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  1. Who Jack Posobiec is? If he is practically a White House insider, what to make of this tweet's content? This seems to put the focus back on the "Smocking Gun" that ties Biden the crypt-keeper to his drug-ravaged son's business empire. It somehow seems the craft guilds involved tried to put too much material into the Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal suitcase. It's since exploded with extra and perhaps extraneous filler and OMG promises and so on. But what do I know about the hearts and minds of Americans ... maybe this sprawling tale of the Biden Crime Family will exact a he
  2. FBI Director Wray: "We certainly have seen very active, very active efforts by the Russians to influence our election in 2020...to both sow divisiveness and discord and...to denigrate Vice President Biden." Today, another statement by the FBI director: Christopher Wray: FBI has not seen evidence of national voter fraud effort by mail "When I am re-elected, I will finally unveil my Health Care Plan, but before that, I am going to fire all the people I appointed who are Moderate Deep State." Said nobody. But here is Swann and Treene of Axios with another 'sou
  3. This is an unexpected intervention: Putin rejects Donald Trump's criticism of Biden family business.
  4. From the front porch of OL, a late comment on the face that launched a thousand gripes.
  5. The Harris "Insta-lift" video posted by Al Sharpton to Twitter-- the root of all the subsequent takes -- was a video recording of a PVR recording. In other words, a camera was interposed between a video on a monitor, and then that camera's recording was recompressed by Twitter upon upload to their servers. This introduced two generations of artifacts resulting from the compression. This Sharpton recording was neither a fake nor a Deep fake. You can watch the exact same distorted/artifact interview side by side with a more-direct recording. Notice the sound quality difference betwee
  6. This election was unlike the last one -- the main difference being that mail-in ballot numbers this time are relatively huge and unprecedented. So, there are preliminary totals from Election Day and Advance Polls (early voting), but the counting will not be completed until about three weeks from now. It seems so far -- barring major swings -- that the current government has won a strong majority of seats in the provincial legislature. The standings at the moment are 55 seats for the New Democratic Party and around 30 for the Liberals. For a brief opinion on "Why," 10 reasons why the
  7. From the Factbase YouTube channel, President Trump delivers a stump speech in The Villages in Florida. The Villages is a demographically-interesting place in terms of Florida politics. It is an adult, gated community, with a median age of 67.4 and a white majority of around 98%. According to my Florida politics wonks/Trump supporters and Twitter/YouTube worthies Cotto and Gottfried, everything is going way better for the GOP and Trump than any mainstream pollsters or pundits have been able to see. If you are interested in the Red Wave for Florida focus, follow these guys for i
  8. This Lincoln Project ad serves up the Trump Healthcare Plan, with dated footage. Where is the plan?
  9. Ayn Rand on quarantine ... from a little-noticed Yaron Brook tweet today.
  10. Another resource for Trump-watchers is Rev.com. This site makes its political transcripts freely available, via its library at 2020 Election Transcripts. The transcripts contain "hot links" that work much like embedded timecodes in YouTube video descriptions (show notes)** or CSPAN transcripts; you can click the time codes to easily jump to particular parts of the video: _________________ ** most YouTube accounts are set to automatically render closed-captions/subtitles (you click the CC button on the lower bar of the YouTube player); the three dots at the right edg
  11. Sage advice, or slightly wrong, or what? This was just posted yesterday: I believe that this debate tonight will be Trump's to lose. He doesn't have to do anything other than be in the moment. I think Biden may have over-prepared, to the point of having his mind bulging with set-pieces and statistics and other wonkish detail. I believe Trump knows how to show strength and iron will -- without rancor or belligerence. -- the New York Times has a handy note for debate watchers. The debate will be televised on channels including ABC, CBS, NBC,
  12. I was sort of charmed by people who remember her time at Westmount high school in Montreal. Harris also reminded me of how many 'South Asians' had been in local, provincial and federal politics. The senator shares a bit of this heritage with Hedy Fry, who represents a downtown Vancouver riding for the Liberal party and has been in Parliament a long time. A tiny outspoken sparkplug of a woman who keeps racking up them communist votes in the West End. I find the individual stories of women who achieved higher offices to be interesting, and generally get a glow on when women of whatever stripe ge
  13. There is a question asked in some regular surveys of opinion -- whether or not the respondent agrees "that our country should be governed by a strong leader who doesn’t have to bother with Congress or elections." See, for example, "Attitudes on Authoritarianism in America." Emphases added in this brief excerpt.
  14. I'll wait till the end of October (surprises?) before I post a final prediction. My last prediction was that Kamala Harris would not be chosen to be on the ticket with Biden ... I should mention again a neat interactive toy at the Cook Political Report website. Here's a static screenshot of the tools on the page: The five sliders allow slight or major adjustment to the prior assumptions about turnout differentials. In other words, given the assumptions of the Cool Political Report forecast, you can nudge up or down variables in their model. For example, just decreasing t
  15. We'll see what happens. Canada has a few friends and alliances, who have reacted in solidarity against the "coercive diplomacy." Hold firm against extortion and maintain principles of universal rights. I am sure Mr Trump would also offer his solidarity, we're he not quite so busy these days. As for any advances made to curtail nuclear warhead and intercontinental ballistics development in North Korea, Trump joins a long line of losers and suckers. Whatever rapprochement the North and South had achieved has returned to the status quo ante.
  16. China Warns U.S. It May Detain Americans in Response to Prosecutions of Chinese Scholars
  17. Adding full quotes from the Chinese envoy that were denounced by Canada. Items/incidents/cases to bear in mind -- a Huawei executive, Meng Wanzhou, was arrested in transit by the RCMP in 2018, on the request of the United States. The charges were essentially fraud. She was released on bail with conditions while she fights the extradition process in Canadian courts. It's not looking good for her. The Chinese government essentially took two Canadians hostage in China, and has withheld consular services from them. This is what the prime minister called "coercive diplomacy" ...
  18. Search term "QAnon" at Adams's YouTube account. I think that YouTube's 'search within account' returns are confined to the text of YouTube description (show notes). Scott Adams is usually careful to include in his description the major topics he will address in a given video. Here's a focused episode, from August 9 2018: s The "Show Notes": A framework for deciding what you think about Q Certainty and confirmation bias…look the same The cult defense strategy Whiteboard discussion - The Q Argument
  19. This bit should probably go in one of the Q/QAnon threads, but hey. "While sites such as 8kun offer the Q drops in their original setting, aggregator sites like QMap offer a sheltered, mom-friendly version, removed from the immediate vulgarity of the source image board sites."

