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  1. Thankyou for expressing exactly what I thought of it. From the time I started reading it, it reminded me of that old criticism of X-Files: "Yeah, it's cool, but basically it's crap."
  2. I was recently involved in a discussion on Islam and Muslims: "What's honourable or good about Islam?" I thought that was a pretty stupid question, and I replied mentioning Islamic architecture, quisine, and a few other things. It's also through the Arab nations that most of what we now know of the Hellenic Greeks was obtained. Xtian monks were ripping up their books and reusing the pages for their own writings. Meanwhile, the Arabs were preserving them. I can't tolerate book burners. I've many friends and acquaintances who are religious; Christian or Muslim. I've no trouble tolerating th
  3. That's the one. :-) Kat, have you noticed that under your avatar, you're listed as having joined in 1969? Where did you find a computer back then?
  4. Well, looking back, I found elements of Objectivism in China in Tiananmen Square when an individual stood up for freedom. Uhmmm, :-) one of my most heroic ... dunno what you would call them, ... but that lone individual refusing to yield right of way to a PRC tank, ... I would love to hug the guy, assuming he survived. Thanks. :-|
  5. Well, Gladiator could be seen to support Imperial Rome, and there was lots of religion in it (which Objectivists might find offensive). Me, I just see the "One man vs. an inhuman system bent on grinding him to dust" sort of stuff, and Maximus fits my definition of heroic. Sorry, but I've been through that one before too. Apache is the #1 httpd on the internet, hence (by your theory) there ought to be many more Apache related exploits than there are IIS exploits. Not true, because Apache is good code, and IIS is bad code, hence IIS has far more extant problems than does Apache. MS' code is
  6. Gladiator: Really? I love it. Quality production, excellent acting, brilliant script, a seriously evil antagonist, and they even avoided a typical Hollywood style fairytale ending. Somalia: I tend to agree with your assessment. All is not sweetness and light there. However, it's also not the Hellhole that we're traditionally taught to expect from anarchy. See <http://www.lewrockwell.com/orig7/stateless-somalia.html>: "... As for Somalia being lawless, Van Notten, a Dutch lawyer who married into the Samaron Clan and lived the last dozen years of his life with them, specifically chall
  7. Where can you find examples of Objectivism around you? Think about art, music, movies, plays, books, entertainment, news and current events, and on down to just everyday life. Where are the strong individualists, the heroes, the capitalists, the role models for our children? Kat Well, that's depressing. The above was posted more than three months ago, and since then there have been no replies. That's downright shocking, don't you think? In an attempt to rectify this, here's my suggestions: * "Gladiator" the movie. "The general who became a slave, the slave who became a gladiator, t
  8. Is there anything like a list of definitions I could use to decipher the TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms) I see bandied about? If not, I'll be happy to start one. Please fill in the answers if you know them: ARI - Ayn Rand Institute IOS - ? ITOE - ? PAR - Passion of Ayn Rand PARC - Passion of Ayn Rand's Critics RoR - ? SOLO - ? TOC - The Objectivist Center TIA - The Intellectual Activist?!?
  9. That depends on what reality is. Sorry. I'm thinking of the scientific community here. Reputations are often more important than accepting competing theories which better explain reality. Scientists go along for years accepting something as ... "truth"? Well, perhaps as "the accepted status quo" is a better description. Then some whipper-snapper shows up out of nowhere and invalidates everything they know with a new theory. The old guard circle the wagons, much storm and fury happens, and out of this process, a new (I hate this word!) paradigm emerges which better explains the Universe an
  10. Hey Kat. I may have one you've missed, or perhaps what I have was re-published under another title? This is a large format book, ca. 8.5"x11", hardcover. It was described to me at the time I bought it as a reprinting of her regular column in (?) The New York times. Each individual "Letter" is subscripted "... published fortnightly by The Ayn Rand Letter, Inc. 183 Madison Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10016. Contributing Editor: Leonard Peikoff; ..." Frontispiece says: The Ayn Rand Letter (Volumes I-IV, 1971-1976) Published by Palo Alto Book Service, 200 California Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94
  11. Barbara, should you ever grow tired of what you're doing, know that with that attitude, you'll be welcomed with open arms into the scientific community. O:)
  12. Thank you for that, sir. Though I dearly love the woman's philosophy and sense of life, I've always been dismayed at her personal judgements of esthetics. She condemned Asian music due to its being based on a scale of notes different from the West's, and at the same time valued tap dancing as an art form. Well, among other works, Yo Yo Mah's "Japanese Melodies" continues to be one of my all-time favourites. I'm also a big fan of Vivaldi and Mahler, and see no contradiction in enjoying all of them with one mind. As for Rand's artistic tastes, I attribute it to, "There's only so much you can
  13. I've been wondering about this one for quite a while now. BTW, none of that should be construed as criticism of either Nathaniel or Stuart, in case that isn't clear. This is just a personal daemon I'm trying to come to grips with. Sorry if that wasn't clear.
  14. I've been wondering about this one for quite a while now. Early in The Fountainhead, Roarke is sitting in his office, watching the minutes tick away, hoping a client will call to buy his services ... and no-one does. Roarke packs up, turns out the lights, and shuts the door behind him, off to the quarry to earn a living. Roarke wasn't giving up his plan to be an architecht. He was simply putting it on hold until he could afford to pursue it further. Do you think Roarke asked himself the question you ask above? I think either he already knew the answer, or didn't care what the answer was.
  15. tqk


    Hello everyone. I've spent about the last three hours of my life in the company of some very interesting people; you! Thank you for that. I've been missing that lately. :-({|= I was looking for somewhere here I could simply post that in thanks, but there appears to be no way to communicate anything here without registering. Ah well, welcome to the 21st Century. Bite the bullet. Jump in. Accept my apologies in advance for any faux pas I may unknowingly commit. I'm ordinarily not a Web Forum kind of guy. I'm more a Usenet News & mailinglist sort. This format feels a little odd t