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  1. If anybody is interested in evolution and wants to see a bit of it happen on their PC then this application is worth a look: I'm a software developer by profession and this application isn't a throw away peice of junk like much freeware. In other words, you can expect high quality, ease of use, and no bugs (except your artificial life creatures as the evolve). I'm also running this simulator for one year on a dedicated machine in my home. The website for that project is: - Ken
  2. Howdee folks. I just want to introduce myself to your excellent forum. My Ayn Rand beginnings date to 1989 when I first read her novels. For many years after that I emersed myself in objectivist writings. My agreement with objectivism has greatly diminished over the last couple years. (why this happened is not 100% clear to me). My new intellectual hero is Darwin and all things Darwinian. Daniel Dennett and Richard Dawkins have greatly influenced my personal views recently. I hope to use this forum to engage in discussions on consciousness, free-will, evolution. So far I like the reasoning of