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    There's an overwhelming over-abundance of more than enough information. And that's just in any single frame of the video. Consider all of the content of all of the frames, and there are multiple, layered, redundant means of determining whether or not any entity, attribute, action or effect seen in any frame conforms to reality. The space, the objects within it, and the motions are all precisely measurable. Then add all of the visual information from other cameras at other vantage points... Each participant on this thread who has commented on the visual evidence is right about some things, yet wrong about others. The issue is not that the visual evidence is insufficient, but that none of you has the technical knowledge to be making any conclusions, or to be dismissing anyone else's observations or concerns, or to be throwing accusations of kookiness or conspiracy theorizing at anyone who thinks that something in a photo looks a bit odd. J
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    https://fineartamerica.com/featured/the-milkyway-over-beaverhill-county-jestephotography-ltd.html Something a lil different than my Wildlife photography. Nikon Z7 mirrorless with a Sigma 14-24mm f2.8 Art series lens for Astrophotography.
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    Last July Craig Biddle of The Objective Standard published “Regarding Carl Barney and Scientology” in defense of Barney. That didn’t satisfy some of his readers so a few days ago he published a Part Two, same webpage as what is now called Part One. I review it at: Barney Continues Telling His Story
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    By Ron Unz, the latest in his American Pravda series: John McCain, Jeffrey Epstein, and Pizzagate “Our Reigning Political Puppets, Dancing to Invisible Strings” It’s long but the lucid style makes it easy to read.
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    I'm not here to defend the morality of most self-proclaimed secularists (I should add, secularism is merely one political position, not a whole ideology in and of itself. Objectivism is a secular philosophy that promotes secularism, after all). I think you're going off topic. The reality is that "being good without god" is a significant question that many theists ponder. Natural Law provided an answer to that question. And Christians/Evangelicals never appealed to the state to enshrine their values? Evangelical Christianity in particular has been resolutely illiberal. They only defend classical liberalism when convenient for them, or when they're losing a culture war. When they're in power, they have shown a consistent tendency towards using the state to enforce their beliefs on others. Not that most members of the secular left are any better. But again, that isn't the point.
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    Sunny Lohmann hosts a podcast featuring Ed Powell and Ed Mazlish: youtube.com/watch?v=995Riq8JdUo
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    Many of them sincerely believe, it’s just that they want you to die, first. They want your home burned down and turned back to prairie. Then they can enjoy earth with a smaller, sustainable population. How many who oppose pipelines have turned off their pipeline? None. That would be suicide.
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    One of the general differences between those on the left and right is that the right understands the left's views... You can see this with their parody and satire. Leftist characters are portrayed accurately, and sometimes, right-wing media creators can even explain the left's views better than actual leftists. The parody and satire created by leftists, though, is consistently egregious--like the description of Jussie Smollett's attackers, for example (pretty much every right leaning person knew it was bullshit immediately). Again, it's a generalization. Obviously not all right-wingers understand the left's talking points, but for the most part, they get it... while for the left, the opposite is true. They can't even conceive of what they are arguing against. So what you end up with is ignorant, and possibly stupid, people who the right is gently trying to point out as ignorant and stupid... which reaffirms the leftist's belief that people on the right are immoral (mean). Obviously accusing someone of being immoral is worse than accusing someone of being stupid... so it's insane. This is pretty much just venting... but it's really annoying that this is the case. Politics has become a chore where people with good ideas have to hold the hands of their attackers to help them see what they're missing.
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    You are saying either A always causes B, or A never causes B. It can't be A caused B in this particular case. Causes have contexts. The elderly woman in my example probably had weak bones. The weak bones would be a context. It is not necessary to say vaccination always causes autism in order to say vaccination caused autism in this case.
