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  1. BaalChatzaf

    Placeholder for GW/CC 'How I got here' thread

    The Paleocene–Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM), alternatively "Eocene thermal maximum 1" (ETM1), and formerly known as the "Initial Eocene" or "Late Paleocene Thermal Maximum", was a time period with more than 8 °C warmer global average temperature than today. The CO2 level was at 550 ppm. This was 55 million years ago. This very warm period lasted 200,000 years and did NOT produce an unstoppable warming. Life flourished subsequent to this period. Eventually the CO2 level and temperature levels went down and several million years of hard ice age and glaciation followed. If the PETM did not turn us into Venus, nothing we are doing now will. Humans do not possess the technology to sterilize this planet. However there is little doubt that we could kill ourselves off if we set our minds to it. But no matter what we do, the Earth will remain an abode of life for the next billion years barring an exceedingly large celestial body colliding with Earth and busting the planet into little pieces.
  2. BaalChatzaf

    Placeholder for GW/CC 'How I got here' thread

    The meteorologists consider a 30 year running average of temperature, humidity, ghg levels. sea levels cloud cover as a climate data point. One day's weather doth not make climate. 30 years average weather is a climate data point.
  3. BaalChatzaf

    Placeholder for GW/CC 'How I got here' thread

    On any given day of any given year there is always somewhere, where the weather is "interesting". Weather is NOT climate.
  4. BaalChatzaf

    Placeholder for GW/CC 'How I got here' thread

    I assume you realize you are talking about weather, not climate.
  5. BaalChatzaf

    Where are you?

    not true. She provided a good expression of what I was thinking about (ugh!) government, politics and the state. On scientific and mathematical issues she was a great Hollywood script writer.
  6. BaalChatzaf

    Where are you?

    Science parted company with metaphysics over 100 years go. The only philosopher that physicists mention without spitting is Carl Popper.
  7. BaalChatzaf

    Where are you?

    which puzzle is that?
  8. BaalChatzaf

    Where are you?

    if he starts out from a pole he will end up back at the same place. Look at case 2 where he starts at at a non polar point. Unless step 2 of his journey ends at exactly the same point step 1 ended he does not get back because terminates step 2 and a different meridian of longitude form the meridian he was on at step 1.
  9. BaalChatzaf

    Where are you?

    It was a brief infatuation. I have come see that E.M. is a Crony Capitalist and his management of Tesla Motors is an abomination. It is true that his is brighter than most old line corporate capitalists, but his intellectual glitz cannot hide two things 1. He lusts and longs for government funded projects and 2. His intellectual reach exceeds his intellectual grasp. I regard Captain Bullshit as an entertainment, not the second coming of John Galt.
  10. BaalChatzaf

    Where are you?

    The original problem was walk a mile south walk a mile west (was it east -- no matter) walk a mile north. The east-west walk is less than the length of line of latitude reached by the southword leg so that the return trip is along a different line of longitude. Let me give an example. The coordinates of the north geographic pole are (90, lon) where lon can be any angle between 0 and 360. The north geographic pole and the south geographic pole are the only two points on the earth sphere that do not have unique coordinate. Now let me widen the problem out Start at a point, walk to the equator in a southerly direction, walk east along the equator the same number of steps that one took to reach the equator then march in a northerly direction the same number of step. Two cases: Case 1 the starting point is the north pole. Assume the first leg is south along the Greenwich meridian, that is to say 0 longitude. This gets us down to (0, 0) on the equator. Walk west the same distance and we get to (0, 90). Now walk north the same distance and we get to (90,90) which is the same point as (90, 0) the north pole. Case 2. The starting point is (x-lat, x-long) where x-lat is greater than 0 and less than 90. Assume x-long = 0 without loss of generality. Now leg 1: (x-lat, 0) to (x1, 0) where x1 < x-lat and greater or equal to 0. Leg 2 (x1,0) (x1, y1) where y1 > 0 but < 360. That means leg2 moved us to a different point with the same latitude. Now leg 3 northward by the same distance. This gets is to (x2, y1) because going north means following a meridian of longitude. Notice that x2 not = x1. The final destination is (x2, y1) which is different from (x-lat, 0). So we do not end up at the same place if we started out from a point that was not the pole. Q.E.D. Forget drawings. The proof is abstract and mathematical. Drawings are crutches for the logically feeble.
  11. BaalChatzaf

    Where are you?

    That last leg is NOT on the same line of longitude as the first leg. Why? Because the second leg is a traverse along a line of latitude which changes the longitude.
  12. BaalChatzaf

    Where are you?

    ALL northbound travel is along a line of longitude. Any other path or direction is NOT north or south. Since the last leg of this three part journey is north along a line of longitude different from the first leg the end point must lie on the intersection of the two lines of longitude, hence it is a pole. Given the conditions of the problem it is the north pole.
  13. BaalChatzaf

    Where are you?

    No. The problem state that the traveler started at a point, went a mile south then a mile west and then a mile north and ended where he started. That means his end point had to be on the intersection of two lines of longitude. Travelling North-South means travelling on a line of longitude. Travelling East West means travelling on a line of latitude parallel to the equator.
  14. BaalChatzaf

    Where are you?

    Since two legs of the walk, the first and the third are along lines of longitude one must end up where the lines of longitude intersect. Under the conditions of the puzzle that would be the north geographic pole. The three logs are along a line of longitude, a line of latitude and a line of longitude the conditions of the puzzle require that the journey begin and end at a pole.
  15. BaalChatzaf

    Tether a Spinning Ball

    A disk mounted on a mathematically thin axle with a bearing one point thick at the center.