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  1. Recursion comes on its own schedule: Tyndall mentions on OL. Re-reading earlier commentary might indicate an avenue toward basic agreements, or agreed basics or agreement on key 'findings.' Much of the superstructure of climatology rests on atmospheric chemistry/radiative physics ... Tyndall was one of the handful of pioneering inquirers who 'cracked the code' or demonstrated physical explanations for how the Earth maintained its "radiative budget" ... Bob has intelligently laid out this platform of 'findings' several times. I recommend a kind of 'foundational' question posed to self: "Is there an agreed-up set of 'findings'" even for folks who may disagree mightily on entailments. Or 'Did Tyndall "get it right"?' ... ************************** Or, forty-six minutes of seemingly alarmed coverage of the Arctic summer 2019. In a nutshell, some dramatic pronouncements. Is a "Tyndall gases effect" in part responsible for the amplification and other recently-observed phenomena? I am otherwise lazy enough to plug in the link via Twitter. The first is my pinned tweet and below that is a link to the WBUR 46min rant-etcetera. Tiresome Weart reading-suggestion #34:
  2. Energy, energy, energy ... https://www.ncei.noaa.gov/news/global-climate-201907
  3. From the poetically-prosaic Anthem, by way of the Haikus From Books blog.
  4. He's got a point. Day 2 of "Everyone Has A 'Theory' Week." -- Forensic Nose Patrol to the fore with the OL delegation! This was supposed to be Infrastructure Week, but hey. Good luck to all contestants.
  5. QAnon Anoymous podcast team-member 'Travis View' had a very popular tweet this week. I tried to wakeboard his wave ... Not much discussed here is the probably-temporary decoupling of 8chan from the "normal" internet. The site is now being distributed through an unauthorized application -- a peer-to-peer distributed virtual- host software robot network. From most accounts, the new format downloads parts of itself to your machine and of course knows your hard address, thus defeating the essentially-anonymous nature of 8chan. Apparently the distribution strongly suggests you serve yourself the 'refurbished' 08chan via Tor (which is an internet browser that 'spoofs' your address and serves as a virtual private network). But, there's always a but, folks are not bothering to use Tor as a protection-layer. So if some 8chan freak posts images whose possession is a criminal offence, you may have sexual abuse imagery infest your machine. Never a good look. An excerpt from a Kevin Poulsen article at the Daily Beast: Whither Q? Whither the 'real' Q? This is not much discussed analytically in the community of QAnons. Desiderata and all that. In other related news, today is officially "Everyone Is A Conspiracy 'Theorist' Day." It's a free for all, so I say may the best theory win! My modest contribution to the festive literature ...
  6. I wonder if the President is serious about commuting Blagojevich's sentence ...