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    Lo and behold, just days after Berman's being taken out, SDNY's case against Jeffrey Epstein's child victim procurer Ghislaine Maxwell finally proceeds after having been sat on for years. https://jonathanturley.org/2020/07/02/epstein-confidante-maxwell-arrested-in-new-hampshire/
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    Bolsonaro showing the world
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    Dr. Death out there slaying the false narrative that fewer corpses is somehow good.
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    There is no impact. It is a typical bad cold. They tell stories that indicate otherwise. Lasting impacts stories. Lies. Shutting down has had enormous negative impacts, but those were not caused by too many old people dying, they were from intentionally shutting down economies, which were political calculations having nothing to do with the new cold.
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    Remember the people who said Hydroxychloroquine will kill you? That its efficacy was merely anecdotal? Remember the pharmacists who refused to fill Doctor's prescriptions? The Democrat governors who interfered with supplies, hoarded, hid, supplies of the drug? Premeditated Conspiracy to Commit Mass Injury and Death.
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    Jon, Just for the reader, here is a bolded headline to that link and some excerpts: Epstein Confidante Maxwell Arrested In New Hampshire [Updated] Here is the indictment if anyone is interested. Also, a video right out of the oven of the official press conference about Maxwell's arrest. This case shows AG Bill Barr's method of working. Re investigations, he's a plodder and keeps a tight ship on leaks. When the time comes he and his staff believe they have an air-tight case, they clean the path (like getting rid of Berman through political channels), then swoop in and arrest bad guys who have no idea what hit them. I bet there are a lot of Deep Staters who are observing this very process and, suddenly as their arrogance turns into bile and goes down their throats with a big-ass gulp, are contemplating a move to another country that has no extradition treaty. And, as you keep reminding readers, the people who disparaged as a conspiracy theory and a sign of warped non-Objectivist epistemology the idea that elites controlled other elites through pedophilia-connected blackmail are silent about this. Reality doesn't fit the story they keep telling themselves where they are the superior good guys. From their words and deeds, they are protectors of science and reason and defenders of decent people of prominence who don't deserve to be smeared. That's the story they tell themselves. In reality, as the investigations are now proving and later prosecutions and jail will prove, many of their public heroes are pedophiles and have been blackmailed for years because of it. Some way to do philosophy and epistemology if it blinds people that much, huh? Let's just say I'm enjoying the show. Michael
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    The WHO has outdone itself in corruption. They recently started a trial of the drug hydroxychloroquine, intentionally giving patients a near lethal dose so as to – obviously – make the drug look dangerous. Meryl Nass and others saw what they were doing and exposed it. Only then did WHO stop the trial. The following articles are by Dr. Meryl Nass. Even worse than 'Recovery,' potentially lethal hydroxychloroquine study in patients near death WHO and UK trials use potentially lethal hydroxychloroquine dose--according to WHO consultant 1. In the UK Recovery trial, and in WHO Solidarity trials, HCQ is used in a non-therapeutic, toxic and potentially lethal dose. 2. HCQ is furthermore being given, in clinical trials, too late in the disease course to determine its value against SARS-CoV-2. 3. Collection of limited safety data in the Solidarity trials serves to protect trial investigators and sponsors from disclosures of expected adverse drug effects, including death. 4. It appears that WHO has tried to hide information on the hydroxychloroquine doses used in its Solidarity trial. Fortunately, the information is discoverable from registries of its national trials. 5. The conclusions to be drawn ... ... a) WHO and other national health agencies, universities and charities have conducted large clinical trials that were designed so hydroxychloroquine would fail to show benefit in the treatment of Covid-19, perhaps to advantage much more expensive competitors and vaccines in development, which have been heavily supported by Solidarity and Recovery trial sponsors and WHO sponsors. ... b) In so doing, these agencies and charities have de facto conspired to increase the number of deaths in these trials. ... c) In so doing, they have conspired to deprive billions of people from potentially benefiting from a safe and inexpensive drug, when used properly, during a major pandemic. This might contribute to prolongation of the pandemic, massive economic losses and many increased cases and deaths. How a false hydroxychloroquine narrative was created, and more
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    Cockroaches rolled over by cop car ...
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    I don't know where to put the following so here is as good as any place. To me it's hilarious. I'm still laughing as I post this... LOL... Michael
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    https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/trump-tweets-conspiracy-theory-buffalo-protester-police-officers/story?id=71150154 OANN did a piece, as far as I know, taking apart the innocence of the 75 yr old demonstrator in Buffalo. Leaving aside the feint push. He was filmed talking with the photographer who later filmed his fall. He was waving his phone near the holstered gun of the leo. He tweeted F the police. He was on an anarchist website. His name is Martin Gugina. Heres a piece echoing OANN news. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2020/06/06/buffalo-officials-duped-by-professional-antifa-provocateur-arrest- In other news......OANN filed a defamation suit against R Madcow. An Obama appointed judge found her comment saying OANN is a communist network news, to be a personal opinion, she's not a journalist an entertainer.
