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  1. From Wikipedia. The Canadian Shield (French: Bouclier canadien [buklje kanadjɛ̃]), also called the Laurentian Plateau, is a large area of exposed Precambrian igneous and high-grade metamorphic rocks (geologic shield) that forms the ancient geologic core of the North American continent (the North American Craton or Laurentia). Glaciation has left the area with only a thin layer of soil, through which the composition of igneous rock resulting from long volcanic history is frequently visible. end quote When the next glaciation occurs, Canadians are very welcome here, though it may be more likely a climatic heat event will occur first, so the U.S. may need to buy some grain from Canada. Deal?
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  2. More Deep-State pedo-revelations; this time, from Wisconsin, involving both a member of the VA and a judge... Curtis Schmitt: Tony Evers’ Appointee in Jail on Child Porn Accusation Curtis Schmitt, a Tony Evers’ appointee, is in the Milwaukee County Jail, records show, and a source tells Wisconsin Right Now he was arrested on an accusation of possessing child pornography. Curtis Schmitt was appointed by Evers to the Board of Directors of the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs in May 2019, according to his LinkedIn page, which says he’s the chairman. It’s the second time in recent years that a Milwaukee-area Democrat-affiliated official has been accused of child porn allegations. Milwaukee Circuit Court Judge Brett Blomme received nine years in prison for distributing child pornography. In 2020, he shared a graphic on Facebook that reads, “Veterans and Military Families for Biden.” (read more here): Curtis Schmitt: Tony Evers' Appointee In Jail On Child Porn Accusation WWW.WISCONSINRIGHTNOW.COM A source tells Wisconsin Right Now that Curtis Schmitt mentioned his affiliation with Evers to authorities after being arrested.
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