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  1. The publisher of The Vision of Ayn Rand: The Basic Principles of Objectivism, Cobden Press (a division of the Moorfield Storey Institute), published in 2009 ; has just announced that a "Study Guide for the book, including a corrected Index will be available by the end of January, 2014. See their announcement at Due to a pagination error during the original printing, the page numbers in that Index were mismatched. The corrected Index included in the Study Guide.
  2. 1) Not in the last 60 years, Does that count. 2) Paradoxically, the train systems in Europe (at least Western Europe). that carry passengers are very modern, comfortable, fast, efficient, (AND electric! Just like Lionel!) in contrast to the U.S. Amtrak. See, that's what you get in social(ist) democratic utopias: extremely high gas prices, mostly tiny cars, motorscooters, not motorcycles (In Rome, anyway), socialized medicine, and great passenger trains. All this for only 70-90% tax rate What's not to like? (Oh, and a McDonald's quarter pounder in Copenhagen starts at $14 Euros)..
  3. A number of years ago, Robert Bidinotto entitled an article about the so-called ecology movement as "Green Cathedrals." Pointing out the similarity with religious movements. Rational argument is not required when faith can do the job. Heat waves in the summer "prove" global warming; whereas cold wave "vortices" in winter also "prove" global warming. Make sure the interpretation of facts/events fits into the Green Cathedrals ideology/religion.
  4. Yeah, "the future is here, comrades!" But the Lefties seem unable to answer Ayn Rand in a serious respectful way. That's okay, guys. Just keep on doing what you have been doing! BTW, there was a note published in one of the last issues of The Objectvist, that Ayn Rand had been interviewed by Bill Moyers for his TV show. An airing date was not available at the time. It still isn't, because the interview was never shown!. Somewhere, that interview is sitting in a vault, unseen. Come on, Bill. You can show it now! Ayn has been dead for 33 years (- but her philosophy is not).
  5. I forgot to mention where OL members and anyone else can purchase this excellant course by Barbara as an mp3 download (and checkout her picture!). Below is a direct copy from the course announcement in the "Culture of Reason Center," right here on OL. Redundant, maybe. But us "hero worshippers" have gotta do what we gotta do! - Jerry _______________________________________________________________________________________ Randall $$$ Members352 postsGender:MaleLocation:TexasInterests:Student of Objectivism. The virtues I seek to live by are: Rationality, Honesty, Independence, Integrity, Justice, Productiveness, Pride and Benevolence.Posted 19 May 2011 - 11:47 AM The Principles of Efficient Thinking by Barbara Branden (Lectures 1-10) Complete Series MP3 Download Lecture 01: An Introduction to Thinking Lecture 02: Focusing and Problem Solving Lecture 03: Automatic Mind Functions Lecture 04: Conceptual Level of Consciousness Part 1 Lecture 05: Conseptual Level of Consciousness Part 2 Lecture 06: Emotions as Tools of Cognition Lecture 07: Language and Definitions Lecture 08: Common Aberrations in Thinking Lecture 09: The Fallacy of The Stolen Concept (Nathaniel Branden) Lecture 10: Causes of Inefficient Thinking Approx. 15.7 Hours Our Price: $40.00 Companion Product: The Basic Principles of Objectivism by Nathaniel Branden Companion Product: The Vision of Ayn Rand Paperback (The Basic Principles of Objectivism Transcribed) The ability to reason is man’s most important faculty – the attribute which lifts him above all other species. Yet, the science of using his rational faculty effectively has been almost entirely neglected. Most people fail to realize that thinking is not an automatic process, known to everyone “instinctively.” It is, indeed, an acquired skill and – like every human skill – it involves certain principles which have to be identified and learned. Principles of Efficient Thinking was developed by Barbara Branden to help meet this need. Her course deals with thinking in both its theoretical and practical aspects. The theoretical aspect covers in detail the principles that make possible the most efficient use of one’s mind; the practical aspect covers specific techniques by which one avoids thinking errors and maximizes the productiveness of one’s mental effort. As part of the curriculum of the Nathaniel Branden Institute (NBI), the course was attended by tens of thousands of students in cities throughout the United States and Canada. With the exception of lecture nine, which is a guest lecture by Nathaniel Branden, the course is given by Barbara