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  1. Liberal Progressivism is a godless religion. As you indicate LPism has all the irrationality and anti-empiricism of Christianity or Islam even thought is does not have an immortal God-King-Who_Knows-All. And it has the one Bad Thing that Christianity has: if a person is not of the "body" he is damned and he is evil. That is why Liberal Progressives cannot abide people who are political neutral.
  2. 34 pages!! This is what happens when philosophers discuss a straightforward problem in mechanics! We are sufficiently advanced scientifically and historically to safely ignore anything the Aristotle had to say on matter and motion. He totally failed in addressing these matters. Listen to Aristotle on descriptive biology, politics, rhetorics and literary style. The only part of science that Aristotle did well on was descriptive biology based on naked eye observations (the Greeks never developed lenses). No less a naturalist than Charles Darwin gives Aristotle high marks in this endeavor. Live Long and Prosper \\//
  3. good point! the only situation I can see for low-blade placement is for hovercraft that skim at low altitude over the surface. At sufficiently low altitude (say less than 10 feet) flipping over is not a major danger. .
  4. Slipping is the ratio of the circumference traversed to the horizontal motion of the center. It is a well defined concept. If 5 feet of circumference move the center 3 feet the slippage is 5:3
  5. The inner circle of lights was not in contact with a flat or straight surface.
  6. An architectural drawing might "strike sparks" in the thinking of another builder or architect. This sound like a great way of spawning architectural memes. L.L.A.P: \\//
  7. She rebuffed a court order. That is contempt of court and that means jail time until the contempt charge is purged or dismissed.
  8. Referring to the massacre at a synagogue in Pittsburgh PA.
  9. Also me. That is the criterion I use for taking things seriously. Will X be remembered 10, 50, 100, 1000 years from now? Most political shit has a shelf-life of under 2 years. Come the next election most is forgotten. Thank you for the heads-up. Live Long and Prosper \\//
  10. Interesting talk. Especially his comment on cloud formation. The Climate Mafia refuses to weight the influence of cloud formation properly, --precisely-- because they cannot model it. So they claim it does not make that much difference. This is false. Henrik Svensmark, a Danish physicist has show in the laboratory what clouds can do . He has created physical models the simulate the real effect of clouds on the earth. Svensmark has be treated in a rather shabby fashion by the Climate Mafia. Clouds are the Venetian Blinds of the Earth's climate system and cloud formation is driven to a great extend by cosmic radiation which varies according to where we are as we travel around the center of the Milky Way and the Sun's gravitational effect. When the Sun's gravitational effect is strong cosmic rays are held at bay and cloud formation is slowed. Right now we are near a Solar Minimum so the magnetic field from the Sun is relatively weak. So more clouds should form which will have a cooling effect on Earth's climate over an extended interval of time.
  11. Also, he was anti-smoking and a vegetarian.
  12. why not? Trump in 2018 probably means Pochahantis probably won't win, if she runs
  13. I jumped just once in my live (about 25 years ago). My reason for jumping was to test, first hand, Einstein's assertion, that gravity is NOT a force. I jumped for for about 5 seconds I felt nothing pulling me down. Then of course my speed picked up and I felt the air resistance and that was the only force on my body. No tug, no pull toward the earth. It seemed that the earth was moving toward me. Einstein was right. I was happy to prove to myself Einstein was right and I never jumped again. My jump was from 9500 feet. Once was enough.,
  14. He smoked them by the barrel. Most people who smoke cigars, do not inhale and do not smoke as much. Ditto for pipes. Cigar and pipe smoking can produce throat cancers and cancers of the lip and mouth but these are not as frequent or as serious as lung cancers and emphysema induced by cigarette smoking. Part of the problem is the stuff in the cigarette paper. There are some harmful compounds produced by the burning paper. Overall cigarette smoking is much more likely to cause harm than cigar or pipe smoking. The best way of all is to avoid tobacco entirely. Even tobacco chewing (ugh!) can cause damage to the mucous membrane of the tongue, mouth and throat. While tobacco smoke may smell present, tobacco as not good for one's health.
  15. Cigar Smoking is safer (less likely to produce disease) than is cigarette smoking. Yet Rand scorned her "villains" who smoked cigars and praised cigarettes. Fire at Man's fingertips. Hah. You mean poison for Man's lungs. LLAP \\//
  16. I can now indulge in my second favorite hobby, schadenfreude. I am just warm and happy thinking of all those liberal progressive pinko stinko left wing schmucks gnashing their teeth and rending their garments. I do have a worry however. Judge K. may be in peril of his life. I would not put it past one of these pinko stinko lefty crazies to try assassinating him. He may need a Secret Service detail to protect him.
  17. THe hell with symptoms. I went after the cause.
  18. In those years, manufactured rolled in paper cigarettes were not widely available. Most people who smoked, smoked pipes and some smoked cigars. In this form the tobacco smoke was not inhaled deeply so it probably did less damage. L.L.A.P. \ \ / /
  19. All we have is speculation. We have not yet completely understood life on our own planet where we can know the physical conditions that affect life and how it can evolve. Life can be extremely varied, yet all life is governed by the laws of physics. So while living beings can be many things in many forms, they cannot be any old thing. The following book addresses the questions you raised very well: "The Equations of Life: How physics shapes evolution" by Charles S. Corkell. This book is not for specialist but it is not an easy read either. If you read it prepare to wear your thinking cap. L.L.A.P. \ \ / /