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  1. Americans say the nation’s political debate has grown more toxic and ‘heated’ rhetoric could lead to violence
  2. Trying to explain the Trump wins in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan through national sample polls is conceptually close to vacant. Pay attention to the full campaigns in those three must-win states, and remember All Polls Are Wrong. Except perhaps the outliers in 2018 that predicted a forty-seat loss for the GOP in the House.
  3. "How a 'slick talker' lobbyist boosted the false Seth Rich murder conspiracy — before getting shot himself" See also for details: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/conspiracyland/id1471037693 Sister Perpetua of the Holy Smokes.
  4. Well ... if at first you don't succeed ... Roger Stone banned from posting to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. ABJ for the gag!
  5. If you are a follower or admirer of Youtube content creator Polly St George, here's a quick overview of belief in Q that may be able to fill in some blanks for the curious ... Q or simulacra or team or agent-in-charge has released about three dozen drops since the last update. Here are a baker's dozen: -- that is all for now, with another twenty-six drops to be published here. Lots of material for the QAnon communities of 'research' to fasten upon, and of course lots of material for the non-participants to critique. Of my top five QAnon-phenomena-watchers, @PokerPolitics may be the one most aligned with a Randian tone -- if not conceptual underpinnings; in other words, if you like a harsh/relentless critique of hideous epistemologies, you may like his series on Youtube or Twitter. Eg,
  6. That Napolitano guy gets ahead of a story now and again. I note again the work of (insert adjective here) reporters at the Miami Herald. -- I can see why a quick reading could lead to this mistaken impression. Epstein is the real monster. Lax prosecution gave Epstein a 'sweetheart deal' Epstein had a wide range of 'friends,' some of who were "enablers" of sex-trafficking. Epstein had 'friends' or employees -- or victims enculturated to sex-trafficking -- who helped "The Defense" of the man. Further 'friends' and associates of Epstein may be the subject of scandal, if not prosecution, for tolerating or participating in the most criminal of acts alleged against Epstein. Chips will fall as they may (meaning some enumerated 'contacts' of Epstein may be charged with as yet unknown crimes). Some folks who fumbled their public duties or who appear to have fumbled their public duties will lose face and gain notoriety, or as today, be under such scrutiny fair and unfair that these some folks must resign or be fired. Epstein is the real monster. How come he continued to prey on victims after the case in Florida was closed? How come the New York state attorney couldn't even manage to make Epstein report per his sentencing ... ? I could load all (official/legal/social) bad decisions taken in regard to Epstein on a Clinton barge. But I would be rightly raked for slipping in a kind of black and white thinking, false dilemma, false alternative fallacy. More chips may fall. I see no more cabinet secretaries being forced out of office, but I'd like to see the NY Attorney get fired and shamed. All of those who participated in post-Florida-verdict socializing with Epstein (who is the real monster), all of them should have chips fall on them as well. I want to discover just how rich Epstein is and was, who holds his debt if any, who has blackmail-able material looming over them, if any. Funny how if it were Cosby, the Clinton Machine Thing Rubric Island Barge might be savaged for a seemingly-inverted moral sin.
  7. No one yet wants to comment on the 'sweetheart deal'? Apply an Epstein Curse only to The Left (or other rubric)? Assume facts or plots not in evidence? Make hay while the sun shines. Acosta could have banged-up Epstein. Instead, his office -- he, himself -- agreed a deal that had secret provisions (NOT to be shared with alleged victims). He did not explain how he failed to bang up Epstein to the satisfaction of President. "A confluence of events" brings on his resignation, to use the passive voice and weasel-ish phrasing. Or, Acosta resigns. What seems disgusting (and chips fall where they may) is that there were and are a Corps of Enablers who (like Acosta) forgot about the victims/did a shoddy job of prosecution. There is to my mind another set, a more diffuse class of enablers who "knew" or suspected criminal activity yet ignored, evaded, minimized or excused that behaviour (I note again the excellent work of the reporters on this file at the Miami Herald). Muh Clintons! I'd suggest that Acosta resigned only for optics: in other words, he was rightly-or-wrongly drawing the wrong kind of attention to the White House. I fully believe that Acosta will not be the only one who fails to answer questions adequately -- and will pay a price, either resignation or public shame and disgrace, if not via an indictment, trial and conviction, via the Social Disapprobation Machine known by other names. This too shall pass. More bones will be found. Other heads will roll. In the fullness of time.
  8. Thinking of an OL member down there in the pink spot of precipitables ... Weather, but still.
  9. Perhaps better put as "Who could the Epstein file take out?" As of this moment, just the one guy, Alexander Acosta, Labor Secretary. That so-called sweetheart deal as the proximate cause?
  10. President Trump Delivers Remarks at the Presidential Social Media Summit - via YouTube. Tim Pool, spoiler: Alarming!
  11. People Tell Us How QAnon Destroyed Their Relationships
  12. My wiki, your wiki, our wiki, their wiki ... I am glad I revisited my misunderstanding of Weasel Words. See also Rational Wiki's examples. "Smart" Cities?