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  1. I consider myself an Objectivist. I do not consider myself a Libertarian. I may agree with some of them sometimes, but hell, I agree with some Christians sometimes.
  2. Mark, Admit it. You're voting for Hillary.
  3. Angie, As I've long had a few beehives of my own, I have a soft spot for photos of Apis mellifera. And, as an aspiring photograher myself, I have to say I'm impressed by some of your photos.
  4. Sounds good, but until our leaders can muster the courage to name Muslims as the threat, muslims will continue in silence.;show_article=1
  5. Angie is one of those remarkable individuals that is a rare find during a lifetime. gw, you SOB, thanks for giving her kudos and putting something that is obviously very personal out there.
  6. Barbara- Happy Birthday!!! As the Irish-or some culture or another-once said...May the worst day of your future be no worse than the happiest day of your past.
  7. Dragonfly- Wow. Thanks. Wow. One thing I've learned in being a helpmate to my wife and her professorial duties is that Google is a real bitch for those who plagiarize.
  8. In the meantime airborne pollination may be to be used. It is not as effective or efficient as bee pollination, but we will have crops. I do not think starvation is imminent. Do me a favor and plant two tomatoe plants beside each other, and see how much airborne pollination takes place.
  9. As a beekeeper(a couple of hives for sheer fun) this is distrurbing to me. There are a few reasons for the decline. They are man-made. Pesticides are one, and there are legitimate reasons for believing that electro-magnetic inteference from electronic devices( i.e., cell phones) which intefere with the bee's "homing mechanisms", are culprits. I suppose this brings us to the question, "what should be done?" Nothing "should" be done. Let science and the free market figure it out.
  10. Dodger- Do not worry. There is a place for you-it's called a technical college. Meanwhile, the people who can recognize subject-verb agreement errors and repair computers will probably be more marketable.
  11. Victor, You did not address Chris specifically, and you are simply wrong about Reagan. I wonder what type of research you have done(considering you are writing a book, and that accurate scholarship would seem to be important.) From what I gather from your post you've opened your mouth like a babe and been fed by the liberal spoon. Given that prominent scholars have taken ALL the evidence about Reagan and have changed their minds about him, I would expect no less from an objectist than at least studying deeply upon the subject before proclaiming some caricature. Let's start with the im
  12. Michael-Though it seemed I was interpreting Rand beyond her meaning(and perhaps I was), I was also taking to task an attitude in certain circles of objectivism that acts as the proverbial ostrich. I agree with you completely that one strives for happiness. I hope no one here takes my statements to mean the opposite(and I don't think anyone has.) I suppose my point of contention with Rand is that nothing that is a part of reality is unimportant. Many things that are metaphysically given are certainly not to be desired, or held as the norm, but existence exists, and those realities can't be
  13. Thank you to all for your sincere responses. I will try to respond to each of you.
  14. Barbara Branden on Ayn in The Passion of Ayn Rand- Pain and frustration and suffering are aberrations, but how do we handle the metaphysical reality of those aberrations? To those who suffer them, they are certainly not meaningless, and they are an omnipresent part of life. Four years ago, my ex-wife(we're still best of friends) learned that she had breast cancer and underwent chemo and a radical mastectomy. All of this at the ripe old age of 30. Pain, frustration and suffering have understandably affected her life. She is a statistical aberration, yet she exists as such. Her pain
  15. Mikee- Thanks for that link. I've been wanting to watch that. Don't worry about the aforementioned poster who hasn't even the foggiest idea about the difference between the climate of Venus and that of Earth.
  16. Kori- I'm sorry that I can't give you specifics or credible sources at the moment, but I know a recent example of welfare reform came from Rudy Giuliani when he was mayor of New York. He managed a huge decrease in the number of those on welfare. For all I know he may have shot them, so I can't vouch for his approach, but I think his welfare reform would be worth looking into.
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    Though my post has fallen by the wayside, some here have addressed it. I appreciate the comments from Michael directly, and Barbara indirectly. At this point I'll quote Thomas Hardy: The Impercipient (At a Cathedral Service) That with this bright believing band I have no claim to be, That faiths by which my comrades stand Seem fantasies to me, And mirage-mists their Shining Land, Is a stange destiny. Why thus my soul should be consigned To infelicity, Why always I must feel as blind To sights my brethren see,
  18. I'm a y-chromosome kind of indivdual, so I'll add Top Gun. J/K...How about Infinity?
  19. Jody Gomez


    I must disagree about Wagner because I see the anti-semitic, peon-mind behind the music. Wagner deserves every outrcry that is sent against him.
  20. I agree. You should definitely start with Surely You're Joking...
  21. Michael and Kat, This news has truly made my holidays even more joyful. I have been rooting for the two of you since I got to know you. I was so ecstatic that I just shared the news with Lydia, and she too was hands-clasped happy. I wish you both the kind of Christmas that only this love you have for each other can bring. Michael-Florida to Chicago?!? You are whipped my friend! Isn't it great ;)
  22. Hmm...kind of contradicts itself. If there is no such thing as society, then the individual pursuit of freedom and personal benefit can't be detrimental to society(because there is no such thing). If society is made up of individuals(which it is), then the pursuit of individual freedom can only be beneficial to "society."