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  1. (This is a topic I have posted in another forum, and I thought I would post it here to) The First Glance Appearances Mean Everything It is common, if not conventional knowledge that first impressions are important for those with intentions. If you want to land the job of your dreams, you always spend extra time in front of the mirror, trying oh so desperately to look your best. So, obviously, one would assume that in order to attract the most desirable woman one must present himself well. But is this truly the case? Not entirely. ---------------------- Everyone believes in something and
  2. Mr. Grotticelli: Your intentions, please. Oh, and Michael: Wrong. I know everything I will ever need to know about a person on the first glance. Shallow people do not consider appearances. NOTE: That was not a type-o.
  3. Mr. Grotticelli; Two questions that you need to answer before I believe you to be worthy of further inquiry. 1) What do you love? 2) What was this post's intent? I daresay it was not an introduction
  4. There is a huge difference between a potential threat and an imminent threat. Everything poses as a potential threat, but only occasionally do we have to deal with an imminent one. Iran is a potential threat. Nothing more.
  5. Dodger


    What will it take for this to end? More than 2/3s of this forum's activity has to do with Victor. I talk to Victor outside of this forum, and consider him a friend. I may disagree with him on some issues, but hey, his beliefs and values are his alone, and I cannot judge him for them. Please people. Shut the hell up about this.
  6. Dodger


    Agreed. I do not understand the motives behind such personal attacks when the man can't even post anymore. It is as if everyone is looking for validation in their opinions of Victor.
  7. Ron Paul is the best hope America has. But you have to consider his ideals cannot be put into effect simply because he says so. Congress must agree with him. Not only that but Ron Paul, while a great, powerful voice, is a lone one in a world that is working against him. The media pushes him down. The other republicans ignore him. The majority of Americans are ignorant of the way things are, and although the noble cause of enlightenment seems very upright you have to remember that one man cannot change the way every one thinks, but he can play an important role in the changing of times. I will
  8. Dodger


    Who can tell me what is real? How am I to know that I am not being deceived? Can I trust my own senses? Is it possible to live at ease with uncertainty? My limitations that have been preset are written in stone. I cannot control the setting that I have been given. I cannot control the circumstances I am involved with—I can only control my reactions. Reaction. Cause, effect, action, reaction. If my choices are only a fraction of what creates my life, how can I be happy? Can I be happy with limitations? Limitations. Determined. Determined by whom? Determined by those born before me? My mother? M
  9. I have the book in my lap as I type this. I'm not dissapointed either. So far, it is a damn good book. Apprach is with an unbiased opinion, and you will find Al Gore has some very, VERY interesting things to say. P.S I also bought John Stossel's 'Myth, Lies, And Downright Stupidity: Get out the Shovel--Why Everything You Know Is Wrong.' I love this book too
  10. And there lies the bottom line. Most people dont know how to challenge him on his premises--they only know how to take low blows and try to destroy the arguement without debating it. And that is the only thing I fear with Gore. If he remains unchallenged he may get overconfident and forget his values that he states here. One thing is for certain. If he runs in 2008 I'm writing his name on the ballot.
  11. If you can look at this and remain unbiased, then please, tell me that he is not worth listening to.
  12. Why irony? I'm going to buy this book tommorow.
  13. I agree, only I think that, psychologically, a normal, average person in our current American society doesn't become an adult until he or she is 26 (and some Objectivists never become adults). Having sex before 26 can be psychologically damaging (I've seen many people completely mess up their lives by doing so), and should be punished with long prison terms. People who advocate the right to have sex with people younger than 26 should be socially stigmatized. What was Rand's official Objectivist position on the age of consent, and what were the arguments she used to support it? Actually, I thi
  14. Supply and demand do indeed apply to life as well as most everything else that humans want or need. Risky behaviour though is a little more complex. We see a much greater incidence of risky behaviour in young males. Something like 80% or more spinal injuries are males under 25. Why is this? The best way to explain this is through evolution. Until a male has ensured that his genes will continue to the next generation, he has very little to lose (in an evolutionary sense) and will engage in risky behaviour to impress potential mates and discourage rivals. When a man has a wife, children, an