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  1. First off, I hope you two are having a wonderful vacation. And hope you have an amazing 4th tomorrow! Vacation sure as hell sounds nice...I'd like to go somewhere cold. Too much sweatin' goin' on over here. Summer weather is a bitch.

    Secondly, Victor is finding his plagiarisms. May I post them for him or do you or Michael want to do that?

  2. William, it's a privacy thing for me not uploading a photo (I'll do one of my asscrack if they'd like). You can go right ahead and quote me over there if you wish. You can also upload that pic, I'd appreciate it. I forgot about that rule...having a photo. To me, it's kind of a stupid rule, because, as you said, one can just upload any photo. I can assure those SOLOists, though, that I am not MSK in disguise (or a Branden, my god!). LOL. What would me having my picture up there solve? Would it put them at ease? seemed as if Perigo banned me RIGHT after I asked him the "Phyllis" question and it seemed to be FOR that reason. Maybe he don't like me 'cause I'm a headbanging, nihilistic caterwauler.

    Anyway, I seem to have lost that thread in which I asked Perigo the tough question. Could you kindly provide me with a link?

  3. I'm banned. I think I'm completely deleted. Forevaaaahhhh! Banished! I may understand a little bit...a while back, I was a member of SOLO...then I asked for my account to be deleted for my own personal reasons. Then I joined back up (god knows why...wth). I was a member for a bit and didn't really post anything. Then I saw a thread where Perigo called Phillip "Phyllis"...and WTF? So I asked him "why?" Next day...BANNED. It's a difficult question, I know. BUT...when you're a totally meanie poopy head doodymeister, you can ban people whenever you wish.

    (Shit..maybe if he made up a clever insulting nickname for Phillip, I wouldn't have as much of a problem. But, come on, "Phyllis"? I was more clever than that in third grade.)

  4. He will send cigar-smoking, wine-drinking, bow-tie wearing, name-calling robots to come beat you down to a bloody pulp. You will not live to tell the tale of your banishment.

    Actually, if you really want to get banned, just ask dearest Linz why he calls Phillip Coates "Phyllis." That should just about do it. It's a tough question, I know...I'm sure he was just putting me on temporary banishment while he thought about his answer.

    If you post those guidelines...let me know. I always love a good gut laugh.