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  1. Individual weather events, be they fair or foul do not give us much information on climate. In the climate trade moving 30 years intervals over which temperature, humidity, and frequency of rain, drought is averaged. A 30 year average gives us a single climate point. Weather is controlled by some form of chaotic dynamics. Read up on Ed Lorentz and the butterfly effect to get a grip on that. Chaotic dynamics manifests a extreme dependency on initial and boundary conditions. Please see: That is why weather cannot be accurately predicted more than a week ahead. Climate exhibits chaotic behavior but on a stretched time scale How difficult is it to model and predict climate? On a scale of 1 to 10 producing a quantum theory of elementary particles is a +5 (the standard model) and climate is 9.9. One of the reasons that a faithful climate model is not forthcoming is that there is currently no know algorithm for computing the solution to the Navier-Stokes equation numerically at all necessary scales of resolution. Please see:–Stokes_existence_and_smoothness Climate not only involves temperature and humidity, but also the flow of matter from region to region. Thus a solution to the Navier Stokes equation is require. If one wished to compare the development of climate science with the development of basic particle physics or equilibrium thermodynamics, it would be fair to say climate science has not achieved the level that dynamics and mechanics was at prior to Galileo and Newton. Or the level that Thermodynamics as at prior to Maxwell and Boltzmann. Ba'al Chatzaf
  2. I assume that means you would prefer to see fewer abortion and more use of birth control techniques and technology. Ba'al Chatzaf
  3. Yup. Austrialion just had its own Rebellion of the Deplorables. England had BREXIT, the U.S. got Trump and Australia got rid of the Labor-Green kabal to impose wind turbines on the public, at public expense of course. Good for Oz!!!!!!
  4. No. A right to food mean you are free to grow your own food or seek the means to purchase food from others. It is NOT mean someone has to feed you.
  5. Our detection of electron and other subatomic particles is theory laden. What we perceive is the output of a device which taken together with a theory or model that asserts the output is from an electron (or other subatomic particle) constitutes a "detection" of the particle. If we didn't have a theory we would not be talking about electrons and other non-perceivable objects.
  6. The melting of the Arctic sea ice means the Northwest Passage will stay open long which mean more sea commerces can use this shorter route. It is good news for trade and business.
  7. Right now we have no way of knowing for finding out. Anything done now is speculation and supposition.
  8. At means Natenyahu is leading blind Donald around by a leash.
  9. Someone left that cake out in the rain. I don't know if I can take it, it took so long to bake it and I'll never have the recipe again... oh no......
  10. There is a subliminal anti-semitism wired into our culture. Mostly it is out of site, but it is always there. One might think the Right Wingers would be most likely to manifest this attitude, but not so. Anit-semitism is alive and ill in the camp of the liberal progressives. And I think know why. Jews have overcome the disadvantages of their marginal position in our society primarily on their own initiative and effort. In short, they did not need the government to manage the problem. The fact that Jews have succeeded without government largess and assistance is proof positive that the the assumption government is needed to overcome racism and bigotry is a canard. And this pisses the Liberal Progressives off mightily.
  11. If one of those modified apes resolves the Riemann Hypothesis we can reasonably conclude the Ape's intelligence was enhanced.
  12. Do I detect a note of sarcasm and mockery?
  13. If the start of the next Little Ice Age happens around 2100 the Alarmists will claim it is due to AGW.
  14. The politicians will ALWAYS deem it inecessary
  15. treason is the only felony defined in the Constitution. It means making war against the United States or given aid an comfort to any party making war against the United States. Violating an oath of office would be a reason for impeachment and removal, but it is not war.
  16. Unlikely. Such a penalty would probably be regarded by the Courts as cruel and unusual, which violates the Bill of Rights.
  17. What can I say? That is quite a story. And who know? It might even be true.
  18. Yes. I have a beard. My youngest son has never seen me bare-faced and he will be 47 this March. Ba'al (transliteration of the hebrew word) means "lord of" or "master of". Ba'al Chatzaf is Hebrew for "master of chutzpah". "lord or cheekiness"