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    The suicide note left by Fidel Castro’s eldest son has rocked the Cuban nation this week, with the most astonishing revelation being the claim that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was his half-brother and the son of the late Fidel Castro. http://whatsupic.com/index/cuba-justin-trudeau-fidel-castros-son/
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    "Former Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates may not be able to escape Epstein-gate after all, after it was revealed last week that the billionaire traveled with Jeffrey Epstein on his infamous 'Lolita Express' Boeing 727 in 2013 - four years after Epstein served time for pedophilia. "In addition to Gates - other famous figures who flew aboard the Lolita Express include legendary newsman Walter Cronkite, architect Peter Marino, and of course Bill Clinton, Naomi Campbell, Kevin Spacey, Chris Tucker and Prince Andrew. " https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-08-22/why-did-bill-gates-fly-epsteins-lolita-express-after-pedophiles-prison-stint
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    If Epstein were murdered, with the stage subsequently set to make it look like a suicide by hanging, the perpetrators would have made it appear it was an accidental hanging, specifically a case of auto-erotic asphyxiation. Because reasons. But they didn’t, so it wasn’t a murder. QED. Moron or lunatic? http://sorbusaucuparius.blogspot.com/2012/08/umberto-ecos-four-types-of-idiot.html Hint: no reference (above) to the Templars. But seriously, if evidence of a struggle emerges, such as injuries to the hands, fingernails etc, then the probability space will have to be reallocated. Jeffrey Dahmer and John Geoghan were murdered in prison, but neither death was confused with suicide. As it is, suicide is the most likely explanation for the facts we have.
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    Actually, Ralphie got an A + + + + + + + +
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    Jon, We disagree on this. But, once again, that's what we're here for. Humans disagree. I'm fine with disagreeing. (Most of the time. ) Michael
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    I am back to not reading Army Ants posts so I don't know what you are satirizing. But thanks anyway, Brant.
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    Jon, Because you don't win culture wars with bans. I'm playing the long game. You seem to prefer short term gratification. I won't be doing any podcasts with any leftie authoritarians, though. They went for the short term gratification and bans (social media and elsewhere). Now they're losing the culture war big time as they sell out to crony corporations just to stay relevant and they are too hate-filled to see it. Once their idiocy stops making money and/or power for the elitist establishment, they will go the way of Avenatti. Slower than him, granted, but the path is the same. Michael
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    Here is a link to my song "Ave Maria (Ellen's Prayer)" as performed March 10 in Minneapolis. The singer is Christina Christensen, mezzo-soprano (https://www.facebook.com/ccmezzosoprano) and the pianist is Emily Urban (https://www.facebook.com/emilylurban). (I am not sure how long this link will remain active; I will post a permanent link later. However, the audio file can be downloaded from this link.) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MXQSi8JqBFqXL4CszL7I38c4jEsLaQhZ/view
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    It's worth it dude if you want to spoof the world. Wayne's World. Wayne's World.
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    See how deceptive the left is? Totally. I apologize for not including a link to Media Matters ... I was unusually lazy.
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    Thanks for the question. First, a link. Yes the number they are using is 6m, rather than .5m, but there are other assumptions being made by your question that are inaccurate. So I'll focus on those inaccuracies. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/sea-level-could-rise-at-least-6-meters/ Yes, for 2C warming the middle of the road number is around .5m of SLR (sea level rise). This is not the amount of SLR you can expect once you've reached 2C warmer, it's the amount you can expect once the system has fully equilibriated and is back to being in dynamic balance. I say all that because we aren't there. We've warmed over 1C already, and there's currently another 1-1.5C of warming in the pipeline if we stopped burning fossil fuels tomorrow. As we continue to increase co2 concentrations we are only adding more warming into that pipeline. I guess my main point here is it's an ok assumption that we might only rise .5m in 80 yrs, it's not ok to think that that is all the SLR that will occur. I also agree that 80yrs seems like a while for humans to migrate and adapt. However, many of the towns, cities, and villages that do lie within this danger zone of SLR aren't going to be salvageable. One can't simply relocate the city of Miami for example (although their issue is partly subsidence, I hope it's illustrative of the issue nonetheless). The other things that is glossed over by these statements and questions revolves around the inherent chaos of storm systems in these areas. Many coastal towns have been built to account for these storm surges safely. Be it through barriers or simply proximity to the coastline in more remote parts of the world, these natural and man-made barriers or going to prove to be less effective. This raises the long term costs and damages associated with SLR. Now, will we rise 6m? I hope not. That's very drastic change given the timespan. That's the key issue and concern behind AGW after all. It's not whether or not the ice caps have disappeared in the past, they have. It's not whether or not we've been warmer in the past, we have. It's not about whether or not co2 has been higher in the past, it has. The issues surrounding the current changes to the system is how quickly they are changing. The most recent mass extinction (PETM - Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paleocene–Eocene_Thermal_Maximum) event seems to most likely have been driven by a very large outgassing of methane. Methane is a more potent ghg than co2, however it has a relatively short lifecycle in the atmosphere. That's because methane (ch4) breaks down into co2 and water, and the co2 has a very long adjustment time in the atmosphere. So this co2 can have a very long and persistent effect. My reason for mentioning the PETM is the current rate of change far exceeds the rate's seen in the PETM. The 1C warming we've witnessed over the last 100yrs would have taken 2500yrs during the PETM, and it wiped out approx 50-60% of the biosphere. These mass extinction events don't happen literally overnight, only figuratively. Too much of the dismissal by individuals on the basis of lack of evidence, I think , is due to not witnessing a catastrophe due to AGW during their individual lifetime. My personal thoughts on it is that the human lifespan and experience isn't long enough for any individual to realize the full impacts of what is happening. Each subsequent generation going forward will see a slightly less productive, slightly more shallow biosphere. There won't be a morning that comes where all of humanity to wake up and realize something terrible has happened, like a bomb going off. It will be a much slower and more gradual slide and to me, that's more dangerous because it simply leaves the doors open to individuals to dismiss as some other cause.
