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  1. Bullshit. Learn what Fascism is, and read the statements of even a "moderate" Islamic group such as CAIR.
  2. By god, you're right! We could have had a 15th U.N. resolution. That would have certainly prevented the nonexistent "several hundred thousand" deaths. Well, Sadam was doing pretty well at raking in deaths and mass killings...but I see that you're blaming the U.S. Which certainly the U.N. could have prevented! Could you please cite your sources for that "several hundred thousand of 'them'"?
  3. Ahhh...the blame America mentality. No wonder you support Ron Paul. So you support Bin Laden in his retaliation for the "criminally stupid decision by the US government to station troops in Saudia Arabia?" How was this decision "criminal"?
  4. To add to this, my favorite musical group is The Cure. Though many would take this knowledge and condemn me and accuse me of having a horrible sense of life, this is just not so. Echoing Rand, probably the only person who understands this fully is my wife Lydia. Certain songs, and certain lyrics of theirs touch the core of my romantic leanings. My sense of life is alive and very well.
  5. I think sense of life is a very objective term. I do agree with Barbara that we should see what Ayn said about it. Here is Ayn--
  6. Michael, I'll give more on this later, but I'll sum it up briefly. I'd rather take it to the enemy rather than sit back and hole myself up in some remote region of Montana and wait for the enemy to bring it to me. It basically boils down to being proactive rather than reacitve. Ron Paul is foolish if he thinks we can adopt an isolationist policy against islamo-fascists. Tell me, are you glad that our military is fighting this filth in Iraq, or would you rather sit around and wait for the enemy to come to us? When the world of Islam, and Islamic nations declare Jihad on America, I wan
  7. What the hell ever happens in Portland other than rain? Thanks Chris, I really hope to make this one.
  8. We can observe or sense "reality" but we each get a different "picture". In order to compare what we are abstracting we need to use language as best as possible. A statement of fact is one that is objective as possible which means that others looking at the evidence will agree with the statement. Saying "facts are facts" over-simplifies a much more complicated process. Before we go further, be a dear and define your definition of "fact" for me. It's crucial in my understanding of how saying that facts are facts "over-simplifies a much more complicated process."
  9. Ron Paul helps me to better understand why Ayn Rand hated Libertarians.
  10. It's wonderful the love you two have. Happy birthday Kat! How does it feel to be 24?
  11. Not unless you've read some Neitzsche that I haven't.
  12. Christmas Vacation and Scrooged. Why? Because Chevy Chase and Bill Murray are brilliant and funny as hell.
  13. Bob, First of all Michael's argument was a brilliant one. Even caught me off guard. Second of what you said over again, and think about it. "why stop at life? Why not food?"....because eating food kind of precludes being dead doesn't it?. "...he must live for a while right? In order to live he must eat." Precisely chap!!! In eating he is choosing LIFE. You don't live in order to eat, you don't live in order to drink(unless it's a '97 Brunello), nor do you live in order to breath. You do each of these things in order to live. And, as Chevy Chase might say, Hallelujah,
  14. I've done #8 several times. Now I only smoke in order to celebrate my quitting smoking. Which is often. I love celebrations.
  15. 1) From reality yes, if that's what you mean by "material nature of the cosmos." 2)Yes, if by "our material, organic biological makeup" you mean reality. 3)I'm not sure I understand back to back "what"'s, but who gives a shit what nature thinks. I always said that "nature" was nothing but reality anyway. Reality always gets its way. It has no need for caring. 4)Many people treat ethics as a matter of convention. They refuse to think. However, this has nothing to do with a correct ethics. Many people, and many conventions can and are wrong.
  16. Michael, I literally laughed myself out of my chair when I read that.
  17. Andrew, Thanks. I'll check those out.
  18. I Facts are facts. Reality is reality regardless of "condition". A fact that is "related to the human condition." is at best a truism. The Cure is my favorite. Although Robert has iterated over, and over that they are not a "goth" band, I thought we might have something in common. You should listen to anything from the Disintegration album. I take recommendations as well.
  19. And yes, it is determined by reality alone. What else? Pray tell.
  20. Be careful here, we don't want to get confused about intrinsicism. If you stop eating, you will cease to exist. This is not intrinsicism, but metaphysical realtiy.
  21. Yes, it is uniquely determined by reality. Reality can be a real bitch for subjectivists.
  22. Ron Paul blames America for the the 9/11 attacks. I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt. Check your facts about this moron.