Branden. Many of the lectures were re-recorded to improve sound quality, to slightly revise errors, to update references, and to make the contents readily understandable to those with no previous philosophical training. This course is substantially the same as that offered by NBI and it proved to be one of the most popular series offered by the Institute. The ten lectures in this course discusses the following issues: - Why a science of thinking is necessary. - The relation between efficient thinking and intelligence. - The philosophical base of efficient thinking. - The nature of intellectual focusing. - The various levels of focusing. - The problem of concentration. - The nature of the subconscious. - The subconscious as a “Univac” (computer). - The proper use of the subconscious. - The psychology of “inspiration.” - The effect of repression on thinking. - The nature of the conceptual level of consciousness. - The nature of intelligence. - The destroyers of intelligence. - Thinking in essentials. - The destructiveness of treating emotions as tools of cognition. - The manner in which wishes and fears can distort the thinking process. - “Emotional-perceptual” thinking. - The importance of knowing the source and validation of one’s concepts. - The role of integration in thinking. - Forms of the failure of integration. - Evasion as the sabotaging of consciousness. - Common aberrations in thinking and consequent mental habits. - The inability to think in principles. - The misuse of abstractions. - The “socialized consciousness” and the destruction of language. - Failures of discrimination in thinking. - The error of intellectual “package-dealing.” - The danger of false axioms. - Psychological causes of inefficient thinking: the surrender of the will to efficacy; failure of self-esteem; the “malevolent universe” premise; “social metaphysics.” The source and conditions of intellectual certainty. Permission to offer this product has been given from Barbara Branden who holds the copyright. Edited by Randall, 30 September 2011 - 05:04 PM. Like This“When I disagree with a rational man, I let reality be our final arbiter; if I am right, he will learn; if I am wrong, I will; one of us will win, but both will profit.” - Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged Study Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand in Dallas, TX - www.thecultureofreasoncenter.comQuoteMultiQuoteReport
  6. Michael, I forgot to refer to your comments about Barbara's picture (from the back cover of Who Is Ayn Rand?)! She was a knockout, wasn't she? Other excellent photos from the time period of NBI (1958-1968) are on the covers and inside album jackets for her audio course, The Principles of Efficient Thinking. However, my view when I saw those and other pictures from that time period, including in person at NBI, and also at a reception for in Chicago in 1982 on the occasion of the publication of her book, was quite different from what you reported. Especially, during the NBI years, she and Nathaniel struck me as the very personification of the heroic, as Ayn described in Atlas Shrugged. O.K., there might have been more than a little "hero worship" in my view back then. But, what the hell, in my "book," they were heroes then and remained so to this day.
  7. Very well stated and very touching! Those who knew Barbara would certainly agree with your sentiments. And those who never met her can get an idea of what Barbara was like and why she was so important. In addition to Barbara's books (especially The Passion, but also her biographical sketch in the earlier Who Is Ayn Rand?, and her very interesting Preface to the print version of the NBI lecture series, The Vision of Ayn Rand: The Basic Principles of Objectivism), her many interesting communications that she posted on Objectivist Living are still accessible (and I presume will remain so...although an interesting project would be to collect those correspondences, and some of the responses to her by OL members, and publish it as a memorial volume,....hmm). And there are many audio and video recordings of Barbara made by The Atlas Society, which are still available from TAS, but also many are easily accessible through YouTube. Some of her lectures are available also in print form and probably downloadable from TAS. And of course her 10 lecture NBI audio course The Principles of Efficient Thinking. The sadly ironic thing about Barbara Branden's life is that in many ways she represented the best of Objectivism, especially its ethical principles; and yet, she remained anathema to many of the orthodox or ARIan Objectivists for the rest of her life. And for what? For telling the truth about Ayn Rand, both her glory and her all-too-human frailties.