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    Michael, I quoted the start of your post to draw quick attention to the post. The post's length might turn people away from reading it. I VERY MUCH RECOMMEND that people do read the whole thing. Please, readers, pay extra careful attention to the central part which describes in specifics how the leftist radicals took over college education . The description is spot on, including the part about non-radical faculty members finding meetings boring, often not attending them, saying, oh, well, if you want that hire so much, ok, etc. Capitulation through ho-humness to an attrition process they didn't realize was happening. The result has been a mind-ruined generation who are now old enough to start running things. Ellen
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    A ray of light in the mainstream news. Tucker has balls. Thank God. This is one hell of a nice rant. And 100% true. Also, it comes on the tail of the left trying to take him off the air. As Tucker said, if we don't push back and exercise our birthright of freedom of speech, the left will push America into becoming like North Korea. I, and many who think like I do, will not take a knee. Shame on those who do. To you who kneel before the current leftist tyranny, we will take care of the problem and carry your sorry asses so you can have the freedom to bitch about us. Why? Because we love freedom and we have to for freedom to exist. But when we look at the likes of you, it's a dirty job. It doesn't have to be, but it is. So fuck you while we're at it. Michael
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    From Joshua Lawson at The Federalist: Be Courageous And Stand Firm, America—We Do Not Kneel Americans didn't kneel to British tyranny, Nazi fascism, or Soviet communism. We won't kneel for a collective guilt movement that's gone off the rails. My people. Michael
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    Q said years ago we would reach the day when they cannot safely appear in public. Welcome to that day.
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    A visual homage, yes exactly, and yes, they know it. His murder was a ritual and the knee now is a replaying of the ritual. They believe their god rewards them for ritualized murder and for creating mayhem, chaos, pain, death and suffering. These people really are, not metaphorically, but really, seriously sick and evil.
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    Kanye spent some time with Forbes ... Kanye West Says He’s Done With Trump—Opens Up About White House Bid, Damaging Biden And Everything In Between
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    btw - Scott has a bug up his ass about President Trump's Mount Rushmore speech being called "unifying." He thinks there are many who don't feel unified by American history, so presenting American history is not effective persuasion. He doesn't see the erasure of history as a bad thing. And he thinks statues have no value at all, symbolic or otherwise. I think I got all that right from the recent videos of him I've watched. It's one of his weirder positions, seeing how he claims to be an expert at persuasion. Michael
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    Jon, Scott has a leftie side that blinds him at times. (For example, he thinks men weightlifters who become trans should be allowed to compete in official sports events against real women. Why? Because not all women are small. Blah blah blah...) But, to the crux of his presupposition, President Trump's campaign is defending the American way of life. That could be considered backward-looking. (To me it isn't. Defense against an organized attack is present-looking and future-looking to me.) But one thing is not backward looking even in impression: Rebuilding America's Economy. How is Rebuilding America's Economy and making it even greater than before not future-oriented? If I thought about this a little, I could come up with a bunch of things. Besides, if Kanye West did run for real, many of the blacks who like him like President Trump. So if they migrated their vote to Kanye, how would that help President Trump? This is not one of Scott's best moments. Michael
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    Why are people still using any of these statistics? Has anyone come up with any alternatives for measuring the virus' impact on countries that is perhaps harder to manipulate than the absolute numbers?
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    When he says, "Why are the press running medicine?" it makes me wonder how many leftists will even comprehend what he's saying. I think a lot of people are literally that far gone that they wouldn't even recognize the risks, let alone the blatantly corrupt actions, of this informal hierarchy of "legitimate" information. I wonder is you asked a leftist, "When has the media EVER agreed with Trump?" and if they would even know what the point of the question was. If they agreed with Trump very rarely, you'd have some evidence that it wasn't purely politics, but if they NEVER agree with Trump? It's truly shocking what they've been able to get away with.
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    In the first nine seconds of this video Trump is asked about his remark about slowing down testing. His response was “I don’t kid.” Will subjectivists MSK and Jon still try to twist and mangle “I don’t kid” into “I was joking” or “It was humor”?
