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  1. --Brant Agreed. Human nature in this context is mis-defined. NIOF, while a desirable corollary of individual sovereignty, is not actually the basis for a valid moral system, only a derivative principle. After recognition of the existence of life, a more central principle of human nature is that life must *continue*. This is measured by the continuation, not of the individual, but of a *population* of individuals, one that includes reproduction counteracting the ongoing death (extinction) of the individuals. The smallest population is not the individual, but the *family*, consisting of a mini
  2. Arkadi, you may not need Oism to ANSWER the questions, but among Locke, Tucker, Rand, and Rothbard, you're at least getting the questions ASKED. But they're NOT asking ALL the questions. For example, the retired multi-billionaire arbitrageur Warren Mosler addresses the history and nature of money, and shows that virtually all the historians and all the philosophers throughout history have gotten it all wrong. Money is not a medium of exchange. Money is neither value nor a store of value. Money is not private property. What money is made out of is irrelevant to its use. It's value is derived by
  3. That which you would have others do unto you, you are ALREADY doing to them likewise. Beware.
  4. Anarchism isn't compatible with human needs and nature which is why you can't really find it. It's quite useless therefore to discuss the compatibility of "non-anarchism" with NIOF. We have and will have government. There's no displacing it as such--only replacing it with some other governance, which in turn will initiate force to some extent. Both Objectivism and (libertarian) anarchy posits perfection hanging off the NIOF political-moral principle. Between the two the honesty is with the anarchists. The basic problem, however, is the impracticality of the utopian state. A personal Utopia mig
  5. Not my dollar. . . . . . "Tell me what you think of me." . "But I don't think of you."
  6. "Who is Brian Williams?" I thought I heard he was a reporter for NBC? But I haven't watched any NBC or CBS since 1993, so he and any others there are non-entities. Fox was gone for me by 1999. ABC and PBS were gone a couple of years ago. Gave up on cable & satellite in 1986, so none of that. Just a few straggly little local stations that broadcast community events and "Know Your Local Sexual Predators" ... interspersed with pictures of the Sheriff (HA!). Most of my news sources were foreign starting in the late 1990's ... but that was only until September of ... what ... 2010? 2011? ... wh
  7. Will do, talk atcha later. BTW, good to see you "back in action".
  9. Wolf -- Given current and near-term technologies, there is no realistic alternative to a hydrocarbon technology base. Americans have already proven to be the only ones who have the tech to contain a nuclear meltdown, and even that was "iffy". A nuclear world, even with the portable low-yield Korean nuclear plants, is neither desirable nor yet possible. Widespread spray-on solar coatings being developed at the University of Florida are many years away from commercial application. Environmental concerns of wind fields (massive wildlife kills, ELF) are not even being addressed. Not to mention
  10. We're not fracking the gas and oil fast enough -- it's being produced faster than we can use it. Simple physics ... the rocks & the hydrocarbons being continually produced can't occupy the same place at the same time. BOOM!
  11. I was referring to times past. At present only Orthodox Jews (a minority of a minority) believe in the Chosen People nonsense. Ba'al Chatzaf And Catholics and Evangelicals -- like only, say 1/4 of the world's population
  12. Technical debates are always fun to mix into, especially when all you have is a smattering of the jargon, and no real understanding of the issues. But as far as this "campaign" goes the NCAI (National Congress of American Indians, the "Uncle Tomahawk" of native American civil rights groups) put together a propaganda film for badmouthing the "Redskins" as a team name, to be aired during the Super Bowl. No-one was willing to pay for the airtime. Why? I suggest that all investigate the native American comedy group, the 1491s to find out why. Their TEDx talk was especially revealing. Of course the
  13. Let C be the set of Christian ideas. Let O be the set of Objectivist ideas. Then Christian Objectivism or Objectivist Christainity is the intersection of set C and set O. Perhaps this is a null set. In addition Christianity is poisoned by the concept of Original Sin. That pernicious meme colors ALL of Christianity. Ba'al Chatzaf C'mon Bob. Original Sin = Failure to Choose Human Consciousness. Not hard to understand. If you don't think that that is pretty much a universal, look around you. As far as Jesus' sacrifice, he looked at the world around him and said, "Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who