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  1. If one of those modified apes resolves the Riemann Hypothesis we can reasonably conclude the Ape's intelligence was enhanced.
  2. Do I detect a note of sarcasm and mockery?
  3. If the start of the next Little Ice Age happens around 2100 the Alarmists will claim it is due to AGW.
  4. The politicians will ALWAYS deem it inecessary
  5. treason is the only felony defined in the Constitution. It means making war against the United States or given aid an comfort to any party making war against the United States. Violating an oath of office would be a reason for impeachment and removal, but it is not war.
  6. Unlikely. Such a penalty would probably be regarded by the Courts as cruel and unusual, which violates the Bill of Rights.
  7. What can I say? That is quite a story. And who know? It might even be true.
  8. Yes. I have a beard. My youngest son has never seen me bare-faced and he will be 47 this March. Ba'al (transliteration of the hebrew word) means "lord of" or "master of". Ba'al Chatzaf is Hebrew for "master of chutzpah". "lord or cheekiness"
  9. N. Korea still exists. PRC has gone from Marxism to more or less conventional political thugism. In the "Darwinian" struggle for survival mixed economies are winning out over totalitarian states. In Steven Pinker's latest book "Enlightenment Now" he makes are fairly strong case that enlightenment and humanistic values have been advancing and are currently on the rise. Pinker's books are always a good read. He is a very intelligent and witty writer..
  10. As long as humans have Free Will stupidity, laziness and short-sightedness is always possible. There is no Eden for Man. For us to be in a good place we have to work to get there and work to stay there.
  11. Judith Curry is a top of the line atmospheric physicist and has written the basic text on Atmospheric thermodynamics. Curry does science. The Climatistas do models and poor models at that. The IPCC in its CMIP=5 bundle has produced shit. Humans do affect climate but the IPCC climatistas have not modeled climate anywhere near correctly. The difference between Curry and you is that she knows thermodynamics thoroughly and you don't.
  12. We didn't follow up our Lunar Landings partially because JFK framed the space race as a pissing context between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. Well we won, right? The Soviets lost. And eventually the Soviets folded. We won't get back in Go To The Moon (or Mars) mode until the PRC does.
  13. Teo Absolvo (thou are absolved). I fully understand your feelings. Schadenfreude is my third favorite hobby. It is well I do not know where the people I despise are buried. If I did, I would pee on their graves.
  14. 1792 Chief Walking Crow 1862 Chief Sitting Bull 1992 Chief Rolling Dice.
  15. No, but what happens in the next 100,000 may be affected by human tinkering. My inclination is to be cautious about entering positive feedback loops in systems whose dynamics we are ignorant of. A good example of a runaway feedback loop is snow avalanches and landslide. What starts of as little balls of snow or rock sliding/rolling downhill can expand to a massive movement of snow or land. This is rather straightforward physics in action. You don't need quantum theory to understand it.
  16. Putting stuff into the atmosphere to block the Sun could trigger off another cold spell like the Little Ice Age. You would get an increase in albedo which would generate weather that decreased the albedo even further. We are basically ignorant of the complexity of our climate system. Pushing our system into a positive feedback loop could produce unintended consequences and unlooked conditions. When you are dealing with something of which you ignorant, beware what you do.
  17. There really is no global climate. There are regional climate regimes governed by latitude, topography, nearness to the oceans, the presence of forests and grasslands, etc. In general climate is warmer in the tropics which receive sunlight nearly directly than at the poles where the sunlight cames in aslant due to the tilt of the earth to the plane of the ecliptic. The climate subsystems interact because heat is transferred from the higher temperature regions to the lower temperature regions by the oceans and atmosphere.
  18. I prefer being charitable and attribute the alarmist outburst as a result of underlying scientific error, government intervention, and exacerbation by the media. As you know the be basic axiom of the media is "if it bleeds, it leads". Back in the 70's the magazines, newspapers and t.v. we broadcasting the coming Ice Age showing New York City covered by a massive glacier. The Statue of Liberty's head and torch arm extended from a massive ice cube. Then warming caught on. So you see New York City well inundated by high sea level with Liberty's head and arm barely above the water line. Combine that with Paul Erlich's grim predictions over overpopulation with shortages of just about everything and then add The Club of Rome's fatalistic predictions of how the world is going to hell in a handbasket. The combined pessimism produces an image very much captured in the motion picture "Soylent Green". Well, none of this doom occurred. The models that the pessimist and the alarmists relied on were just plain wrong. However we should keep in mind that human activity does indeed affect the environment. Today you can see photographs and t.v. images of Chinese cities with air thick with pollution. The Chinese currently are the world's leading air polluters. The air in major Chinese cities looks thick enough that it can be cut into cubes and shipped abroad. Here in the U.S there is the infamous atmosphere of Los Angeles. Not so long ago (60-70 years) the atmosphere of Pittsburg was grey with coal dust. Fortunately that problem has been addressed since. Very effective steps have been taken to reduce air and water pollution caused by the disposal of industrial waste and human waste. Unfortunately the major third world nations such as India and emerging industrial giants such as China have yet to deal with the pollution problems they are causing. Even so, there is nothing that humans could do to turn the Earth into Venus. Human technology has only the minutest effect on the world compared to natural effects. The human race is capable of rendering itself extinct, but there is nothing humans can do to sterilize this planet of life. Natural will do that in about 1.5 billion years and humans will not be around then.
  19. Climate, roughly speaking is averaged weather. By convention climate is a sequence of averages taken over a moving 30 year window. 30 years is small enough to pick up significant average weather changes. The idea is to get data of change without be biased by the daily variations. 30 year averaging smooths the daily variation and still picks up longer range trends.