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    As in, "Consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds"? It sounds like Hicks did the equivalent to a quote from Foucault.
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    I'm just going to restate Aristotle's Wheel Paradox for people who don't seem to understand it because of the mechanical aspects of the problem. Forget about wheels. Instead, consider the function f(x) = 2x defined on the interval [0, 1]. Then, if y = f(x), y is defined on the interval [0, 2]. The function f(x) has an inverse, so that x = f-1(y). Specifically, x = y/2. Now, let yi be any point in [0, 2]. Then there is a corresponding point, xi = yi/2 in [0, 1]. Similarly, let xj be any point in [0, 1]. Then there is a corresponding point, yj = 2xj in [0, 2]. Now, assume that the interval, [0, 2] contains N points. Then the interval [0, 1] also contains at least N points because for every point in [0, 2] there is a corresponding point in [0, 1]. Similarly, if [0, 1] contains M points, then [0, 2] also contains at least M points. Therefore, M must equal N. But, the length of the interval [0, 1] is 1 and the length of the interval [0, 2] is 2, a paradox. I might not quite be doing the paradox justice, but consider the following: If there are N points in the intervals [0, 1] and [0, 2], then the density of points in the first interval is N/1 or just N, while the density of points in the second interval is N/2. So, the density of points in the interval [0, 1] is twice the density of points in the interval [0, 2]. Now, if I double the number of points in the interval [0, 2], then the number of points in the interval [0, 1] must also double and the converse is also true. But, the density of points in the interval [0, 1] is still twice that of the points in [0, 2]. So, if I keep doubling the number of points in the intervals indefinitely, the density of points in the shorter interval will always be twice that of longer interval. And, in the limit of infinitely many points, the limit of the ratio of the densities will equal 2: A (seeming) paradox. I'll return to the mechanical problem later. Darrell
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    Strange, "choose files" works fine for me (apart from upload limits...), I just put the cursor on the desired file, hit <enter> and the picture is uploaded (apart from...) Total Commander is one of those Norton Commander type file manipulation programs for Windows, I use it because I then can avoid that horrible dragging... In general such a limit is the amount of data you can upload in a certain period (1 day, 1 week, etc.), at the end of that period the limit is reset. At the moment my limit is only 0.02 MB. You can find it at the bottom of your edit window, under "choose files": "total size 0.02 MB" in my case.
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    which puzzle is that?
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    Once a track is put in, the inner wheel's motion isn't any longer just the 'effect' of the big wheel's 'cause'. The two achieve causal parity. The total weight, drag, etc. and velocity of both (fixed) wheels has been transferred onto two surfaces, equalising them, so skidding the smaller one will cause the big wheel to skid too, and vice-versa. Ignoring causality is partly where the slipists have slipped up. When the front wheel on your bicycle skids, doesn't the bike skid?
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    You have it reversed, Merlin. Your cycloid exposition merely restates or reconfirms the paradox - you merely demonstrate that the small wheel indeed accomplishes a traversing of road length in excess of its circumference, a fact already understood, indeed the very fact that the paradox is all about. Your cycloids confirm the problem, they don’t resolve it. The small wheel’s skidding on its road and the precise calculation of that skidding resolves and explains the paradox.
