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  1. Chapter 6 alone is worth the price of the book.
  2. "The Case for Trump" by Victor Davis Hanson. An excellent book showing how Donald Trump totally blindsided the Media and the Establishment. Pay particular attention to Chapter 6 which is a detailed description of how the "Deep State" operates. For a politically naive person such as I am, it was both alarming and enlightening. The embedded Establishment is actively trying (and happily not succeeding) in useating a sitting and legally elected President. They are a nasty and vicious lot. I am a fan Of Hanson's writing and scholarship. It is such a rare pleasure to find well written English, of the kind that V. D. Hanson writes. I have read several of his books and heard his lectures which are video recorded and available on You Tube. His book "A War Like No Other" is probably the best book on the Peloponnesian War written for history non-specialists. Ba'al Chatzaf
  3. Oh Dr Freud, Herr Doktor Freud How we wish you had been differently employed Instead of curing sclerosis, you fiddled with neurosos Oh what a waste, Herr Doktor Freud
  4. BaalChatzaf


    Measurement of change. Motion is change of position. There are other kinds of changes too.
  5. BaalChatzaf


    An occasional failure can be the motivation for much success. Failing now and again is good training for picking one's self up off the floor and trying again.
  6. BaalChatzaf


    Happenstance. I am not out looking to receive non-fatal blows.
  7. BaalChatzaf


    Any blow that does not break my back, makes me stronger....
  8. BaalChatzaf


    Yes. Being smart and knowing one is smart and occupying a position of privilege can sap ambition and the urge to excel.
  9. The is reminiscent of the Urey-Miller experiments. Please see:–Urey_experiment
  10. BaalChatzaf


    Those statistics are reasonably sound. But what of the causes? There is a hypothesis which I moderately subscribe to , to wit, the mating customs of Ashkenazim in Europe put a high value on males who mastered the intricacies of the Babylonian Talmud and the very strict reasoning of the Scholars, Rabbis and Sages. These bright young fellows had their pick of the women in the villages and shtetils. The matchmakers (marriages were arranged to advantage the families of the women who paid a bride prices for a good husband) would often pair up the brilliant young Talmud-Bucher with the daughter of the richest man in the Shtetel. It turns out this was a breeding program to make intelligent children (although the mechanisms of human biological inheritance were unknown at this time). Now contrast this with how Catholics arranged things. The best and the brightest sons were encouraged to go into the Priesthood where their opportunities for biological mating were .... limited..... So the Catholics were taking half of the gene pool for intelligence out of circulation. There you have a crude and semi-plausible account for why the Ashkenazim were "so smart". Also for cultural reasons every Jewish male was encouraged to become as learned as he could in matters of Talmud and Torah. The logic of and about the Talmud (and logic there was) was a kind of hybrid between inferential logic and inductive logic. It was, at its root Bayesian reasoning. To become an accomplished Talmud scholar of repute required decades of study. Jews have traditionally put a high premium on "being smart" and practical! It is just the thing one needs to survive in a hostile or potentially hostile environment. So in a strange way, the anti-Semites promoted the breeding of super-smart Jews. One had to have one's wits firmly attached to survive in that environment. Breeding programs of other sorts have emerged in the Asiatic nations. China is renowned for turning out its share (and more than their share) of very smart people. Some thousands of years ago China was several light years ahead of Europe in both abstract thinking and practical engineering. China, which has dumped Lenin and Marx for good old practical reasons is in the process of reclaiming its eminent position in the world of ideas and technology. Japan has also done well and in the smaller Asiatic nations as wells as Japan and China the "tiger-moms" who push their son's unmercifully is a known phenomena. There is a shortage of women in the Asiatic nations (sons are preferred to daughters for cultural reasons) so the brightest and most ambitious males are more likely to "score" in the reproductive struggle and competition. And so it goes. A combination of genetics and culture, in some cases, is an effective breeding program for intelligence. Ba'al Chatzaf --- a descendant of Abraham, if not in the flesh, then certainly in the spirit.
  11. The combustion of natural gas produces one half the CO2 per joule of energy released by combustion as does burning coal. So if all our coal burning generating plants were replaced by natural gas burning plants the a amount of CO2 produced would be cut by a half. In addition burning natural gas is cleaner than burning coal and burning natural gas does not produce the horrendous poisonous ash heaps that burning coal does. In the ash heaps you find heavy metals (lead, arsenic...) and trace amounts of fissile elements. When the rain wets the ash heaps heavy metal compounds are leached into the the soil and find their way to nearby aquifers.
  12. Individual weather events, be they fair or foul do not give us much information on climate. In the climate trade moving 30 years intervals over which temperature, humidity, and frequency of rain, drought is averaged. A 30 year average gives us a single climate point. Weather is controlled by some form of chaotic dynamics. Read up on Ed Lorentz and the butterfly effect to get a grip on that. Chaotic dynamics manifests a extreme dependency on initial and boundary conditions. Please see: That is why weather cannot be accurately predicted more than a week ahead. Climate exhibits chaotic behavior but on a stretched time scale How difficult is it to model and predict climate? On a scale of 1 to 10 producing a quantum theory of elementary particles is a +5 (the standard model) and climate is 9.9. One of the reasons that a faithful climate model is not forthcoming is that there is currently no know algorithm for computing the solution to the Navier-Stokes equation numerically at all necessary scales of resolution. Please see:–Stokes_existence_and_smoothness Climate not only involves temperature and humidity, but also the flow of matter from region to region. Thus a solution to the Navier Stokes equation is require. If one wished to compare the development of climate science with the development of basic particle physics or equilibrium thermodynamics, it would be fair to say climate science has not achieved the level that dynamics and mechanics was at prior to Galileo and Newton. Or the level that Thermodynamics as at prior to Maxwell and Boltzmann. Ba'al Chatzaf
  13. I assume that means you would prefer to see fewer abortion and more use of birth control techniques and technology. Ba'al Chatzaf
  14. Yup. Austrialion just had its own Rebellion of the Deplorables. England had BREXIT, the U.S. got Trump and Australia got rid of the Labor-Green kabal to impose wind turbines on the public, at public expense of course. Good for Oz!!!!!!