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  1. Angie-Thanks for that welcome, I almost blushed. And thanks for giving me the key to gw's wine storage. I'm sure he won't mind if we help ourselves. gw-Thanks for badmouthing, it's good to see the same assholes here. And thanks for giving me the option of kissing Angie's ass. No offense, it's just that I doubt you wear thongs very often, which I like a lot. Not that I know Angie wears them mind you. ;)
  2. Rich, I have to disagree with you. The price of used items is based upon their supply. Until the sales figures for PARC equal more than 2 or 3 copies, used editions will always be priced high.
  3. Good to see that Phil is still a curmudgeon. Phil, I keed, I keed. I'm just happy to see people still here whom I like. However, if I used whom when I should have used who, and you point that out I'm not liking you so much anymore Phil.
  4. Alrighty, I think life has come to a point where I will now have the time to once again be an active participant here. I logged in, clicked the new posts link, and this was the first on the list. What an article to come back home to! Angie I'm sorry that I say this in public, but you were amazing! That article, along with the great quote by Michael was a hell of a pep-rally for someone who has been away for awhile. This article kicks ass, and takes important philosophical names, which so much supposed KASS these days fails to do. It's also good to see that Michael and Kat have a slight
  5. Great work Michael and(it sounds like especially) Kat. Glad you are back up and running.
  6. Rich- The Sicilian opening I'll take any day. D4 is s*%t ;)
  7. Paul, You are gracious, I'll give you that ;) You and Angie both are strong individuals who have great minds for seeing fundamentals, without having to resort to OUTSIDE sources to learn what a "Torah" is so that you can "intelligently" discuss what shit is, so let's get back to your original question. I would like to see others here weigh in on your question. One person that comes to mind is Rich, who seems to have an intelligent knowledge of Christianity. And by the way Rich, if you are reading this, how many times do I have to challenge you with E-4? ;)
  8. rofl...hell, I fell through the floor I laughed so hard.
  9. Nick- I don't care what you've heard religious people say, you did not answer my question. It still stands.
  10. Nick- From the first time I read one of your posts, I saw you as an intelligent, independent-minded don't take my criticism as a personal attack. Maybe I misunderstand your comments, but I've also read the posts of Paul and Angie, and I know their minds are purely their own; they do not gather their opinions through osmosis.
  11. Well then, since you've tossed the allegation, please specifically state where either Angie or Paul brought you to your conclusion that they "accept views from others...that they don't question." This is where I got ruffled, because neither Paul nor Angie have said anything that leads me to think that they are a "stepford wife" to someone elses views.
  12. Nick, This is truly in all due respect, but admonishing people to step in shit just so they can give an "informed"(and perhaps empirical?) opinion that it smells like shit, is ridiculous. Some people have better things to do with their time, and their olfactory gland...not to mention that it truly only takes a fleeting glance, or whif to recognize shit unless you're walking around with a seeing eye dog for the epistemologically, and metaphysically blind. Mind you, this is coming from a connoisseur of shit; I have read the bible(several times) and attended the Sunday-tell-your-logic-to-look-
  13. Many more my friend. Happy birthday Michael.
  14. a quick clarification about RoR...I think that site has moved in a positive direction, and I truly wish them all the best. I suspect that I will continue to read things, and I would point friends to RoR. My decision to stop posting there, is one based strictly upon time constraints. I bear them no ill will, but instead prosperity.
  15. Thanks to all for the kind, and not so kind(damned GW) words. This past week has seen me in Chicago, Memphis, Little Rock, Bransen, Missouri & some god-foresaken place in Misissippi, so I've been long without modern conveniences such as internet access. And, thanks to Michael for posting my comments. I have several private emails to answer, and I promise to do so. Tonight, I rest. Just completed an 8 hour drive, and am sleepy. I wanted to say a few words though, the most important of them of them all; "thanks." In my heading things off at the pass in my post on SoloP, I stated my love
  16. Michael, I, being a science minded fellow, and a bit of a reductionist would look even deeper, and say in answer to your question about the anti-Brandenites; "They are breathing" ;)
  17. Mother and father knew God and were glad to explain. I was happy to listen. Love is a conversation. When I said yes, they agreed, and I agreed. They touched me when they said. I understood the touch before the words. There is nothing to argue in being held closest. Had God been a lion, I would have done my best to grow a mane, and to catch lambs to leave dead on His doorstep. I could catch nothing. I was left to believe. Love echoes love. I said what I was told for my pleasure in who told it, for my need to be held in the telling, apart from true and false. The conversation is over. Giv
  18. My favorite salad Ciro, never thought of adding the capers. Perfectimo(or whatever you say in Italian ;)
  19. Thanks for the kind words WSS...I have waded through some nasty muck and mire, but this objectivist world has given me some diamonds. Wasn't it Keats who said, "much have I travelled in the realms of fools gold"? I've taken away some shiny stuff though, so I'm satisfied.
  20. Wonderful thread...hopefully I can catch up with it. I've been away for a week, and unfortunately my hotel's internet access didn't like you damned objectivists one bit, so I have a lot of catching up to do. Michael said, So very heartening Michael. Well said.
  21. Michael's tutorials are phenomenal. I encourage everyone to visit his site. This is an artist who doesn't blindly apply objectivism to art, but one of the few great artists who truly "gets it."
  22. Well, I certainly know what a 'brazillian' is!! As for a gazillion, I think that would refer to the number of daily, unfounded attacks on MSK.
  23. Never trust a man who chooses Brie. And if you need proof of my statement, just look to the french! Pick the wine first, then the cheese. I thought you were going to send me a case of good Lemberger gw. Stop sending your trucks out in search of kittens, but instead send them east with some good "blood of jove."
  24. Marsha, I'm sorry I missed your post here, it was another of those that did not show the orange, new-post blip on my radar screen. I understand your point, and I don't know the answer either! ;) For some perspective and further thought though, try this full moon you happen upon, if your up for some sky gazing, when the moon is close to the horizon and appears larger, hold your index finger at arms length and impose its tip over the moon, noting the apparent size of the moon to the tip of your finger---then, when the moon is high in the sky perform the same experiment. The