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  1. i'll look for the post when I open up my laptop next ... ... I think this 2018 post may be what you seek:
  2. 'Struth! Do you have a thread or two on this process? A good treatment can be found here: Understanding Is and Ought - A Personal View by Michael Stuart Kelly If you get around to having guests, Michael would be a good choice ...
  3. So true; from The Hill today: Trump launches new communications tool after social media ban
  4. The resourceful Mick West of Metabunk with a plausible explanation ...
  5. I predict it will be a while yet before Frankspeech.com fulfills its initial promises.
  6. Have you been defamed? (135) Project Veritas - OLIGARCHY (Official Video) - YouTube
  7. Another "Big Lie" trope is already in circulation ... Rudy Giuliani wants $1.3-B lawsuit over his 'big lie' election claims thrown out Denver-based Dominion alleged in its Jan. 25 lawsuit that Giuliani "manufactured and disseminated the ‘Big Lie,’ which foreseeably went viral and deceived millions of people into believing that Dominion had stolen their votes and fixed the election
  8. 3 Facets of the Kraken ... I took an audio excerpt from a YouTube video of a new 35 minute Sidney Powell interview: https://wsscherk.com/VIDEOCASTS/A59KF/sounds/MAY2_Sidney-Powell_NTRVW.mp3 How scientists caught footage of 'the kraken' after centuries of searching | By Brandon Specktor - Senior Writer 2 days ago Tricking the giant squid's basketball-size eyes may have been the key. Closer to home ... Canucks: Here's their Seattle Kraken expansion draft list
  9. Newsmax Disavows List of Election Conspiracy Claims While Settling Defamation Lawsuit by Dominion Employee Originally Tagged as ‘Antifa’
  10. CyberNinjasSecurity - DocumentCloud I believe you.
  11. Mrln, f y cn rd ths mssg, pls rply ...


  12. Mentioning Merlin. Merlin gave me access to his OL account. Full report due this weekend, or after 20 kilometres logged on my tracker, whichever comes first. The key takeaways are that Merlin was truthful in his reporting: the restrictions on his account prevent him from replying to topics and comments, from quoting, from making a new comment/post on a topic he started. Merlin is only able to submit two kinds of material to the moderator -- a reply to a Status, which are displayed under the All Activity tab, and an OL Calendar Event.
  13. With details to hand, social media watchers galore can better understand what is going on, if not get bogged down in minutia ... I watched the Zoom hearing, to gain as much useful detail as I could. Link: Full Video: Arizona Maricopa County Election Audit Hearing (April 28) (ntd.com) The place to be, speaking of things galore, is on Sidney Powell's Telegram channel. She is busting some moves today. If you want to watch someone watching the feeds ... (80) 7AM Daily Updates Maricopa County Arizona Audit - 4/30/2021 - YouTube
  14. CyFIR policies and procedures manual ... Modifications to CyFIR Evidence Handling Procedures ... Counting floor policies ...
  15. Maricopa audit judge recusal claims ... How did "the Dems" manage that? What did they produce ... ? [B]asically Marc Elias took a bunch a lawyers (I've read over 70 and I've read over 100) to Arizona to try whatever they could to stop the audit. They ended up finding a lawyer who had a close relationship with the judge in some manner or other and turned the case over to him. From ABC15 in Phoenix, on April 25: Late Sunday night, a Maricopa County Superior Court judge was forced to remove himself from presiding over a case challenging the