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    Poet and gadfly, WSS has been:- HR manager of a year-round silviculture company in the great white north- singer. songwriter, frontman- painter- sculptor- reporter- cook- janitor- editor- filmmaker- actor- amateur psychologist- web mavenMay he be all these things
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    Vedder Crossing, Chilliwack, BC, Canada
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    Fringe beliefs, pseudoscience, pseudophilosophy, fringe psychology, moral panics, cognitive neuroscience, Dusty Springfield, anthropology, evolutionary psychology, satanic ritual abuse/recovered memory therapy controversy, True Believers, cult dynamics, urban planning, 80s music, urban transportation, Grand Guignol, snarkiness . . . QAnon phenomena, Youtube 'cults,' extremism/radicalism

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    1. Peter


      Symphony of Science by Carl Sagan.
      As the ancient mythmakers knew
      We're children equally of the earth and the sky
      In our tenure on this planet, we've accumulated
      Dangerous evolutionary baggage

      We've also acquired compassion for others,
      Love for our children,
      And a great soaring passionate intelligence
      The clear tools for our continued survival

      We've begun at last
      To wonder about our origins
      Star stuff contemplating the stars
      Tracing that long path

      Our obligation to survive and flourish
      Is owed not just to ourselves
      But also to that cosmos
      Ancient and vast, from which we spring.