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    Jon, I don't feel bad for them and I do hope it hurts them over and over and over. That's a quip, but it's not--not really. I am actually being kind when I say that. I gave up crack cocaine. Had I not done that, I would be dead right now. The only way I managed to do that was to have people around me who did not feel bad for me when I fucked up. They listened, but they did not feel bad for me. And they let me know that it will continue to hurt over and over and over. Each time. They also said I had no one to blame but myself for allowing myself to continue. That there was a path out, but I had to be the one who took it. They couldn't take it for me. Those were the kindest people--to me in my life--I ever knew. Michael
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    " "Coronavirus" is a wider category than the types of coronavirus which produce common cold symptoms. Severe acute respiratory syndrome, which COVID-19 produces in susceptible people, is in a different league of bad from "a bad cold." " I disagree. It looks to me like every other bad cold I saw in my over fifty years. The bad ones killed the old peope like it was the plague. The rest of us got it and called it a bad cold. The kids got it and didn't slow down. Same as today. Bad cold. Indeed, "bad cold" is exaggeration for 9X% of the population. Worldwide hundreds of millions of us have likely already "had" it and it didn't even make us feel sick. Yes, the 2020 Scamdemic is also mass murder on the grounds of keeping people electively out of hospitals which will result in delayed cancer discoveries, for starters, and deaths (2020 Scamdemic murders.) And their emptiness and the layoffs demonstrate that the nation's resources were never going to be stressed by covid, have not even been challenged in the slightest by covid. All their front line stories are bullshit. The staffs at all the hospitals spent the time making Tik-Tok videos and went home with layoff slips.
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    A quip? You believe his remark was witty or clever? Gimmee a break. , ye of unlimited faith in your messiah and your mind-reading. As usual, Jon is clueless, confusing a test for SARS-CoV-2 with a test for antibodies, plus other confusions.
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    Text: https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/executive-order-building-rebuilding-monuments-american-heroes/
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    I was just reading over some of the founding documents of the USA. I noticed the following quote from the end of The Declaration of Independence. Opps... I think I got ahead of myself... Michael
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    The Left can’t stand that our President won’t escalate their precious bloody foreign adventures. It drives them crazy that we finally have a moral President who starts the long process of cleaning the blood we have on our hands, instead of drenching us in more.
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    Actually the truth is coming out about the empty seats at the Tulsa rally. There was sabotage from the inside. MUST READ… Report: Tulsa Arena Management Sabotaged Trump Rally Attendance They put stickers on every other seat saying, “Do Not Sit Here, Please!” And the temperature screeners were taken off the job hours in advance, meaning people were not cleared to enter past the first checkpoint because no one was there to clear them, although there was supposed to be a staff. One of the assholes involved even crowed about it. I know there will be other attempts at sabotage, but I doubt this will repeat. Also, this makes Trump supporters fighting mad. It's hard to get Trump supporters to fight, but once they start, it's harder to get them to stop. Michael
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    Scott Adams said the oddest thing today. He said all these riots go on because the insurance companies pay for the damage. The moment the insurance companies pull out, the riots stop. He gave the example of the businesses in Seattle suing the government for that CHOP mess. As soon as the lawsuit was filed, the insurance companies pulled out, at least I think they did since that was Scott's point, and I imagine they pulled out of government coverage. Suddenly everyone wants this CHOP thing wound up chop chop. I don't think insurance is all there is to staged public misbehavior, but I can see it as a major component. Michael
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    Yesterday in Arizona President Trump spoke about Space Force and said they have new missiles that travel many times faster than existing missiles. How many times faster? He said "seventeen times faster."
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    The emotion of compassion is like all emotions; an automated response from one's value-judgments. Likewise, it signals that something positive/negative, by your standards, is afoot. Simply, feeling empathy is the response of one's own value-judgements -- applied to ~an other's~ situation, plight, suffering, pain. Since compassion is being kicked about so much lately, it should be analyzed closer. Seems to me the teaching of empathy started springing up about 15-20 years ago simultaneous to teachings by supposedly learned experts that emotional intelligence EQ is more important than intellectual IQ. Making for and confirming the old dis-junction between mind and emotions. Prescribed largely by women at the time, men too began searching themselves for that telling lack of empathy. But because no two persons' value-systems are exactly alike, sure as hell they'd find that they didn't necessarily feel the same way about the same situation as others apparently did. Not for the same thing, and/or not to the same degree. On other occasions, feeling much MORE than them . Aha, crowed the empathists, not good enough. You either feel what we feel - for the poor, the children, the Africans, etc.etc. - or...[you are probably a sociopath]. And so, many men and other women learned to fake it. That's when the cult of empathy began. Used as a psychological force that would create uniformity/dependence in a mass response. Children too, were indoctrinated and have been ever since. The oldest trick, using one's better emotions against one. If one blindly accepts this lie and subterfuge and senses one doesn't meet the conformist, compassionate grade, naturally the next emotion is guilt. They have you, coming or going.
