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  1. Frankly, no. Your second video, to me, is just one more expert trying to tell people that common sense doesn't work in this particular case because heartland people are too fucking stupid to understand science. Well, other readers may find the second stab at explanation fits the facts quite well. It seems pretty obvious to me that the grid pattern is an artefact. If the seismic reports have only two decimal places in their Long/Lat notation -- precision is lost. He says in the shownotes/description "The coordinates of the quakes are rounded up/down to the nearest hundredth decimal place." In the second video, at ~1:42 the fellow shows another seismic visualization -- this time in 3D interactive. That shows a different pattern than the 'rounded up' notation in the 2D maps freaking a few people out. Eg, IGN: Interactive, Precise 3D Map of Earthquakes & More https://ign-esp.maps.arcgis.com/apps/...
  2. My first guess was that this was an artefact of graphic representation of a 'swarm' of earthquakes -- the 'swarm' happening in the magma chambers -- where the scaling of location data is re-imaged by a mapping utility. Something like that. Since we don't have a vulcanologist on call or on staff, one is left looking for an explanation that is not too technical and accounts for the phenomena in the depictions. Attempt at explanation 1: A stab at explanation 2: -- what I glean from these explanations is that the grid pattern is an artefact of Latitude and Longitude notation. Any buyers?
  3. Interesting. Sidney Powell and General Flynn have both remarked that there is no magic plan. On the other hand, there is a bargeload of things you can kind of believe in ... this video was just projected at the “For God & Country Patriot Double Down” in Las Vegas. Are You Ready for the Light? (QAnon maven has tweeted cuts from a Great Awakening video) A new Earth is coming ... It's a feast, a blood feast ... "We Are The Plan," dammit.
  4. To and fro of discussion? A Harvard Study Is Going Viral Among Anti-Vaxxers. The Author Says They Are All Wrong From the concluding paragraph of the cited study by Subramanian and Kumar -- in the European Journal of Epidemiology: From the article written by Ali Breland at Mother Jones, quoting the lead author: On a different tangent, Carrie Madej's claims about the immortal self-aware organism in the mumbly-sourced vaccine vials ... are topped by another fine person claiming a Polish team saw aluminum-based life-forms in mumbly-sourced vaccine vials ... Scientist Discovers Aluminium-Based Life Forms in the Vaccine (Eggs Hatch after Injection) WWW.BITCHUTE.COM When you thought you had seen it all!... A polish scientist, Dr Franc Zalewski, looking into the secret "vaccine" recipe made horrific discoveries! Another strange parasite, nanobot or a... -- the interviewee names several other researchers, for those who like to track down cited materials. I'll be trying to find the OG video report Dr Ruby notes. BONUS for those who wonder if human ingenuity can get a visual on the virus called SARS-CoV-2: How I Built a 3-D Model of the Coronavirus for Scientific American WWW.SCIENTIFICAMERICAN.COM Rendering SARS-CoV-2 in molecular detail required a mix of research, hypothesis and artistic license Magic Graphene! -- Unmasking the magic of superconductivity in twisted graphene
  5. Which leads to puzzling hypotheses about Trumpism and the riot in Congress on January 6 2021. Who and what fed, encouraged and manipulated the mob action? A variety of concerned citizens demonstrated against (among other things) a general provincial COVID-19 vaccine "tyranny" early last month. The biggest demonstration was at Vancouver City Hall (not really responsible for provincial tyranny, but hey), with lesser crowds at hospitals and, yes, schools. Perhaps inadvertently, the organizers of the demonstrations at hospitals and schools were not able to enforce any discipline. So, a fair number of roads and driveways blocked, ambulance delays, staff issues, confrontations between hospital/school employees and demonstrators, general frustration, anger, fright and disruption. You only had to see one clip of a poor senior prevented from getting in for her appointment to see them all. Whether it was the highly biased mainstream media coverage (which, wouldn't you know stressed order, peace and good government while focusing only on the most witlesss moments) or local knowledge, you could almost feel a wave of revulsion building in the province over the confrontations. The organizers were not baffled by this response. They kind of understood heightened emotions. They tried again the following week, but allowed the same mistakes to occur, and then they basically shut it down. Local letters to the editor were Disgust Disgust Dismay Disapproval yadda yadda. *** The last big-ass riot in British Columbia was a hockey-loss riot. It took three years, but the criminals who committed or led the mobs in the worst destruction were in the end led away into custody. To repent, to rehabilitate, to think about it ... ("Why did I presume I would not be able to be identified? Why did I burn that cop car? Why did I smash all those windows?") Dialing back to tyranny and the mob, it's easy to think in black and white terms.
  6. Until Trapezoid gets his cloud account settled, this thread gives URLs to the depositions, with instructions:
  7. There are a raft of other depositions available. The Twitter account Trapezoid of Discovery is amassing them all in one place in the cloud. This is one of the Oltmann depositions: https://wsscherk.com/VIDEOCASTS/A63KF/coomerDoxDepos/oltmannDepo.pdf A story at the Colorado Sun reports happenings in the courtroom: Trump allies converge on Denver as key defendant defies judge in Eric Coomer’s defamation lawsuit
  8. Not too surprising, but. Ron Watkins has signalled his intention to run for a congressional seat in Arizona. It's not clear if he will be able to establish residency ...
  9. The case order from Judge Radicka Leffti published at the Gateway Pundit is from the Colorado case Coomer v Donald J Trump for President et al. Case #2020cv034319 A couple of depositions from the defendents are available online. The first is Rudy Giuliani's deposition, the second Sidney Powell's.
  10. From Dan Hannan of the Washington Examiner: Conservatives everywhere should fear a Canada-like future
  11. If this is not utter bullshit, you should be able to provide this "public information."
  12. That is coming up starting October 22 in Las Vegas: The Patriot Voice – For God & Country THEPATRIOTVOICE.US Closer at hand is a whoop-up at Trump Doral starting October 7. Looks like Sidney Powell is not part of the line-up. Psychedelic!
  13. [...] Any evidence that the vaxx is effective is completely irrelevant. Here's the story: Here's another story: Vic. Health Minister Martin Foley's vaccination gaffe fuels misinformation around the globe - ABC News WWW.ABC.NET.AU A momentary slip of the tongue from Victorian Health Minister Martin Foley at a press conference this week is being used in anti-vaccine messaging in Australia and overseas.
  14. As you should (not really, nobody should because the tests don't detect for the disease or even the virus) Are you saying there is no reliable means to test for the presence of the virus that causes COVID-19? How many deaths are reported in Victoria may be a useful question. But where did you see this information shared?