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    Polar Amplification just keeps rolling on ... Siberian heat wave is driving massive wildfires, sea ice melt in Arctic With Fires, Heat and a Cyclone, Arctic Breaks Melting Record
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    I'll wait till the end of October (surprises?) before I post a final prediction. My last prediction was that Kamala Harris would not be chosen to be on the ticket with Biden ... this should be known in a few days. I am currently stocking metaphorical "crow" ... What makes Lichtman's prediction intriguing or notable is that he has was only wrong once (Gore/Bush), and that his 13 Keys criteria are mostly the same as ever. And that none of the criteria take any notice of polling. Enphases added. Also ... He may be "emotional," but the criteria still remain, Peter. The proof is in the pudding, so to speak, not in the heart of the baker. [for a local news angle on the Ohio Governor, via WKYC Studios: ] Ohio churchgoer with COVID-19 infects 91 others as state struggles to contain spread of virus
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    Qanon targets pedophiles, sex traffickers and satanists. Twitter, Facebook, the MSM & some others target Qanon. Making sense yet?
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    The forest, the florist, the trees, the logs, the oriented strandboard ...
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    A note on human trafficking.
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    Yeah, sorry about that. Sometimes, since I primarily tweet from mobile, some interpretation is required. bed -> need So where to start. Are we in agreement that the GHE is the reason that the earth is over an effective temperature of 255K, or do we need to back track further?