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  1. Michael. 


    I am in again! Please belay the request I sent by email to you at 9:00 am (edt) on June 9

    Thank you for your assistance....


    Bob Kolker

  2. Michael. 

    I am trying to change my password  because I cannot remember my current password (yet another "senior moment")  I can change it by editing my profile because the software wants my current password (which I don't rembmer)  My browser "remembers"  but I don't.   I tried logging out and asserted the forgotten password at login hoping to receive an e-mail that enables me to set up a new password.  The e-mail never came. 

    Can you help me out here?   Thank you.

    Ba'al Chatzaf (Bob Kolker). 

    1. Michael Stuart Kelly

      Michael Stuart Kelly


      I am sending you an email about this.

      Please let me know if you receive it.


  3. You are a smart fellow.

  4. quite right about Brownowski's program.