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  1. Moving from a mindset fermented in alcohol to one where we finally think of ourselves as non-users or even alcoholics who do not drink anymore is the paradigm shift necessary to stop and stay stopped in my opinion. I have heard many people claim to have experienced that shift within a very short time and perhaps to a degree that is true. However, I believe it takes a longer period of time for the real deep rooted changes to take place. Often these are accomplished in small increments that build one upon the other until major changes occur in our thinking and our reactions to the world around u
  2. Through all of this I am still trying to figure out the accomplishments of one George Bush. Tax cuts and a growing economy you say!! If you haven't looked around lately you might be missing out on one of the greatest recessions this country has seen for awhile. Keeping OBL and co. in line!! Last I heard the Taliban and Al Qaeda have been gaining strength in Afghanistan and are a threat to Pakistan and it's stockpile of nuclear weapons. Don't remember OBL's head on a platter either. Maybe it's Iraq. Just maybe we squashed those bad ole Muslim extremists in Iraq. Only problem with that is altho
  3. Why wouldn't the question I asked be relevant to the real world? Is Bush not called the "Chief Executive" of our county? What larger enterprise could you put someone in charge of other than the country with the greatest GNP in the world? The Question is highly relevant to my point. I wouldn't put this man in charge of a business I had built based on his current track record and if I had it to do over again I wouldn't most definitely have voted for Al Gore as much as I disliked the Democrats at the time. Insofar as how his tax cuts have worked it's as spoken of below. When you balance it agains
  4. I'll also ask each of you taking up for him a question: Would you put him in charge of a business you have worked your whole life trying to build?
  5. It's totally irrelevant to me whether he made up lies, cherry picked the info or is just a bumbling fool led around by others the result is the same. He was elected POTUS to make sound decisions. I do not believe he has done so. The list of things he said concerning Iraq, the threat it posed and then what really came to pass is lengthy. I spent his first term taking up for him, but after I voted for him the second time and things continuously came out about the decision to invade Iraq and how it was made I put on my glasses and started examining the criticisms with a more objective view. To s
  6. Here's the problem I see with the argument you are advancing Roger: Rather than ask who went along let's ask who really pushed the agenda. Was it the Dems or was it Bush and his cohorts? I believe you will find the answer to that is it was the neo cons. Those in Congress who went along with it don't get a pass in my book but then I didn't vote for Hillary or a lot of the others who did vote in favor the war. I did however vote for Bush and that is why I am taking him to task. He was the one I put my trust in, not Hillary Clinton.
  7. Michael, I agree things can get worse. My mother has recounted too many times to me what it was like growing up in the Great Depression. My father did not have it as bad, but it was no cakewalk for his family either. I don't think (hope?) that we are going to go that far down however I don't believe we have seen the worst of it yet. With respect to voting I am going to write in Ron Paul simply because I do not care for the policies of either of the two major party candidates. If you want to look at the culprits for the rise of Obama look no further than the leaders of the Republican party. T
  8. Whether is was outright lying, manipulation to make things appear as he wanted them or just buying into some poor information the outcome is the same. Many many people put a lot of trust in him and many many people feel totally betrayed by him and the Rep party. I have been a registered Republican for over 35 years after starting out with the Democratic party. In all my years of voting I have never regretted casting a vote for anyone as much as I have the two I cast for GWB. That is coming from someone who crossed party lines and voted for Carter and I never thought I could make a bigger blund
  9. Evanescent wealth. The stock market has always struck me as risky in its very makeup and idea.
  10. I'm not an economist nor do I claim any great knowledge of it. What I can do though is read and I have read a lot of different takes on this bailout and I am no more convinced it should be done now than I was when they first started talking about it. Rewarding poor business practices is not what I understand a free-market economy is all about. Here's how I see it and it's part of what you wrote about above: If we don't do the bailout then there's a good chance the market will take a big hit. However we will still have the money in reserve(maybe not a good way to put it) that they are going to
  11. Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well. I write this post here rather than on the thread where Michael posts an apology for deleting a post of mine because this seems to be the ongoing thread concerning Victor's behavior. First of all I want to publicly thank Michael for his apology which was sent to me in a E-Mail with an attached linK to the targeted thread. As i stated to him I did not agree with the deletion but I respected his right to do so based on administering the forum. I do not have much to say other than I became more than a little suspicious of Victor with a post he made ov
  12. Michael, I read this article when I found it over on RoR sometime last year. I thought it was well written and offered some good insights into the workings of addiction from a first person view. At the time you wrote and posted it I felt you got some good feedback, but at the same time some undeserved criticism for posting what was basically your own thoughts. I want to take the time and reread it, as well as follow up with you and Paul on the other thread. I am going to try and find the time this week to get to it if possible, but with next weeks election looming large I have been following
  13. Paul, Sorry about being slow to get back, this has been a busy weekend. I have a couple of questions, but I will post this one for right now untill I have more time to word the other one better: In reference to what you were saying in the quote below: I understand you are saying that your friend had substance abuse problems in the past, but I am unsure if by the latter part of your statement when you speak of his sub-self looking to alcohol or energy drinks you mean he specifically still uses alcohol. I kind of got lost there. In more plain language does he still drink and was his substance
  14. Michael, First of all I would like to say I enjoyed your treatment of the Twelve Steps in regards to an Objectivist view of them. In regards the guilt that is associated not only with an addictive lifestle, but other less tumultuous ones as well this, I believe, is at the root of holding a large portion of the population back from what could be much more productive and fulfilling lives. I also have some questions I want to ask Paul in regards to his situation, in addition to exploring your ideas more. L W
  15. Hi Trevor, As a person who was raised in the deep South amid a religious Baptist family, married a woman who was Pentecoastal, and traveled A mystical path for many years after that, I am well aware of the demons(pardon the pun) we are faced with when trying to look at life in an objective manner. The struggle for myself(and it has definitely been a struggle) has been a long one, but the rewards are well worth the effort. One of the good things, as I am sure you are learning, is that we don't forsake moral values just because they are not dictated by some Godlike entity, and we don't slip into