  8. Now you just knew that they would come up with this "explanation, didn't you! 1/7/2014 |By Eric Holthaus, The Atlantic Cities How global warming can make cold snaps even worseThe cold air pushing toward America's heartland is of a duration and magnitude rarely seen since record-keeping began in the 1870s. In Minneapolis, forecasters warned that all-time wind chill records could be broken, with a stunning -65ºF predicted for Monday morning. MSN Weather: Check your local forecastAs the record-setting cold spreads across the US, brace yourself for this conversation: Your friend: "Sure is cold outside, amirite? Minneapolis is as cold as Mars right now. Crazy, huh? So much for that whole global warming thing, eh?" You: "Well..." In fact, despite the trolling of Donald Trump and other climate change deniers, global warming is probably contributing to the record cold, as counter-intuitive as that may seem. The key factor is a feedback mechanism of climate change known as Arctic amplification. Here's how to explain the nuts and bolts of it to your under-informed family and friends: Snow and ice are disappearing from the Arctic region at unprecedented rates, leaving behind relatively warmer open water, which is much less reflective to incoming sunlight than ice. That, among other factors, is causing the northern polar region of our planet to warm at a faster rate than the rest of the northern hemisphere. (And, just to state the obvious, global warming describes a global trend toward warmer temperatures, which doesn't preclude occasional cold-weather extremes.) Since the difference in temperature between the Arctic and the mid-latitudes helps drive the jet stream (which, in turn, drives most US weather patterns), if that temperature difference decreases, it stands to reason that the jet stream's winds will slow down. Why does this matter? Well, atmospheric theory predicts that a slower jet stream will produce wavier and more sluggish weather patterns, in turn leading to more frequent extreme weather. And, turns out, that's exactly what we've been seeing in recent years. Superstorm Sandy's uncharacteristic left hook into the New Jersey coast in 2012 was one such example of an extremely anomalous jet stream blocking pattern. When these exceptionally wavy jet stream patterns occur mid-winter, it's a recipe for cold air to get sucked southwards. This week, that's Climate scientiest Jennifer A. Francis of Rutgers University explains this process in a short video (h/t Climate Progress). This effect has already been measured with mid-level atmospheric winds in the northern hemisphere decreasing by around 10% since 1990. Not-so-coincidentally, that's about the same time when Arctic sea ice extent really started to crash. The solid line is average west-to-east wind speeds midway up the atmosphere; the dashed line is Arctic sea ice extent. The solid line is average west-to-east wind speeds midway up the atmosphere; the dashed line is Arctic sea ice extent. Skeptical Science (the 'Snopes' of climate science) has a comprehensive explainer on Arctic amplification and the jet stream, for those that want to dig deeper on the subject. And, as a PSA, is a great-go to resource when situations like this arise.
  9. Re the collapse of Herbert W. Armstrong's empire. A somewhat similar thing has happened to the TV and publishing empire of Robert H. Schuller and his "Crystal Cathedral." Schuller was remarkably persuasive and got huge donations from his TV viewers and from some very wealthy and/or politically powerful people, with his "Possibility Thinking" messages. It all started to unravel when Schuller's son, Robert Anthony Schuller, who was the heir-apparent, broke with his father over "doctrinal issues" and left the church to form his own, much smaller, congregation. Then the rest of the family (several daughters and other family relations) started squabbling over control of The Crystal Cathedral. The father resigned, partly due to advancing age (in the 90's) and the daughters wrested for control. However, without their father's oratorical gifts and charisma (which were essential to persuading his vast viewership to fork over the money) , they started losing contributors, which proved lethal because the congregation of the ostentatious church (literally, all glass!) in Garden Grove, California could not even begin to cover the costs of the ministry . The Crystal Cathedral declared bankruptcy and the church building and campus was sold to the Catholic Archdiocese ( doubly humiliating - for a Protestant "mainline-affiliated" denomination [Reformed Church in America]).
  10. Back to his EPA-promoting movie. Your re-interpretation of the plotline is, uh, quite innovative. You may have a new career in managing or doing PR for Steven if he decides to run for Governor in Arizona. Think about it!. Actually, I hope he runs, he could become the next Jesse Ventura.(Gawd, what am I saying?). Better yet, you do the PR and persuade Jesse to run Steven's campaign!
