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  1. Chris,

    I debated this with my wife tonight. He had a child. How do you define coward? I define it , "Heath...whatever his name is."

    Jody; I haven't seen the latest information on Heath's case. For that reason I am not going to condemn him and stand by my statement that the story is sad.

    The last line of Brokeback Mountain is "Jack I swear".

    The Heath Ledger story is still sad whatever he died of.

    Watching Brokeback again less than an hour ago I was reminded what a wonderful performance Heath's was.


    I agree the story is sad. I have a child, so I guess I just get pissed off at the fact that this may have been self-inflicted. Heath was a talented actor. I'm still up in the air as to whether he was a despicable human being.