    Exclusive: Logically Investigation Uncovers QAnon Central Hub Hosting Phishing Scams; Direct Ties to Jim Watkins.



    Investigation by Nick Backovic and Joe Ondrak.
    Supporting research by Kristina Gildejeva.


    A Logically Investigation reveals that QAnon communications are being consolidated under the control of Jim Watkins, through US based hosting company VanwaTech.
    Based in Vancouver, Washington, VanwaTech hosts only a handful of websites unrelated to QAnon, including the neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer.

    The connection with Watkins was previously assumed, but our investigation reveals concrete evidence.

    VanwaTech also hosts several phishing sites posing as UK banks and cellular phone service providers, aiming to defraud customers of money.
    Since the removal of QMap, VanwaTech’s operators have made a concerted effort to  develop the company into a safe haven for the aggregator sites that disseminate the conspiracy material at the heart of QAnon.




  20. A spirited interlude, to cleanse the palate:
  21. The irony is measurable. Liberal Fake News Site Spends Millions to Target Facebook Users in Battleground Districts
  22. We can observe the Lincoln Project death throes:
  23. Illustrating Peter's reference to Real Clear Politics' no-toss-up Electoral College Map [click images or link to visit the cited page: ]. -- if anyone asks "Is Biden doing any better in the polls right now than Clinton was at this point in the campaign four years ago?" you can say "Not really, but ..." and make sure you have all your buts in a row. The most skeptical of "Polls Show" Trump-supporting YouTube pundits regularly cited on OL ask that we "Observe 'Swing States'" or variations of "look at the grille of results above and ponder." Why wouldn't the race tight