  11. I did a Google search on Steven Seagal to see what popped up regarding his political philosophy, political opinions, affiliations etc. to see if he had ever said or done anything that would warrant the support of libertarians and Objectivists in his proposed run for Governor of Arizona. Conclusion: zero (0). He may, however, consider submitting his name, along with his various colorful accounts of his life, for consideration for the L. Ron Hubbard Award. A few examples: He ran a school for martial arts in or near Hollywood, where he may have trained some actors in various akaido or other martial arts moves. That is when he decided that he should be the star of these movies, rather than merely a trainer. This appears to be true. He ran a martial arts school in Japan, where he taught akaido. Likely true. He claims to have received many honors and recognition for his akido prowess when in Japan. Including from the founder of akido. It has been pointed out that to have achieved that honor he would have to have been quite young. About three. Impressive. He makes various claims to be a Buddhist and to have received recognition from prominent representatives of various versions/ schools of that religion. Hard to verify. Many claim to have not known him and or his accomplishments. Well, maybe they forgot? Or Seagal was just being modest, not wishing to attract attention? Uh-huh. He has made several claims about aiding the cause(s) of Tibetan Buddhists living outside of Tibet. Possibly, but see above. He has claimed that he was also trained in police tactics at some police academy in California. However, the head of that organization could not find any verification in their records of his training. His Louisiana title, which is trumpeted for his current cable TV is true. But it is an honorary title. He has endorsed various ecological and "Save The Planet" groups. He certainly has. Consistent with that, he claims not only to have starred in his own movies, but also to have been the screenwriter for these movies, nearly all of which show him vanquishing many businessmen, corporate leaders out to Destroy-The-Planet. The EPA and other governmental agencies have often been portrayed very favorably, including Seagal representing, aiding, or being an "agent" of those agencies I could not find a single account of him publically supporting any libertarian cause. Ever. Sorry.
  12. In practically all of Steven Segal's movies, he plays a "Robin Hood-like" role (a much closer parallel,...o.k., damn near identical, are the Billy Jack films of the1970s), in which he comes to the aid of poor, downtrodden, common folk who are always being bullied/threatened/persecuted/raped/robbed/tortured/killed by...Guess who? You know, why it's invariably, Big Business/Wall Street/Big Oil/and other non-governmental vermin. Seagal portrays a former Green Beret/Special Forces/SEAL/CIA/Delta Force, etc. who, disgusted with his former colleagues, resigns to lead a more peaceful non-violent life, either reclusive or in some sense connected to noble types "Saving-The-Planet." Of course the Forces Of Evil are always doing their dastardly deeds to some group, and Steven comes to their aid and beats the shit out the villains. I think it is quite likely that Segal agrees with the world view portrayed in his films, since they rarely stray from this comic book -level collectivist caricature. The idea of him running for governor in Arizona is alternately terrifying and comical.
  13. I did not really know Barbara on a personal basis, although we corresponded over the publishing of the NBI course,Basic Principles of Objectivism, in print book format in 2009 (The Vision of Ayn Rand: The Basic Principles of Objectivism, By Nathaniel Branden with a Foreward by Barbara and an Afterward by Nathaniel). She did, with Nathaniel, convince the publisher, James Peron, to let it be available through Amazon. I first saw Barbara, in the company of Nathaniel, Ayn, and Frank, sittin together at the side of the hotel ballroom that they had rented for the opening lecture of the NBI course. This was in 1967 or early 1968. Anyway, Barbara was striking. I recalled an article in Look magazine from the early 1960's which had an article on Rand and on the lectures from NBI. Naturally, it was not a favorable article, but it had some interesting pictures of Rand and the Brandens. I believe the photo that included Barbara described her in the caption as an "ice cool blond who could easily pass as a fashion model. My memory is hazy about the exact wording. Anyway, they were right in whatever compliments that they described her with. Personally, I would say, "Drop-dead gorgeous!" I met her very briefly at a reception in Chicago in 1986, when her book first was published. She was signing copies and I asked her if she had seen the extremely nasty "letter" that Peter Schwartz had sent out to subscribers of The Intellectual Activist, which he owned at that time. Not a review, but an attack on both of the Brandens, describing them as "lice." A really charming fellow. Anyway, Barbara said that she had seen it, but did not think that it really mattered. Some years later I saw her delivering lectures at some of The Atlas Society conferences and had a chance to talk with her. As always, she responded to any questions directly and politely, even if they were hostile. This was in contrast to Ayn, who did not suffer fools gladly, and told them so if they had asked her what she viewed as a foolish or hostile question. Some her last lectures that she gave to The Atlas Society conferences dealt with the continued cultish and siege mentality exhibited by some of the ARIans. I think that many of those lectures by Barbara at TAS are available on their website and/or in audio format. In conclusion, I would say that Barbara was a genuinely a warm and friendly Lady (with a capital L), a skilled lecturer and a brilliant conversationalist, who was in many ways the living personification of what an Objectivist should be.
  14. I don't think it has been mentioned here, but there is an excellent remembrance piece on Barbara Branden by Chris Matthew Sciabarra, without doubt, author of the most scholarly and thorough book yet written about Ayn Rand, (Ayn Rand: The Russian Radical, just issued in a second edition, with some new material, by the Pennsylvania State University Press [it's on Amazon - be sure to look for the second edition, as the prior one also pops up!]}. Here is the link: Scroll down to December 16, 2013. Sorry, had a problem with the copy/paste! Anyway, I'll post it here in a minute!...arrrgh!!!
