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  1. BaalChatzaf

    Praise to the Rescuers

    At least three genuine cheers for the rescuers he freed 12 boys and their team coach from a water blocked cave. They were volunteers. They differ from normal people in several ways. Like firemen who run into burning buildings while "normal" people flee from them, these brave souls took their chances swimming in total darkness to bring light, food and other supplies to the trapped boys and their coach. Sadly, one of the rescuers became lost and drowned. However, that unfortunate soul know the hazards before he went into the caves and went into the cave in spite of the hazard. We also note the Elon Musk proposed building a boy size submarine to get the lads out. Which is better than building a Hyperloop system to rescue the kids.
  2. Our unaided senses can only detect the light reflecting of the H2O droplets that hang in the air after the H2O vapor flowing from the jet exhaust condenses. Basically contrails (or chemtrails as the Conspiracy Phreaks like to call them) are man-made clouds. What you don't see with the unaided senses is the CO2 produced by the burning of jet fuel and very small amounts of SO2 and N2O.
  3. Nobody "controls" the weather. Weather is emergent from a chaotic dynamic process.
  4. BaalChatzaf

    Would Ayn Rand have voted for Trump?

    How do your reconcile this with Trump's slogan --- Make America Great Again
  5. BaalChatzaf

    APS and the Global Warming Scam

    The Sun is the primary driver of global temperatures. CO2, water vapor and other trace "greenhouse" gases modulate (in some cases) or amplify (in other cases) the Sun's effect on the atmosphere. The other modulator of the Sun's effects are the seas and oceans. Water has a very high heat capacity which means it can absorb a lot of heat with only small temperature increases.
  6. BaalChatzaf

    Trump calls the bluff

    Read State of Fear by Michael Chrichton
  7. Here is a fun lecture on quantum entanglement. A little over 14 minutes.
  8. BaalChatzaf

    Number of people in Atlantis

    Atlantis is the fictitious city appearing in a science fiction story by Plato (See Timeaus and Critias). He never said how many people lived there.
  10. BaalChatzaf

    Is freedom to breed a right?

    Why bother with the question? People will make babies or not as they can and as the please. Short of forced sterilization there is nothing that can be done to stop breeding. \\// L.L.A.P.
  11. BaalChatzaf

    Einstein at the blackboard

    Einstein's attitude on race, on women, on politics were a product of the times in which he lived and his upbringing. While Einstein might have been Liberal in his political views he had a very typical (for the time) attitude toward women. He treated his first wife Milava like shit after the lust wore off. He treated his second wife, who was also his cousin, as a nurse maid and a servant. His attitude toward Asians was no doubt influenced by the prevailing views (of that time) toward Asians. Very few people have the strength of mind and character to fully outgrow and depart from their upbringing. Einstein shed the then current prejudices concerning space and time and blazed a different path. He did not do the same for his regard of non-Europeans and women. No one is perfect.
  12. BaalChatzaf

    Crossborder Faceoffs

    It use a phrase of the (older) George Bush, Canada is the kinder, gentler America.
  13. BaalChatzaf

    Ayn Rand And The End Of Love

    Of course not. Dagny was part of a commando raid to rescue Galt. The ends (in that case) justified the means (in this case killing the guard). The Mission determined the tactics.
  14. BaalChatzaf

    My Review of Creating Christ (Valliant's Book)

    I said she was brought up Jewish. I never said she was observant. Judaism is as much a culture as it is a religion.
  15. BaalChatzaf

    My Review of Creating Christ (Valliant's Book)

    So true. America is the land of opportunity.