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  1. Paul was correct, Branden's and Rand's fields are distinct - and simultaneous, I think he'd agree: Good and evil and healthy and unhealthy. As both thinkers understood. Philosophy and psychology are considered different areas of formal study and application but co-exist in the individual mind and his life. (Self-evidently). Healthy and unhealthy was the specific concern of this Objectivism-grounded psychologist. Who would still write psycho-philosophically in Honoring the Self, about the correlation of human atrocities, sacrifice and self-sacrifice : "It is not self but the absence of self whi
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  2. In this age of alone togetherness a young adult on a blind date is like being a paid volunteer in some kind of orchestrated chaos centered around awkward intimacies and chance meetings in order to placate demands placed by social norms. This could not have been highlighted more than by the stark contrast of the paper tablecloth and plastic silverware juxtaposed along side the leaded crystal stemless goblets of the restaurant. Increasingly few were the times Lisbeth didn't feel the dull stab of vain embarrassment when her glance would linger on her pretty ugly fingers , and she would be forced
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  3. Live life with every breath. I found that to be a very good concept, especially after I had a heart attack.
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  4. Well well well. They kept pushing and they kept pushing and they kept pushing and then this happened. I love it. People can have the freedom to hate the USA and say so openly. But we--through the American government--should not have to pay for it. Right the fuck on... Michael
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