  15. No doubt Binswanger thought that his flippant remark about Barbara's death was clever. But it is not surprising, considering the vindictive unrelenting hatred that the Peikovian wing of Objectivists still holds towards the Brandens. We don't need to imagine what his reaction would be if Nathaniel expires before he does. Remember, this is the guy that demands a "loyalty oath" (his words) from would be subscribers to his blog, that they will only read and/or contribute writings that he approves of (for example if subscribers dare to contribute comments to OL or libertarian forums, they will be thrown out of his pristine group). The exception, of course, being Harry himself, who has appeared as a guest on libertarian TV shows. As Rand has said in a different context, reality will be its own avenger.. The written and oral contributions of both Nathaniel and Barbara to the corpus of Objectivism will quite likely withstand the test of time and still be referenced long after some of the Peikovians' attempts at contributions are relegated to no more than footnotes in the history of Objectivism.
  16. And now to make you feel so ever more secure that so many people want to watch and "protect" you...
  17. The notoriously lecherous casting directors could no doubt do much better than bothering with AS 3. My understanding is that most movies with big time actors, directors, etc. have production costs of well over $100 million not the paltry amount that the Atlas Shrugged movies have been made with. I have admiration for John Aglialoro's dedication, and his willingness to put his own millions into it, and I think what has come out on that very slim budget is about as good as can be expected (although changing casts was not a wise idea). If the trilogy had the funding that Lord of the Rings had, the results would likely show it.. Many of us had said from the beginning that Atlas Shrugged could not be adapted to movie format, and still have it retain any amount of the novel's emotional and intellectual impact.
  18. Stunning and sad news . Not much info on the cause of death (yet). His Wikipedia biography:
  19. Well, there it is, Galt's Speech. Parts of it read and emphasized by Ted Cruz on the Senate floor, today See the C-Span link A first? Probably not the last! Watch MSNBC go ballistic!
  20. HI, Aaron! Welcome to OL! You may do better in terms of selling the Rand and Branden record sets by getting them listed on eBay. They have sections devoted to "Ayn Rand", "Nathaniel Branden", and "Objectivism." Search on these subject areas on eBay and you will find that there are many buyers and sellers in these areas! You should also be able to get an idea of what they are worth (i.e., what they are finally sold for, not just the asking price). I have purchased some of these sets on eBay. Many of the titles are offered and displayed erratically, and change by literally the minute. I would think that you would be able to find prospective buyers, particularly for the full sets. You are likely to obtain a better price for full sets, rather than breaking them up. In addition to eBay and Objectivist Living, there are several other internet forums for fans of Rand and/or Branden. Offering your records on those sites would also be a good idea. Good luck! Jerry
  21. Welcome to Objectivist Living, Anya! Your observations on how Rand is "explained" or "refuted", by most of the MSM ("Mainstream Media") to their readers and/or viewers is correct. They attack primarily by the use of two fallacious methods:1) by using ad hominem attacks on her personality (mostly distorted or exaggerated) and claiming that that that alone makes her writing irrelevant; and 20 the "straw man" fallacy: constructing a caricature of her philosophy bearing little or no resemblance to what she actually wrote and advocated. - and then tearing hat down. We often see these two tactics used in political campaigns, leaving the voters to guess which charges are true and which are false. The same methods are often used to criticize belief systems that one disagrees with. Ultimately, most people see through such deceit, although some are taken in..All that is necessary for the inquiring person is to read what she wrote: the disparity between what she actually said, and what her critics have reported, will be quite clear. The goal of her critics is to smear her reputation so thoroughly that no one will read her. Below is an excerpt from the first book (outside of her own) positively describing her philosophy, Who Is Ayn Rand? (1962) by two people who were then her closest associates, Nathaniel Branden and Barbara Branden.. In this excerpt from the chapter, "The Moral Revolution in Atlas Shrugged," Nathaniel Branden discusses the reception that greeted Atlas Shrugged when it was published in 1957. It is hard to say which is the more eloquent proof of its signal relevance to the crucial issues of our age: the widespread admiration and enthusiasm it has inspired – or the hysteria of the attacks unleashed against it. The nature of those attacks is an instructive index of the current intellectual condition of our culture. Rand’s antagonists have unfailingly elected to pay her what is, perhaps, the greatest tribute one can offer to a thinker whom one opposes: they have all felt obliged to