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    You might also want to check out Harlow's monkeys: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Harlow Ellen
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    I just donated fifty bucks to the one, the only . . .
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    Yeah Michael, I did fall for the “story line” that he wanted to kick them out, so thanks for setting me straight. In the following he is pushing some buttons. I really don’t think he is goading the lowlifes to disrupt, but that may be the effect of the message. President Trump: Any protesters, anarchists, agitators, looters or lowlifes who are going to Oklahoma please understand, you will not be treated like you have been in New York, Seattle, or Minneapolis. It will be a much different scene! end quote If there are violent protesters, I hope they are arrested quickly, but does Oklahoma have the capacity to “store” hundreds of rioters? It sure does! Perhaps the hottest, driest, and most remote Indian reservations will be available for storage? Hmmm? How much will they charge per “scalp?” Peter Notes. Oklahoma Indian tribes: Cherokee, Arapaho, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, Wyandot Kickapoo, Apache, Comanche, Kiowa, Osage, Pawnee, Seminole, Wichita, Shawnee, etc. From Wikipedia. Department of Defense Indian Incentive The Department of Defense (DoD) Indian Incentive Program, part of the Office of Small Business, provides a 5% rebate to a prime contractor, based on the total amount subcontracted to an Indian-Owned Economic Enterprise or Indian Organization To qualify, the organization must be at least 51% owned by an entity (or tribal member) of a federally recognized tribe. end quote
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    Michael, I think that inserting little subtitles is an excellent idea. It would certainly help me, and probably others too. You say a lot of interesting things, but sometimes the sheer l-e-n-g-t-h presents a daunting prospect and I feel, oh, sigh, do I have the stamina to plough through this to find out what's in it? Direction indicators would help. Ellen PS: I haven't read the preceding two posts yet. I saw the question as the first thing in line in the expanded activity feed.
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    Here is some advice from Polly on not taking a knee in everyday life. Her advice is to stand up to bullies in the moment they are bullying. Even in small places like supermarkets. The left's army of bullies are trying to win the culture war using death by a thousand small cuts. Polly (who does not use this metaphor) says do not tolerate even one small cut from a bully. Appeasers follow strength, so be stronger than the bullies and show this as the bullying is happening. Bullies always back down when confronted with strength. Then the appeasers will follow you. Michael
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    Jon, I didn't listen to that at first, probably because the visual was not enticing. But I just listened to it. Good on that lady. The one yelling. Good on her. Do you know who is not listening to people like her? The Deep State, fake news mainstream news, Antifa, spoiled celebrities on a mission to tell others how to live, the current Democratic Party, anti-Trumpers, etc. etc. etc. But I hear her. You hear her. People all over America hear her. Michael
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    I keep looking out over society through the lens of the fake news mainstream press and the alt media places I visit. I see everyone talking about riots and takeovers and whatnot. Then I see that everyone President Trump has endorsed recently has been elected. It's at 73 to 0 right now. I've also seen raging riots (if the fake news mainstream news is to be believed) go dark from one day to the next. The difference? National Guard. The only image that keeps coming to my mind with regularity is nothing fear-based like burning buildings or chanting crowds. Or nothing persuasion-based like pampered celebrities and politicians mouthing off about Black Lives Matters or taking a knee or apologizing for white privilege or whatever. It's Baghdad Bob. Don't these idiots see what's coming? They are creating such a ruckus, they are making themselves easy targets. Michael
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    We might could reach a consensus that this will be used as an example of Trading Up The Chain, even if the example is arguably illustrating no such thing/not quite the same thing. I left out that an initial spark of information content on Twitter led to the next level of contagion at the Conservative Treehouse, before being incorporated in OANN reporting, before the reporting based on a tweet was amplified back on Twitter to the timelines of 82,000,000 followers. I also left out the raging manic reaction of those who believe a former/current Sputnik employee might work in ways inimicable to the US project. Who cares about possible motives? Consensus. Tap tap tap.
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    There's another thing. COVID-19 was no longer anywhere to be found in the fake news mainstream press. President Trump announced he will start doing rallies in two weeks. Now COVID-19 is all over the fake news mainstream press and they are saying Trump will kill us all through the pandemic. What dorks... Michael
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    Race is the smokescreem for the riots. The following is what all the rioting is really about. And don't be fooled. The rioting is not only against President Trump. If you are like me and support him, it is aimed squarely at you, too. Michael
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    Jon, Here. I did a screenshot. Michael
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    Why is comparing the coronavirus situation to a past pandemic nonsense? Did you regard Ellen's comments as nonsense? My first post on this topic was not a gotcha. Yet that is what you took it to be. Why did you so often feel the need to play one-upmanship and be so snarky?
