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  1. The Guardian says, "Trump threatens retaliation against 'evil, treasonous' opponents over Russia investigation." That sounds like a hell of lot of fun, but is the Guardian telling the truth? I suspect this is not a new video ... Speaking of Truth, does anyone keep a small book in the bathroom for those "bathroom-as-library syndrome" moments? I recommend a very small book by Harry G Frankfurt. Book is somewhat larger than this pic.
  2. A man, a flag, a map, a mouth, a Youtube account. Paul Joseph Watson accommodates all your fears and ¾ of your loathings. "The Truth About 'Russian Collusion'" ...
  3. "What Is the Polar Vortex and How Does It Influence Weather?" An excellent explainer and set of cautions/recommendations for reporting on the "stratospheric polar vortex" and the distinct "circumpolar tropospheric vortex." Refer back to the earliest mention here (thirteen pages back) for more context. From the conclusion, two points of order: Speaking of vortices in the atmosphere, here is a representation from Earth.nullschool.net. "Leaving, on a jet stream. Don't know when I'll be back again." -- the video explainer previously posted, featuring Paul Beckwith, which features the tools at Earth.nullschool.net ...
  4. Is everybody ready for more PAIN? Is Rachel Chandler feeling the PAIN? If the records become unsealed much will be revealed. Watch the news for Rachel Chandler. Q -- are you prepared for 'what is about to come'? Barack Obama had parents. His parents met in a Russian-language class. THINK THEN, THINK NOW. Think, think, think. -- logical thinking from the collective: 'Live Action Role Play'? or ARG ('Alternate Reality Game')Argh -- (((These People))) are insaneArgh -- 'children burned alive' ... can you tell us more, Q? "All reported suicides are suspect." Alan Krueger is dead. Let a thousand conspiracy theories bloom. -- begin the Advanced Whoopee Machine. Clinton! YarghArgh -- who the fuck is Nick Lewin? Hundreds of 'bakers' will attempt to answer. Let your hearts soar. -- what is the implication of the photograph? Beats me. Oh, but the name "Rachel Chandler" is discovered. Now the Games Begin. -- "Who is RACHEL CHANDLER?" You tell me, Marge. -- "What is the studio really used for?" Well ... -- I kid you not: "CHANDLER == CHILD HANDLER" ... wheeeeeee! Watch the news, fam. -- LOOK! A picture of Eminem and RACHEL CHANDLER. Boogie. _________________________ Argh. Argh. Argh:
  5. (((They))) did not 'ban' the book. A jumpy and rather stupid move by a major bookseller resulted in the book being unavailable in its own stores and online portal.
  6. Russia Russia Russia! Julia Davis highlights reaction to the Mueller Report delivery to the A-G ... "a mountain that birthed a dead mouse."
  7. Mueller was mandated to supply a 'confidential report' to the Attorney-General. He did so ... in a report titled "Report on the Investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election." The text of Barr's letter to Congress briefly lays out the process the DOJ is taking to render as much of the Report public as possible, given constraints of law, DOJ policy/practice and the demands of the moment. Yes. Which is why I laughed inside. The 'smiley' gave the cue. Yes. Watch the video, folks -- if you are interested in the opinions of Styxhexenhammer666. It was funny. He still says Myooler and he still says Stir-zock. Anyway, I posted the Tim Pool and the Styx video. Perhaps I will post a few other videos that may support a Mueller Report consensus view at OL, as I come across them. This is the day the Earth Stands Still, while a million opinions whip around as if in a gale. This video is a bit lit, but I like to watch HA Goodman rack up predictions. His predictions are that former 'FBI people' will be indicted, by Barr (though not immediately).
  8. "Release the full Mueller report." Which I do not think is going to happen ... Here is a snapshot of the four-page letter the Attorney-General sent to the House and Senate:
  9. The folks at Reason come out swinging on the Nunes Effect ... "Devin Nunes' Lawsuit Against Twitter is an Attack on Every American's Right to Free Speech." Who knew?
  10. First, gibberish: [MUELLER] REPORT DELAY? PANIC IN DC? THE REAL PANIC COMES IN THE FORM OF A LAST RESORT. [+21][+2][+4] Q -- Mob boss killed. So what? "Never interfere with an enemy." Straight from the top secret Trump admin hoax. A tweet from 'infinitechan' ... -- PANIC in the control room! A picture paints a thousand words on an image board like 8chan. What do these pictures mean? Fuck all. "I found a picture of Sally Yates!" Yes, you did, Marge. Photo Gallery item. Snooze. Photo drop. Now what? "I haz foto." "Memes without meaning." "McCabe posed for a picture." Yes, Marge, yes. But so the fuck what? "Listen carefully" ... to a Devin Nunes tweet. Why, Marge, why? Prime gibberish. Prime.
  11. There are approximately 60 more Q droppings to update, but while you wait for these to be posted here, a digression. Young Mike Rothschild has cast his baleful eye on the grotesque pursuit of Rachel Chandler ...
  12. Another voice of note on the end of the Special Counsel investigation. Styxhexenhammer666 says "I agree with the Democrats ... "
  13. Busy day in the summer-ish sunshine in Chilliwack. I was thinking of populating the Mueller drop denouement with other people's opinions, and maybe opinions congenial to the OL Consensus. Here's Tim Pool out of the gate. "Russia Collusion Hysteria Backfiring On Democrats?!"
  14. So, the Special Counsel has ended the work mandated. Now what? I predict a moment of clarity for all, until the Mueller 'report' leaks out or is made public in parts by the US Attorney-General. I expect a 'narrative' to be released -- one that includes all the indictments and guilty pleas and puts the details together into a story of how Russia sought to influence the outcome of the 2016 election.
  15. WRWY!! John Podesta brings gun control to New Dorkland. How? Magick ... (yes, there is a true story behind this whoopee) Q posts a link to a Tweet. The mighty [DS] panic! Q posts a video! "We must fight." At your keyboard, ready, aim, fizzle. "We" have to fight back ... to get Jeanine Pirro a job. Fight, fight fight. Q quotes a presidential tweet! Yay. How about we define "Patriot." Not 'patriot' but "Patriot." Who knew? Q likes modern art! Q likes flags and sunsets, and long walks on Guantanamo Beach. Q repeats him/themselves, says hi to Jack, asks him about "top comments." The 'srike' will be fast! Yeah, but a swallow is fast too, Q. And shrikes. Q adds misspellings to his/their oeuvre ... "The Strike" will be fast, Jack. Whatever the fuck that means.