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  1. On the one hand ... On the other hand ... Yesterday was the day Q promised would end the period of BIG THINGS HAPPENING. -- I will catch up on the ins-and-outs of BIG THINGS, and try to catch up to the latest Q droppings.
  2. I suppose I could not comment on Roseanne Barr's racist remarks, without getting mistaken for her sympathizer by someone. Someone kind of dim. You are a twit sometimes Jonathan. Roseanne Compare and Contrast. In the first video, Roseanne talks with Virginia Graham, Donald Trump, and Michael Moore. In the second video, Roseanne talks with An0maly about -- among other things -- "Jewish Bankers."
  3. This may be viewed as a false alternative. Also known as false dichotomy, black-and-white fallacy, false binary, false comparison.
  4. The President is now ticked off at George Conway. We haven't heard a lot about Rod Rosenstein's tenure at the Department of Justice. According to the lore of QAnon, Rosenstein is alternatively a deep white hat plant, a deep black hat (((Globalist))), a patsy of the Cabal, a double-agent ... and more. But did you know that Rosenstein is still 'on post' -- protecting Mueller? Rod Rosenstein staying at Justice Department 'a little longer' A Justice Department official declined to comment on whether the delay in Rosenstein's departure means Mueller is still not ready to deliver his report.
  5. From Mediagazer, a couple of items of note regarding the "new" Fox and the Disney. Click and go image, if you're interested.
  6. I used to be more creative. The best benefit of the OL_unofficial is that I can view accounts that have blocked me from following. A creative option might be to follow a suggestion and re-brand the account as "My Block Evading Alternative" and ID myself, leaving only the link to OL as an indication that I tend to yap a bit here, or that I have a lengthy list of comments/articles in the temporal archive. Or link exclusively to this blog within ... Another option might be to turn over the ostensible "OL fan account" to someone else who is also an OL old-timer or/and a fan. I could auction off the account to OL (MSK), with the proceeds going to the general OL fund. It might lead to more invaders dropping in or not, depending if it was used or semi-automatic. It's hard to say what the future should hold. In the meantime, I'll rebrand and remove what could stick in a craw. Any further suggestions are welcome. [Added: done -- https://twitter.com/WSS_Block_Evade]
  7. If you had asked me to delete the account, I would have obeyed. Michael, do you want me to suspend or delete the @OL_unofficial account?
  8. Followed by more extraordinary actions in the British House of Commons. The Speaker denied the government a third "meaningful vote" on the Brexit deal negotiated by Theresa May. The first two votes failed, the second by a large majority. The result is ... disarray. Brexit: Bercow chucks a hulking great spanner in the works More reporting on the shambles ...
  9. From the BBC ... "US politician Devin Nunes sues Twitter over insults" ... See also a variety of slanted and mocking reports in the "news" here. From Memeorandum; the collective mood seems to be MOCK ... "Nunes" in OL comments.
  10. Michael Flynn’s Family Is at War With Each Other Over QAnon.
  11. The alleged shooter's "Manifesto" gets a recommendation by White House senior counsel. Google News has various "national" media pages collated by language and place. For those seeking more details about the massacre, the alleged killer,, his early life/radicalization/travels and his 'manifesto' -- as well as ongoing investigations and other related matters: New Zealand (English) The manifesto is available here, via The Observer. NBCnews special section on the Christchurch Massacre ABCnews coverage via key word 'New Zealand' CBSnews key word "Christchurch" FOXnews key word "Christchurch" CNN key word "Christchurch" Who is 'Egg-Boy' and who is Fraser Manning? ⭾⭾⭾
  12. The Russian Federation is ready to act against purveyors of Fake News. Putin Signs 'Fake News' Legislation