misrepresent her ideas in order to attack them. No one has dared publicly to name the essential ideas of Atlas Shrugged and to attempt to refute them. No one has been willing to declare: “Ayn Rand holds that man must choose his own values and actions exclusively by reason, that man has the right to exist for his own sake, that no one has the right to seek values from others by physical force – and I consider such ideas wrong, evil, and socially dangerous.” Rand’s opponents have found it preferable to debate with strawmen, to equate her philosophy with that of Spencer or Nietzsche or Spinoza or Hobbes and thus expose themselves to the charge of philosophic illiteracy – rather than identify and publicly argue against that for which Rand actually stands. Were they discussing the ideas of an author whose work was not known to the general public, their motive would appear obvious. But it is a rather grotesque spectacle to witness men seemingly going through the motions of concealing from the public the ideas of an author whose readers number in the millions. When one considers the careful precision with which Rand defines her terms and presents her ideas, and the painstaking manner in which each concept is concretized and illustrated – one will search in vain for a non-psychiatric explanation of the way in which her philosophy has been reported by antagonists. Allegedly describing her concept of rational self-interest, they report that Ayn Rand extols disregard for the rights of others, brutality, rapacity, doing whatever one feels like doing and general animal self-indulgence. This, evidently, is the only meaning they are able to give to the concept of self-interest. One can only conclude that this is how they conceive their own self-interest, which they altruistically and self-sacrificially renounce. Such a viewpoint tells one a great deal about the man who holds it – but nothing about the philosophy of Rand. Note that the same analysis could easily have been written today, because after 55 years, the tactics used by Rand's critics are practically identical. As I have mentioned before on this forum, the ironic thing is that the nature of the critics' attacks have not resulted in a decrease of interest in her philosophy, but have increased it! Atlas Shrugged is selling more books now than when it was published!
  22. Even more from the Washington Post. The Obama Administration secretly reversed restrictions that had been placed on NSA domestic spying. Outside of the Washington Post (and possibly The New York Times - both have agreements with The Guardian and with WikiLeaks to publish Snowden's materials), how widely will the MSM report on this?
  23. In some of Ellis's pre-1967 books, you will find Atlas Shrugged recommended as an example of a "rational ethics." (see his "Sex and the Single Man", published in the early 1960s.). After the famous Branden-Ellis debate, where Ellis reportedly launched off one of his typically sarcastic mocking (he was always spectacularly good at that sort of thing) of the plot line in Atlas Shrugged, Rand, who was in the audience, went ballistic. That was the end of any cooperation between Branden and Ellis. In his later writings, Ellis stated that the concept of self-esteem was harmful to psychological health, because one should never be judgmental and engage in labeling. Even regarding oneself as positive is an error. Ellis's last book, published online just before he died at age 93, was an update of his 1968 book, Is Objectivism a Religion? In his revision he includes libertarians as dangerously religious.
  24. Those mischievous guys at the NSA have pulled another trick: according to the article, they have broken ALL major encryption codes, including their own method that they have helpfully offered to everyone. AND, they got agreements from all the major ISPs and public search engines, to build in "backdoors" so that NSA can snoop anywhere and apparently read most everything. Of course, your friends at Facebook, Google, AOL, Microsoft, etc. did not tell you. Google has responded with a "Who us? Never did any such thing" answer. Read the link: ,
  25. Unfortunately for the JBS, the "Founder" (that was the title that he preferred) Robert Welch, had privately published an extended "letter" (several hundred pages -most people would describe that as a "book") documenting what a terrible President that Eisenhower was. But he went much further, labeling him as "a conscious and dedicated agent of the communist conspiracy, serving its masters for all of his adult life." (slight paraphrase) that he sent around to whom he presumed were his confidants. Nevertheless, the book was leaked to the liberal press, which ran with the story that "Welch thinks Eisenhower was a commie!" Welch tried to defend himself by publishing it as a book, "The Politician," and rewriting the incriminating passages, replacing "communist conspiracy". with "Liberal Establishment." In the end, Welch's "letter, the resulting liberal press furor, and National Review condemning its leadership, greatly reduced the size and effectiveness of the organization. Ludwig von Mises was on the initial "Policy Board of Advisors," and did not ask to be removed. However, there is little resemblance between JBS official publications and Mises' books.