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    MSK is psychologizing again. After stating a mortality rate without saying what the denominator is! Oh, my.
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    Robert, There's only so much you can do to convince others otherwise. If you will appreciate that many who "slander Objectivism" have detected the truth in it (soon after hearing the first words) and are reacting to a threat, you'll believe like me that most people have built up an edifice - their lives are based on and invested in - that they live in dread will be over-turned by reality, any moment. That's fear, you are seeing/hearing. There isn't a response to that, polite disengagement is all you can do.
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    Here's the gist of of the purported Atlas Shrugged world domination conspiracy. It's worse than you think. And by the way, the next time someone tells you that Ayn Rand is embraced by the radical right, and is the darling of the crypto-fascists and neo-Nazis, show them what those people really think about her. This gem of paranoia has been described, with sort of a scholarly incredulity, in two books by Michael Barkin (Professor of Political Science, Syracuse University), Religion and the Racist Right: Origins of the Christian Identity Movement (rev.ed., 1997, Univ. of North Carolina Press) and more recently, A Culture of Conspiracy: Apocalyptic Visions in Contemporary America (2003, University of California Press). I should make clear that Professor Barkin is not an adherent to these beliefs, nor is he implying that Ayn Rand was admired by the people that he is describing - quite the contrary, as you will see. It seems that the extreme rightist "Christian Identity" (i.e., neo-Nazi) movement discovered Atlas Shrugged and, not surprisingly, hated it. The anonymous author (who Barkin surmises is probably Kerry Noble) claimed to have discovered something that normally functioning minds had not, and revealed his discovery in a pamphlet with the catchy title, Witchcraft and the Illuminati. Here's just a taste, as summarized by Barkin (1997, p. 193): "Witchcraft and the Illuminati can scarcely contain its excitement about all this secret knowledge.....They know because they possess the key that allows them to unveil the true meaning of the encoded text of Illuminati plans, which turns out to be Ayn Rand's novel Atlas Shrugged. Much of the rest of the CSA volume purports to be a decoding of the sinister plans allegedly contained in Rand's best seller." There is an addition to this fantasy,: in his later book (2003), Professor Barkin adds (pp. 30-31) that Witchcraft and the Illuminati was "inspired" by another Identity devotee (John Todd, the speaker on some of the bizarre videos posted on YouTube), who had discovered that the movie, Three Days of The Condor, "contained a doubly encoded message.... the book on which (Robert) Redford was working as a CIA analyst early in the film was Ayn Rand's novel Atlas Shrugged, itself an encoded conspiratorial work....Rand had been commissioned to write the novel by [her lover!] 'Philip [sic] Rothschild,' allegedly the leader of the Illuminati." And "[w]ithin the book is a step-by-step plan to take over the world by taking over the United States." But, nobody believed these fantasies, right? Wrong. Professor Barkin goes on to describe that the "bizarre claims about Rand's novel had a deep influence not only in fundamentalist churches, but in the Covenant, Sword and Arm of the Lord [CSA], a heavily armed commune in the Ozarks affiliated with the anti-Semitic and millenialist Christian Identity movement....Indeed, Noble attributes CSA's program of arming and military training to the fears...The community dissolved shortly after a raid by federal law-enforcement authorities in 1985." As a result of this armed confrontation with the Feds, Kerry Noble spent some time as a "guest" of the federal prison system, during which he had a change of mind, and later wrote an “expose,” Tabernacle of Hate: Why They Bombed Oklahoma City(1998). On the internet, in YouTube, one can still find several videos, crudely done, disorganized, and bordering on incoherence, from some who still hold these views. Simply search on “Witchcraft and the Illuminati,” in Google., and they pop up. And you thought only the Leftists (excepting, of course, the National Review-Buckleyite devotees!) hated Rand?
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    Nathaniel's argument misses the point that it takes more than one meal to help an abondoned, starving child. What would the man do, feed the child and then walk on, knowing that the next day the child would be in the exact same predicament? Is it a case of hoping that everyday another passer-by will do the same thing, essentially feeding the child for a decade or so until he/she is an adult? A child is fairly helpless and would require an adult to take care of it for many years, something the man with the knapsack may not feel that he is willing to do. He could take it to a home for children, if one such exists close-by, and hope that it was the sort of home that treated children kindly (but again this would need to be run by people who want to spend their life doing this sort of thing). I'm not intending to be callous, I wouldn't want to see starving children in the street, but neither would I want to spend my life looking after them.