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    Max, So, is it to you more advisable to trust the establishment people who run endless war for profit, support an enormous fake news propaganda media, and have been caught time and time again using unsuspecting people as guinea pigs? Let me be devil's advocate for a second. As I understand your post, you only got your information about this guy from other people. Is that correct? I mean, you didn't look at anything he had to say. Am I right in that supposition (based on the tenor of your post), or have you actually looked to see if he has anything interesting to present? If you only got your info from other people, then your advice to not trust him comes from information your gleaned second-hand and some suppositions you probably added on your own. Correct? Is that rational? Don't misunderstand me. I'm not advocating for Russell Blaylock. I don't know his work. I'm advocating for a more open view of looking at things, especially if brainstorming the causes of an epidemic. I agree that many times there are "conspiracy nuts." But I have also seen "conspiracy nuts" turn out to be correct. I used to do like you do. Just dismiss something out of hand based on second hand information. I lost my certainty in that when I began checking the facts of everyone, not just the respectable people. I highly recommend first hand looking at everything. But it's your mind, your time, your values... Michael
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    Ditto. Mechanical visualization/reasoning ability is not as common as one might think. And it's also complex -- someone who seems to easily grasp one scenario might suddenly have great difficulty with just a slight new twist to it. It's fun to explore these cognitive differences. J
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    You stopped following or saying anything to do with Rand long ago. Ps: your keyboard warrior bravery is pathetic. You can’t even defend an idea against a “leftist”. You just call them a cunt or a pedo or a retard. Yup it is his site.
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    Or, in terms of the original statement of the paradox, it is impossible to have: X2 - X1 = R * (T2 - T1) x2 - x1 = r * (t1 - t1) X2 - X1 = x2 - x1 T2 - T1 = t2 - t1 and R > r where X2 - X1 and x2 - x1 are the distances traveled by the big and small wheels, respectively, T2 - T1 and t2 - t1 are the angles (theta) that both wheels rotate (e.g. 2pi radians) and R and r are the radii. That is a mathematical statement of Aristotle's paradox. Darrell
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    Abusing his host, showing his ugly leftist ass all over an Ayn Rand site, for years, how many years, now? to satisfy his superiority complex trolling and belittling the Randroids. You are a pathetic loser, Billy. Cheer up, tho, I’m sure impeachment is right around the corner, #FuckingMoron
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    The paradox can be illustrated in two ways: 1. The larger circle is on a “track”/surface and the smaller circle is dependent upon the larger. 2. The smaller circle is on a “track”/surface and the larger circle is dependent upon the smaller. Solve either 1 or 2, and solving the other is trivial. Taking away both “tracks” destroys the paradox. Assuming both “tracks”/surfaces exist simultaneously muddles it. All of Jonathan’s videos and drawings show two “tracks”/surfaces simultaneously. That is the con in Jonathan’s con art. That’s the crutch, without which Jonathan and you are helpless.
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    Here is what happens when the wheel rolls without any slip on the road. Why isn’t the small wheel staying in point-to-point contact? Is Jon performing a trick, or is there something real, something about all of this that is, in reality, keeping the small wheel from performing honest roll?
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    Oh, now you reply to me! Too funny. Look Tony, whenever I go too fast on my motorcycle, the inner circles go slower than the rest of the wheels. When I slow down, they catch up. Reality. Try it and you’ll see.
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    MSK, Welcome to discussion! You may have missed it earlier, but here's a video of what happens when a large wheel rolls freely on a surface without slipping, and it carries along the smaller wheel which is firmly attached to it. The small wheel necessarily slips/skids while it rolls on the surface at its base (as described in the actual "Aristotle's Wheel Paradox," rather than the one that Merlin has recently dishonestly edited at Wikipedia in order to fake reality). The issue here is that Merlin and Tony can't visually track and grasp the small wheel's slippage/skidding on its surface under conditions which don't include as much visual information as in the above. In the above video example, I've included all sorts of textures and markings so that anyone should be able to track the motion and see what's happening. The problem has been that other visual representations haven't included any such markings, and, without them, people like Merlin and Tony very easily get lost and confused. But they don't want to accept the fact that they've been fooled, so they choose to believe their mistaken interpretations of the visual representations which don't have textures and markings, and they therefore conclude that above representation, in which the slippage/skidding is clearly visually obvious, is, as Merlin has claimed, a "con job," a "scam," and an "optical illusion." Jon had also posted videos of marked wheels and surfaces in which the slippage/skidding is undeniable, and none of it has gotten through to Merlin or Tony. They are not cognitively suited to grasping it. They are visuospatially/mechanically inept (that's not a moral judgment, but a simple, objective evaluation of their cognitive abilities in this area). And they are also stubborn, and refusing to consider others' arguments and evidence. J
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    Are you perhaps blind, Jon? I said a few times that such experiments were conducted. And long before your suggestion, and changes nothing. "Math and experiment" are not substitutes for identification and thinking.
