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  1. Mark: Actually, there were a number of people who survived both blasts, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Many of them lived into their eighties (80's). I believe the last dual survivor passed away about five (5) years ago. The point of the pictures was clear. You can rebuild successfully even at ground zero. However, you chose to selectively distort the message. No biggie. A-Bomb Adam... Post Script: I would have used them against the Soviet Union and saved millions of lives. I would have used them against China and saved 60, 000, 000 million lives. So, you would have nuked the Soviet Union a
  2. How on earth? As retired Judge Andrew Napolitano said, more or less, there's not a dime's worth of moral, political or economic difference between the two major candidates. If there is any difference, it’s that the Republican comes with a raft of neoconservative advisors, many the same as were in the Bush administration. The odds the U.S invades Iran will be far higher if he’s elected. Maybe that’s more than a dime. Unfortunately, to many objectivists, bombing and/or invading Iran is not a bug but a feature. Martin
  3. This passage has just increased my respect for Peikoff, although only ever so slightly. That Peikoff even entertains the possibility that his book is nothing more than "the maunderings of a mind that has lost it" shows that at least he has not totally lost all contact with reality. Regarding his followup statement "I know my answer", perhaps the answer he secretly knows deep down is that he has really lost it. Martin
  4. William, Sure I am. If someone is over the top and bigoted, but pro-USA, you are all over him. If he is over the top and bigoted and anti-USA, you are very, very tolerant if not apologetic (but not apologetic on this thread, just tolerant). I think I'm paying very good attention to be able to notice that selective use of criticial thinking in a non-critical fashion. Michael EDIT: Here's my opinion based on years of reading the posters concerned. If Richard (Infidel) were able to bomb a group of Muslim leaders, but take out a couple of schools full of children and schoolteachers, I belie
  5. I don't suppose it's ever occurred to you that you should have a lot more to fear from the U.S. government than from the Muslim Brotherhood. No, I didn't think so. Martin Oh, for God's sake. I went for a walk trying to think of something wise to say about this crap from both of you. Something that would point to growth or induce people to reflect on ideas. I couldn't think of a damn thing. What a waste of time... Michael So you think that what I posted was "crap"? All I am saying is that the U.S. government is a far greater danger to Americans than the Muslim Brotherhood could ever hope to
  6. I don't suppose it's ever occurred to you that you should have a lot more to fear from the U.S. government than from the Muslim Brotherhood. No, I didn't think so. Martin
  7. Andrew, Great post! You bring up many very interesting points, even though Firehammer is someone whose views are so absurd and mindlessly cruel that they are hardly worthy of detailed refutation. For a totally contrasting view of children and the way they learn and develop, see any of the works of the brilliant Maria Montessori, a renaissance woman about a hundred years ahead of her time whose theories of how children learn, based on her years of working with and observing children, have inspired a worldwide movement of schools based on her eductional philosophy. For a description of the pr
  8. Jerry: And "perhaps," none of the above is acceptable to me. Your simplistic horns of a dilemma approach is a tad too simplistic for me. Adam You will never beat the Globalists unless you first become a conspiracy theorist. That is the worst thing you can do. So the bottom line is there ain't nuthin you can do to stop the Globalists. When in the collective, adapt. Resistance is futile. We are the Borg. Individuality is irrelevant. Rights are irrelevant. Do you really think you have any power to beat the Globalists? Ha! Do you know what the Roman Empire did to the Spartans? It wasn't a pretty
  9. The theory given in the article is that these planets are a remnant of the early big bang. Also, that these planets are the actual source of the missing dark matter. I know that you reject both the big bang and the presence of dark matter. As I recall, our sun has about 300,000 times the mass of the earth. So it would take 300,000 earth size planets to equal the mass of one sun-size star. Also, the dark matter is proposed to constitute considerably more mass than the luminous matter, in order to account for galactic rotation dymanics. So it would really take a huge number of earth size p
  10. Ah come on. This isn't rocket science. I'm talking about the stuff we have been discussing. To recap... Nah... I just did that a few posts ago. Let's give it a break. When something gets to the point of having to repeat stuff that much, I don't find it worth pursuing, MichaelI will assume that you misunderstood something I said, and let it go at that. Ghs I think that where Michael is going with this is that, since the NIOF as used by Rothbard is a "middle axiom" derived from moral reasoning based on more fundamental premises, it should have some exceptions. In other words, he is assuming th
  11. Penn Gillette is a stage magician, comedian, and all around entertainer. He is not a trained philosopher, although he does have some interesting philosophical insights derived from his years working as a stage magician. If you want to read the best epistemological justification for atheism, read the works of George Smith. George is the quintessential authority in this area. Martin
  12. I never had the pleasure of meeting Steve. But I've always enjoyed his posts here on OL. He came across as a highly intelligent, erudite objectivist/libertarian, someone who had been around the movement for a long time and had met many of its most well known thinkers. He'll definitely be missed. Martin
  13. George, This seems to be synonymous with the view that a truly Rothbardian style market anarchist society can never be established, since the Randian style limited government that would be needed to precede it can never be established as a starting point. This is a very different perspective that the agorist, counter-economic views of people like SEK3 and, now, Kevin Carson, right? Also, the scenario shown in "Alongside Night", in which a market anarchist society was established from within the wreckage of a society destroyed by a predatory fascist government. Schulman's point was that tryin
  14. Has the prevalence of autism really increased by 600% in the past two decades? What would cause such a dramatic increase in such a short period of time? This seems like a medical impossibility. Is this instead a case of changing the diagnostic criteria, such that what is now labeled as autism was previously not given this label? Or has there really been such a huge increase in so little time? I'm sorry about your son and wish him the best. Martin
  15. http://en.wikipedia....ed_to_terrorism "On 13 January 2009, the Pentagon said that 18 former detainees are confirmed to have participated in attacks, and 43 are suspected to have been involved in attacks.[11] A Spokesman said evidence of someone being "confirmed" could include fingerprints, a conclusive photograph or "well-corroborated intelligence reporting." He said the Pentagon would not discuss how the statistics were derived because of security concerns. National security expert and CNN analyst Peter Bergen, states that some of those "suspected" to have returned to terrorism are so catego