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  2. William, Exactly. Trump Derangement Syndrome, ergo MAGA Derangement Syndrome, fits this perfectly. You make a mistake, though, in thinking that one must see ONLY one thing and one thing only to be able to evaluate it. One can look at the products and views of a person or organization over years, detect a strong bias, then see a new product come out featuring the very thing they are biased against, then make an educated guess that this is more of the same old shit. In other words, "never sees it" is not quite accurate if one has seen the same people produce the same bigotry over years. Having HBO do a documentary on QAnon is akin to having David Duke do a history of African-American achievements in the world. Would you want to watch that for information? If one were black, would a black person really have to look at that shit in order to be informed of what being black means? Duke has made it clear where he stands about blacks over years. Ditto for HBO. And this is reinforced by the comments to the documentary, which are nothing but sniggering and mocking Q people. You get your information from there if you wish. I have better things to do. I don't want to watch propaganda by bigots and call that information. Michael
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