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  1. Updated with a new mix. I will delete this after a couple more instances ...

    I've finally solved the biggest problem I had with a new kick-ass piece of software, StreamYard. Basically, it is a video-conferencing website. You only need a camera and mic (and for advanced users, accepts both a virtual-camera and a virtual microphone). The very best thing about it is that it has privacy built-in. Unlike Hangouts, which is also used extensively in live video streams of guests and host chatting -- it doesn't require you a Google ID or anything intrusive. You get a web-link, choose your name/moniker, accept or deny use of your camera and microphone, and boom, you are the virtual studio.

    Anyhow, blah.  This below is a kind of sound-mix check. I finally figured out the virtual mixer VoiceMeeter and was able to mix desktop browser sound output as well as media played within the OBS server.  Premiering in 15 minutes ...


  2. This lovely Florida woman, known by some as President Trump's 'personal pastor,' just got a job in the White House ... Not that there is anything wrong with the laying on of hands ... that's Paula, immediately to Trump's right.
  3. Click-and-go image. "Will President Trump get a fair impeachment investigation?"
  4. The 8kun site is offline at the moment, again. While it was up and available yesterday, some entity posted four posts, two cryptic and two with links. Nothing since yet, and the site is only available right now via Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20191103124845/https://8kun.net/ Qanon.pub included the four posts as canon.
  5. LINK: Surprising Number Say Third-Party Presidential Vote Likely in 2020
  6. Countdown to the 'Return of Q' on 8kun -- which has been live for almost an hour ...
  7. While you are here ... Topic thread drift happens. On the Veritas/Persuasion topic thread the boss asked why we were posting unrelated material. Posting link-backs to the material helps your copy-pasted impeachment-related material reach readers who are interested in the subject material here at the blog. If you don't want to add materials here, no problem.
  8. Just think of me as a helpful editor ... adding a URL is pretty simple. I'd suggest you try it out sometime, but those suggestions have never worked.
  9. An internet chum, Iona Italia, has had her review of the book up at Areo since early September: Impossible Conversations
  10. Peter Taylor's links in a not-about-impeachment thread ...
  11. The Daily Signal. 4 Keys to Understanding a Trump Impeachment Trial in the Senate Fred Lucas / October 31, 2019/ https://www.dailysignal.com/2019/10/31/4-keys-to-understanding-a-trump-impeachment-trial-in-the-senate/ https://www.politico.com/story/2017/10/08/house-votes-to-impeach-clinton-oct-8-1998-243550
  12. Nigel Farage got a scoop -- almost a full half hour of conversation with President Trump. Testing out my ability to tweet the embedded video from LBC. I'll delete the following tweet shortly, since the whole shebang is probably against copyright and the terms of use for Twitter Cards. Full page link here: https://www.lbc.co.uk/radio/presenters/nigel-farage/donald-trump-interview-in-full/