASA
  6. How long since the first derail? Time is relative to motion? Salt and Popper May the harpies feast!
  7. It was likely some other thread, ten years ago. Is it not interesting that when called out for shitty behavior Billy doesn’t demand more of himself but rather goes about looking for where his interlocutor may have been hypocritical somewhere in the past so he point that out, instead? It doesn’t occur to him just stop being foul and make an attempt at answering legitimate scientific questions about his climate religion. "Fuck off, Pedophile" speaks! [Gotta run out for an hour on family duties. I will edit these jottings, and think about a way to re-start or re-configure, or reiterate or assuage concerns about fair-play and scientific stupidity, and in my dreams even chart a course for better communications ...] [Back unlocked, my lazy mind has moved on to other items of interest and concern. If I only had one last question to ask, something bland, innocuous, throbbing with probity and good faith, incandescent with curiosity and wonder ... I'll check back in to post tomorrow morning after I listen to my "Jonathan and the Science" recording while cycling madly in all directions] The floor is open. All advisories suspended. 32 pages and only five of them at Fever Pitch. [Added scrawled notes before KP duty; to be revised/corrected/expanded/tideed away in a Spoiler. Nobody really minds me using the blog as notepaper, as long as I preserve even accidental/negligent postings of drafts, right?] 30 January 2020 AGWA Re set What would persuade you What persuaded you What persuaded me What is my 5 paragraph informal argument FOR my position Topic sentence/paragraph "How I got here" is bland and stupid What is my position, in a one-liner What has changed ab out my position a la from 'dismissive' to 'concerned' What is the thing[ I do] that is most annoying in this thread
  8. Brad is on Twitter, doing Brad Schrag activities: https://twitter.com/BradSchrag/with_replies Of course. Are you hoping to have him return for a talking-to? That may not be the most alluring prospect for him ... but in any case, here's a recent comment retweeted by Brad Schrag, in which pioneers of climatological inquiry are noted. The names may mean nothing to a reader if the reader hasn't cracked open The Discovery of Global Warming.
  9. The jottings you deleted yesterday were titled "The #QAnon phenomena, as explained by various outlets and commenters". Did you mean the plural, or do you not know that "phenomena" is plural? Many phenomena attend the Q phenomenon. To my mind, Q is the ultimate boondoggle for rational inquiry. I've been directed a few times to separate "Q" from "QAnon," and I will probably make the same kind of differentiation errors. Are you taking questions about "Q" and/or "QAnon"?
  10. Qanon.pub has less editorial whoopee added than Qmap.pub.
  11. Pithy. If you are a fan of skeptical inquiry, Poker & Politics should be in your Twitter feed. Glory, glory, Halleluja ...
  12. If you like MacDonald and Travis McGee, you might also enjoy James Lee Burke's series featuring the character Dave Robicheaux. Burke is a tremendous writer, and finds corruption and criminality in and around The Big Easy. See Goodreads for more detail on the series. My favourite was Last Car to Elysian Fields. From a customer review at Amazon: In "Last Car to Elysian Fields" fans of the Robicheaux series find their beloved but flawed hero moving into a new stage of his life. With wife Bootsie having died and daughter Alafair away at college, and his childhood home burned to the charred ground Robicheaux is presented with the opportunity to reboot his life. True to the dark beauty that is JLB's writing, it only takes a few pages to realize that Robicheaux, at least for the time being, is an emotional recidivist for whom such change is unobtainable. Shackled by his dislike for the powerful and the greedy, sparked by his deep well of anger, and enabled by his friend Clete Purcell, Robicheaux lurches forward in yet another misadventure. Even in the search of truth and justice, Robicheaux manages to leave loss and despair in his wake. For the JLB fan, this novel may not plow new territory; the writing is as strong as ever though, and this is Robicheaux just the way we know and love him.
  13. I don't really care that much. If pressed, I'd say that something about the place appealed to the couple, and given their star-power, if they choose to maintain an Island residence, they will likely add much kaching to the economy of the region. Dollars to doughnuts. The capital city of our province is powered by tourism as well as bureaucracy ... Vancouver, British Columbia is a major film, television and digital media production centre. Meghan could be in the studio after a half-hour seaplane ride from the private residence ... ... one thing that stands out for me is that Canadians on the whole do not 'mob' royals. Although the international paparazzi will likely hound the couple until the end of time, I think citizens would tend to be 'protective,' let them have a private life once they have established a home for their family. -- a few breathless news stories from our provincial outlets last month remarked upon 'ordinary folks' coming across the couple while hiking in the woods. The encounters seemed to be much ado about nothing: we saw the Royals, we gave them space, Harry helped us with a selfie. My mind goes back to The Duke and Duchess of Windsor. After the abdication crisis they got a life in France.
  14. I am reminded that Jonathan doesn't answer questions put to him in this thread. Being an asshole must be its own reward ...
  15. Deleted. Gone. No longer here, departed. Gone up country to a good home. It was an unfinished blog entry that I failed to detect & delete during the earlier ruckus. If only you could communicate without loaded language and personal insults ... [Edited to add in a '&']
  16. Good investigation from the BBC: How a boy from Vietnam became a slave on a UK cannabis farm
  17. Q sez not a lot, but has some Twitter suggestions in five new drops ... "Everything's Coming Up Roses ...!"
  18. Those Deep State functionaries at Pew Research have a new poll out. The usual suspects are saying the usual things. By a Narrow Margin, Americans Say Senate Trial Should Result in Trump’s Removal Full PDF
  19. No links make Jack a dull boy ... Former CDC director Tom Frieden on 3 key questions about the novel coronavirus in Wuhan, China See also a map/data visualization keyed to current and ongoing reporting of cases: Wuhan Coronavirus Global Cases:
  20. "Friend of Q" Dustin Nemos helps 'bake' meaning into the latest Q drops ...