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  1. As one might imagine, some of the candidates under the PPC banner have notable opinions and stances. Of interest to the OL Illuminated, perhaps.
  2. #QAnon #WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening More from the gang at the bottom, but first -- young Jordan Sather got some mileage from his time at the rally. See if you can pick out the scabs, infiltrators, imposters, 'fake news' media reps, patriots and stunned also-rans. The QAnon Anonymous podcast, interviews, interactions, observations, along with Jake Rockatansky's fits of screaming laughter. A bit of Q-reportage and queries on the main stage: At QAnon.pub, you can view and search all of the 'drops' made at 8chan (eg, search 'snow white'). It has a clean and useful display that I used in my Q 'snapshot+link' postings above. It is essentially a strictly-curated use of a database of Q drops. It features another layer of interpretation via hyperlinked 'mouseover'' pop-up guides and explanations of acronyms or other obscure language. One more layer of explanandum -- equally as anonymous -- comprises compiled answers to query-heavy drops from the past. It's not as easy to cut and paste from Ajax-enhanced websites if you want to preserve the page's formatting/layout.
  3. Quoting Michael quoting a conversation with Amazon's "Alexa," an Artificially-intelligent smart gadget that you can talk to ... From a story by Kyle Wiggers at Venturebeat: Alexa users can soon donate to U.S. presidential candidates The jokers have jumped on this, of course:
  4. Exclusive: Russia Carried Out A 'Stunning' Breach Of FBI Communications System, Escalating The Spy Game On U.S. Soil
  5. Is the President suggesting the Obama-Netflix deal be investigated? Maybe. Maybe not. New York Post: Netflix is now a propaganda machine for the Obamas
  6. From LiveScience: There's a New Blackest Material Ever, and It's Eating a Diamond As We Speak
  7. Here's a story that invites thought about 'Fake News' ... Court revives suit alleging Fox News inflicted 'emotional torture' on Seth Rich family
  8. The Gang from QAnon Anonymous podcast hooked up with the jaded, middle-class meddler Jared Holt. Maybe we could assemble a list of OL Member-Approved QAnon-whisperers. My guess is that Praying Medic, InTheMatrixxx, Liz Crokin and Joe M (StormIsUponUs) would be in a Top Ten.
  9. Pre-newbies, newbies, crypto-newbies, and post-truth newbies adjust their opinions ...
  10. The big demonstration at the monument has attracted at least a couple of hundred people. The live Periscope feed has no sound, which is kind of sad for the producers. New beginnings and ... wrath. Which makes me think of the lust for a purge, and the Committee of Public Safety.
  11. Writ drop! Elle can relax somewhat, as she foresaw Trudeau ignoring the law and possibly being subject to removal by extra-parliamentary means. A bit zany, but hey. Politics always has a circus element. For Canadian OL lurkers and members, the photo-link below of Elections Canada (Elections.ca) gives you everything you need to know about the election. Who what when where how ... and provides the means to register if you are not already registered. In my riding, the Conservative incumbent will be returned to office in the new Parliament. I don't trust the 'horse race' polls** at the moment, of course, but with only 41 days in this campaign, the race is relatively short, and provincial-level polls will reflect at least the grossest indications. I still find it most likely -- going by 'feel' -- that the Conservatives will form government in the new parliament. ** -- national polls are usually sectioned out by region, but with larger margins of error than provincial/regional polling. It takes a kind of weighting informed by individual riding contests to interpret raw percentages in these surveys. The conventional wisdom is that the CPC and LPC are tied ... the slogans are kind of sad ... though tastes will differ. At the heart of my uncertainty is the uptick in sentiment about the future ... "There is a malaise within the land ..." [link]