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    Barbara- Out of deference to you, I've kept it hush-hush. However, it seems to have now been exposed here on Objectivist Living, which is great by me. Now we can stop meeting in dark and dank alleyways. ;)
  2. Ciro, your sense of life is prolific. I'm glad you are here. When I "have measured out my life with coffee spoons"(as T.S. Eliot might say), I'll reflect upon the great people I have known and you will come to mind.
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    I wanted to say that I hope this site flourishes, I hope objectivism flourishes, and I hope the two of you flourish. I have no doubt really about the two of you flourishing actually, so I'll just say that I hope I'm around to share in it. I admire you both, I respect you both and I'm glad to know both of you. Thanks for having me over.