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    Unfortunately, groups that fight racism like in advertising, never seem to succeed, unless it is racism against black people. There can be a commercial with multiple darker skinned humans and not one white and there is no outcry. But we will always hear about how twenty or fifty years ago there were no ads with blacks unless it was in Ebony Magazine and there is truth to that. And don't forget what went on in 1860~ Recently Downton Abbey was cajoled into adding a black actor into the cast even though 1920's England was stratified by class and color. Oddly, the black guy's character understood the situation better than many upper class whites.
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    Michael, Thanks for the thoughts, links and videos.
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    Many of the Cordair kids, as well as Rand-follower artists who are not represented by Cordair, have called themselves "Romantic Realists™." Cordair's own subheader is "The finest in Romantic Realism." I don't think that's an accurate descriptor of most of this type of art. The visual style is indeed realism: The objects/entities depicted are easily identifiable and realistically rendered. However, the environments and situations are highly artificial and unnaturally overly orchestrated. Forced. And the aesthetics of the poses aren't really romantic, but stiff, empty, lifeless. It's as if the artists think that hanging nightgowns on a rigidly posed figure in a architecturally rich environment mathematically equals "romanticism"? Instead of "Romantic Realism," wouldn't it be closer to the truth to call this stuff something like Posed, Staged, Overt Signalism? Or Conspicuously Exaggerated Bursting With Bodily Physicality While Remaining Facially Calm and Expressionless In An Odd Environment That Was Selected Not Because Of Any Contextual Relevance But Because The Artist Maybe Thought That It In Itself Would Clearly Signal Romanticism ("Um, today I think I'll put on my ballet slippers, but maybe go topless, and bring some strips of cloth to let the wind swirl around me while I balance on something like a classical column or globe out in the middle of the ocean.")? J
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    Having Aspberger's Syndrome is a definite advantage in the computer and software related trades. Also in physical science. P.A.M.Dirac was almost a textbook case of Aspberger's Syndrome. Spock, the son of a Sarek, is the patron saint of the Aspies. Live Long and Prosper \\//
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    I think that's just a matter of definition. As I said before: a paradox is an argument that leads to an apparent contradiction. The contradiction doesn't exist in reality, so there must be some error in the argument. One can solve the paradox by showing were the error in the argument lies. The bad argument, i.e. the paradox, doesn't disappear in my opinion, it has only been shown what was wrong in the argument Well-known paradoxes are for example those special-relativity paradoxes, such as the barn-pole paradox, which seem to imply contradictions in reality, by incorrectly supposing that simultaneity is an invariant. There is no contradiction, but the paradox does exist and is well-known. I think the quibble is about the distinction between a paradox and a contradiction.
