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  1. I would love that and it's looking more and more likely that I would be able to go to the next one. Where is it, do you know? And how much does it cost?
  2. Welcome back, Chris! Glad you had a great time.
  3. Happy Birthday, Michael! You do rock. If I'd have known it was your birthday I'd have made the thread, since nobody should have to make their own B-day thread. Hope you had a great one.
  4. LMAO! ^ That dress is pretty rad, Inky.
  5. ^I'd have to agree with you most on that point. The forum is pretty hostile from what I can gather. I don't visit it very often anymore.
  6. The mods (and some posters) on can be harsh, that's true. (I actually don't know how I've yet to be banned myself). Even so, I think it's a bit childish to run off to another forum complaining about it. Who gives a shit? So you got banned, and obviously you don't think that place is worth your time, so why not leave it at that? At first glance it may not seem like it, but there are PLENTY of wonderful people over there on J, if you want a more friendly tone, you should enter chat sometime. EDIT: Joel, way to pick the biggest jerks on the board. There are numerous other posters that are really kind, intelligent people, but I guess I'll leave it up to the wise ones to go look for themselves. Nice to see you actually using your real name for once (if that is, in fact, your real name *raises eyebrow*.)
  7. Great to hear, Chris. I definitely am feeling better now that it is Spring, too! I always forget how awesome flowers and fresh-cut grass are. It's the kind of weather that makes ya wanna clean out your filthy car. I mean, when I'm cruisin' with the windows down I don't want all my McD's bags flying around whappin' me in the face. Hope you have a wonderful time at Cato.
  8. I quite think lack of goodwill and not caring about hurting feelings are the same thing. When one is debating/discussing, why would each debator's personal feelings even be a concern? It's the ideas one should be discrediting (or promoting) anyhow. When debating, someone's feelings really shouldn't be an issue. And how absurd it is that anyone would get their feelings hurt by an Objective attack (for lack of a better word) on their ideas. Anywho, there definitely are people out there who've been positively influenced by Objectivism. They just tend to steer clear of nastiness. ;) Nice to meet you, Ruth.
  9. I've been ok, Chris. Just school and work. How have you been?
  10. Howdy, Julian. You have a themed high-school? How does that work? Is it private?
  11. Today somebody asked me, "What day is Cinco de Mayo? May 1?" *chuckle*
  12. LOOOOLzers. Jonathan, are you sure that music makes us savages, or were we already savages? Ah, screw it,
  13. That's what I was gonna say. You don't have to write applications for that shit. We just had to enroll in it. Nothin' special.
  14. That is wonderful advice, Barbara. God knows I myself could have used it. "ZOMG, Angst!" Oh, and here are some smilies now, since I could not post them earlier: :zorro: :turned: :sorcerer: :puppeh: :rofl: :hyper: :frantics: :ahappy:
  15. Damn, you is all growed up fa sho! Happy Birthday, Inkmeister! Don't do anything I wouldn't do. (I'd put all kinds of smilies and cool shit, but they don't my work).
  16. I think it's silly to be honest, but your house is AWESOMENESS.
  17. Michael, I figured you'd think it was funny, seeing as you have to have met...all of those at some point or another. I don't recall seeing one in there that fit you to a T in there, since they all mostly have bad attributes. They should add a new one called the "Ass Kisser". *rolls eyes*
  18. The World Wrestling Federation? Nope, don't live in California. It wouldn't cause a fuss here...and I just figured it wouldn't elsewhere either. I still don't think it'll do anything but piss people off. Oh wellz, it's yer electric bill, not mine.
  19. lol, hey I don't see why we can't all get along either.
  20. Seems to me that that accomplishes about the same thing the Earth Hour folks are accomplishing by turning out the lights...nothing. I think I'll continue to turn the lights out when I leave a room, just like any other day.
  21. This is a hilarious site a friend of mine on OO found and posted. The point of the thread is supposed to be to post which ones you are (or which ones you share characteristics with), but most people are too uptight to do it. I, on the other hand, am not. So, this is what I posted on the other site. Evil Clown: This one I think just shares some of my characteristics. I don't have patience for in depth discussion, at least on forums, but I don't think I'm evil...and don't try to use humor to hurt people. Coffee Klatch: The internet is totally my Wednesday morning canasta. Enfant Provocateur: I just can't help myself sometimes, but it's mostly me being... Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde Rebel Without a Clue: What can I say? I hate stupid rules. Strumpet: I likes me sex jokes. (Sorry for all the linkage, but I'm at work right now and for some reason I don't have all the forum options here.)
  22. It would suck to have no feet, but...hell, I'd still cry if I had no shoes.