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    That guy is a Christian Nazi. He should stay away from the holy smoke if he wants to be a rational holder of public office. I despise people who want to wed their religion to public law. Even with a powerful Episcopalian entity in England, there was some separation of church and state going back to earlier times, which was reinforced in the U.S. Constitution. Back then, you couldn't be an atheist without being lynched or booed in the mid to late 1700's but you could be a Deist. And the more intelligent of the West's leaders and intelligentsia called themselves Deists.
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    I have begun to wonder if Obama is running the Deep State behind the scenes. He might be an Acting President, everyone in the Federal civil service working hard to oust Trump. Sort of makes sense. Obama lives in Washington. Be interesting to have NSA metadata on who he talked to last week, and whether he personally directed Lynch and Comey to bury the Hillary evidence. Anything is possible.The caravans were a stroke of genius. Motor voter registration and driver licenses for illegals. Yep. Recent history has Obama's fingerprints all over it. Rush Limbaugh speculated that NATO diplomats agitated for an FBI counterintelligence putsch to smear candidate Trump. No way. It was an Obama White House op, start to finish.
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    Although it is virtually-impossible to embed a Brighteon or Bitchute video here at OL (even with a Twitter sample), several dozen 'republishers' on the Youtube platform try to keep each of his broadcasts available. This is the slightly-longer version of the Bitchute video Michael linked to above.
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    I'd agree with you except she didn't spend any of it on me. --Brant disgruntled
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    Oh my God! A rich woman spends money. Call the police! Michael
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    From Peter Wade in Rolling Stone: Ivanka Trump Cashed $4 Million From Her Father’s D.C. Hotel in 2018
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    “Wales attended George Soros's birthday.“ This is much like attending Hitler’s birthday and suggests he could well be a fully made member of The Gang.
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    From Owen Daugherty at The Hill: Trump campaign says it will handle foreign intel offers on 'case by case basis' 🦀 🐙 🦊 🦅 🦃 🦈
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    From: Jimmy Wales To: Atlantis Subject: ATL: David Kelley on civility Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2003 08:33:13 -0800. Here's a fairly long quote from David Kelley that is directly applicable to questions about why a civility policy is a good idea on a mailing list which makes an effort to be creative, open, and intensely intellectual. From “Unrugged Individualism:” The Selfish Basis of Benevolence. p. 38: The forms of civility, and the broader realm of manners, are therefore dismissed by some people as arbitrary. "Why should I confirm to arbitrary social standards? I am an individualist." But while the forms are conventional, what is conveyed through those forms is not. If my argument so far has been correct, then it _is_ objectively important to acknowledge each other's independence in some way or other, whether by saying 'please,' or 's`il vous plait," or by some gesture understood to have that meaning. It doesn't matter which forms we use to convey this, any more than it matters which sounds we use to express a given concept in language. But insofar as civility has a communicative function, it does matter that we use the same forms. Someone who does not practice these forms is rude. We can assume that his failure to comply reflects indifference to what the forms express (unless he is ignorant, as in the case of a foreigner). A similar answer can be given to the complaint that the forms of civility are inauthentic. "What if I don't like the present Grandma gave me and I don't really feel any gratitude? Am I not falsifying my feeling if I say _thank-you_ nonetheless?" The purpose of that thank-you is not to convey one's specific feelings about the gift, or the person who gives it. Its purpose is to acknowledge that it was a gift, from an autonomous person, not something owed one by an underling. (If Grandma wants more than this, and makes it clear that she really wants to know whether one liked the gift, then one should tell her, as tactfully as possible.) Civility, then, may be defined as _the expression -- chiefly through conventional forms -- of one's respect for the humanity and independence of others, and of one's intent to resolve conflicts peacefully_.
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    From Kevin Poulsen, contributing editor at the Daily Beast: Political Hoaxers Beware: These Scientists Have Declared War on Your Deepfakes "It’s frighteningly easy for just about anyone to unleash high quality video fakery of whomever they want to smear. But researchers now have a tool to make it a bit harder."
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    Eliminate all them Christians, bro! Get 'em all! If people can't see 'em, maybe they'll stop existing... (I'm being sarcastic, of course.) I don't want to defend Christianity, but that's just plain gross. Even more, it's just plain stupid. These idiots think this kind of bullying will win a culture war. btw - You know what Christians have in the US that social media doesn't? What social media will never have? Churches. Physical churches where people go using their cars and legs and feet to get there, not a mouse or a keyboard. And, boy are there churches in America. Lot's of 'em. In every city, in every suburb, in every patch of country. And guess what? Christians vote. I almost feel sorry for the social media giants. They are committing suicide right in front of our eyes without even realizing it. They are smart people in doing social media platforms, but man are they as dumb as a bag of left-handed hammers about how to use their platforms to persuade. Michael
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    LOL... Carpe Donks 'em again: The Magic Wand of Trump... Michael
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    Poisoning the well? Psychologizing?
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    Helping Billy to escape his cultish beliefs is difficult. When I try to use the methods that he himself has advised, he resists. His primary tactic is to clam up, to simply not acknowledge the uncomfortable bits of reality that have been presented to him. Perhaps he'll post some new advice on how to reach people with his mindset, and we can then try out that method too. J