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    The cycloids are not relevant for the solution of the paradox, as they are a description of the movement of one point of the wheel in the z-x plane (z = up, x = direction of rail/ledge/road). The paradox is about the interface wheel-rail/ledge/road, however. That is: the points of the wheel and of the rail/ledge/road where they touch each other. The position of these points form a straight line along the rail/ledge/road. When the wheel rotates without slipping on its support, the length of that line is 2πR after one revolution of the wheel with radius R. With the two concentric wheels (radius R and r, r < R) in the paradox, the length of those lines would after one revolution without slipping be equal to 2πR and 2πr respectively. However, the actual length can only have one value, as those wheels are part of a rigid body, so at most only one wheel can rotate without slipping, for example the larger, outer wheel. The smaller inner wheel then has to travel the same distance 2πR over its support. In the same time interval its proper slip-free rotation distance is only 2πr, which is not enough, so it has also to slip over a distance 2π(R – r) to keep up with the outer wheel. Jonathan’s animation shows this clearly. Further, I’m reminded of this joke: https://tinyurl.com/y7hly2al
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    Un-raveling the supposed paradox Me - here: "I think you added the line 'The outermost circle's/wheel's circumference is a maximum, not a minimum' on an edit." Merlin - here: "I should have said, "A point on the outermost circle's/wheel's circumference sets a maximum, not a minimum." That is for a curved path. I was mislead by your saying, 'all points of all circles of the "paradox" setup ..... travel farther than the outermost circle's/wheel's circumference.' Mid-sentence you changed focus from a curved path to the straight horizontal path. The straight horizontal path is a minimum." Your insertion clarifies what you meant, but, no, I didn't change focus from the curved path to the straight horizontal path. According to your own chart, "all points of all circles of the 'paradox' setup ..... travel farther than the outermost circle's/wheel's circumference." The only point which travels exactly the distance of the outermost circle's/wheel's circumference is the center, which, as only one point, isn't a circle. I'll re-post your chart in full. (I'm presuming, btw, that you're correct in giving the distance traveled by a point on the outermost circumference as 8*Rb. I haven't checked that out.) I've subsequently realized in so many words what I've "sensed" all along: The only path which is relevant to the supposed paradox is the straight horizontal path. Seeing why requires distinguishing each position of the total configuration from the particular point occupying that position at a given time. At each instant, however far laterally the instantaneous point of tangency - which is to say, the 6:00 o'clock position of the outer circumference - has traveled is how far laterally every other position has traveled. Which point instantaneously occupies each position (except the center) keeps changing, but the relationship of all positions to one another remains constant. For instance, the 9:00 o'clock position of the outer circumference - whatever point is occupying that position at a given instant - is always a quarter distance around the circumference from the 6:00 o'clock position of the outer circumference and is always a radius distance from the center. Similarly, every other position, whether on the outer circumference or internal to the figure, is always in the same relationship to all other positions of the figure and is always a constant distance from the center. Thus, the distance the center - the only position always occupied by the same point - has traveled laterally is the distance every position has traveled laterally. There's only one lateral distance involved, uniform for each position of the whole figure. The supposed paradox arises from having the false presumption that a position on the internal circle should have moved a different distance laterally from the distance moved laterally by a comparable position on the outer circumference (e.g., the 6:00 o'clock position of the inner circle compared to the 6:00 o'clock position of the outer circumference). The false presumption results from thinking of the internal circle as if it were an independent figure rolling on its own. But it isn't an independent figure. It's a fixed-relationship subconfiguration of the total configuration. Ellen
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    Technically Lindzen is correct. But blanket is a good analogy. Blankets keep your body from losing heat quickly on a cold night. The CO2, NH4 and H2O(g) slow down the rate at which IR energy is radiated into space. In effect they slow down the energy loss in the IR bands and make the equlibrium temperature of the earth with space somewhat higher. W.O. CO2 the temperature of the Earth with space would average around -15 deg C. With the amount of CO2 we have the a temperature that averages around 18 deg C. The CO2 absorbs energy in the IR band and radiates that energy to the surrounding cooler air and the ground. That accounts for the 33 deg difference. If the Sun went out CO2 or no CO2 the earth would eventually be at the temperature of space or maybe a little warmer because of some geothermal heat reaching the surface. The source of all warming on Earth is the Sun (ignoring the small geothermal output). Like all bodies at temperature above 0 K (absolute zero) it will radiate heat until temperature equilibrium with the surroundings is reached. It is the heat we get from the Sun that keeps us as warm as we are. Even if the doomsday sayers were right and the temperature of the Earth at the surface increased much further we would radiate out energy faster. This is the result of the Stefan Boltzmann law with says the rate at which body radiate energy is proportional to the 4 th power of the temperature difference between the body and its surrounding. Please see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planetary_equilibrium_temperature for details. This article has the mathematics of radiation.
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    The Dark Side of the New World Order conspiracy is a concoction from France and Russia, to wit, -The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion- which is a plagiarism of a French work done in 1864. In any case this has produced one of the most vicious and persistent memes ever. Whever your picnic is spoiled by ants or rainstorm, blame the Jews. Whenever the economy goes South, blame the Jews. etc. etc. etc. -The Protocols- translated into Arabic is one of the best sellers in the Islamic world. This feeds into their Nasty Meme, the War of Islam on the Dar al Harb. And so it goes. Ba'al Chatzaf