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    That guy is a Christian Nazi. He should stay away from the holy smoke if he wants to be a rational holder of public office. I despise people who want to wed their religion to public law. Even with a powerful Episcopalian entity in England, there was some separation of church and state going back to earlier times, which was reinforced in the U.S. Constitution. Back then, you couldn't be an atheist without being lynched or booed in the mid to late 1700's but you could be a Deist. And the more intelligent of the West's leaders and intelligentsia called themselves Deists.
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    So does William discuss? No, he posts a link: Slide, slip, slither, avoid - and then whine if you're called dishonest And what the linked-to list is about, as Michael points out, isn't how to have a discussion but how to indoctrinate. Ellen
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    I have begun to wonder if Obama is running the Deep State behind the scenes. He might be an Acting President, everyone in the Federal civil service working hard to oust Trump. Sort of makes sense. Obama lives in Washington. Be interesting to have NSA metadata on who he talked to last week, and whether he personally directed Lynch and Comey to bury the Hillary evidence. Anything is possible.The caravans were a stroke of genius. Motor voter registration and driver licenses for illegals. Yep. Recent history has Obama's fingerprints all over it. Rush Limbaugh speculated that NATO diplomats agitated for an FBI counterintelligence putsch to smear candidate Trump. No way. It was an Obama White House op, start to finish.
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    Sunny Lohmann hosts a podcast featuring Ed Powell and Ed Mazlish: youtube.com/watch?v=995Riq8JdUo
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    Many of them sincerely believe, it’s just that they want you to die, first. They want your home burned down and turned back to prairie. Then they can enjoy earth with a smaller, sustainable population. How many who oppose pipelines have turned off their pipeline? None. That would be suicide.
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    Ayn Rand would never agree to open immigration from today's context, which is war. --Brant
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    Makes sense. I wasn't thinking in terms of strategy and financial benefit re Japan. Jon, an issue I've raised before in your accounts is the "total control" bit. Can't be acquired. Brainwashing, blackmail, bribery, whatever - no method turns a human into a complete automaton with no power of choice. And regarding Iran, are you indicating that the Ayatollahs aren't in fact Islamic fanatics? Ellen
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    You were viewing "What's Up With." Damn. You got scared.
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    Very interesting. If you hover over someone's name it will tell you what they are viewing. I have blocked Jon but decided to engage him again. I can still read his "theories" by signing out and looking at content or activity. Jon was looking at . . . go see yourself.
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    Aha! From the site, Necker Island: Necker Island is a 30-hectare island in the British Virgin Islands just north of Virgin Gorda. The island's land is entirely owned by Sir Richard Branson, chairman of the Virgin Group, and is part of the Virgin Limited Edition portfolio of luxury properties. The whole island operates as a resort and can accommodate up to 34 guests, with additional room for , , , , So, if you own a resort and Che shows up, you are a communist?
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    And you know this from what source? Come on Jon. You are thinking things and those things become truths to you, and then you present them as obvious and call anyone who wants proof of your assertions an idiot or worse.
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    CIA black op sites in Iran? Did Natural News tell you that or did "the voices" inform you?
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    When conspiracy theories surface I read them and listen but I withhold judgement. Show me the proof.
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    after a search of a few minutes, Jimmy Wales an objectivist who resides in London, seems to be a straight shooter and has had no hints of sexual perversion. Richard Branson? He seems like a decent “rich” sort and I could not find any real scandal after a few minutes of searching. He bought Necker Island, in The British Virgin Islands and his house was destroyed by Hurricane Irma in 2017. From Entrepreneur online. Richard Branson's 8 Keys to Happiness and Success. It boils down to family, friends, fun, purposeful work and money -- in that order. 1. Don’t measure your success by the amount of money you make. 2. Unplug and focus on face-to-face conversation. 3. Have fun in everything you do. 4. Find a hobby that gets you outside. 5. Dream big. 6. Learn as you go. 7. Be fearless in trying new things. 8. Make happiness a habit.
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    Although it is virtually-impossible to embed a Brighteon or Bitchute video here at OL (even with a Twitter sample), several dozen 'republishers' on the Youtube platform try to keep each of his broadcasts available. This is the slightly-longer version of the Bitchute video Michael linked to above.
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    I'd agree with you except she didn't spend any of it on me. --Brant disgruntled
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    Oh my God! A rich woman spends money. Call the police! Michael
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    From Peter Wade in Rolling Stone: Ivanka Trump Cashed $4 Million From Her Father’s D.C. Hotel in 2018
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    “Wales attended George Soros's birthday.“ This is much like attending Hitler’s birthday and suggests he could well be a fully made member of The Gang.
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    From Kevin Poulsen, contributing editor at the Daily Beast: Political Hoaxers Beware: These Scientists Have Declared War on Your Deepfakes "It’s frighteningly easy for just about anyone to unleash high quality video fakery of whomever they want to smear. But researchers now have a tool to make it a bit harder."
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    Click on the graphic William posted and compare to the actual Reanalyzer graphic. William has played games. Also, re the issue of what he understands and what he doesn't, he ever so obviously doesn't understand what either the distribution or the sequencing and fluctuation of the figures at the bottom of the Reanalyzer series mean re the "humans are causing it" claim. Ellen
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    Huh? Doesn't it have everything to do with this thread? As in, if we don't completely get rid of freedom, and if we don't immediately start punishing evil deniers, then, by the end of next week, the entire planet will be on fire just like that, followed shortly by everything being five thousand feet underwater due to all of the ice, everywhere, melting? J
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    Eliminate all them Christians, bro! Get 'em all! If people can't see 'em, maybe they'll stop existing... (I'm being sarcastic, of course.) I don't want to defend Christianity, but that's just plain gross. Even more, it's just plain stupid. These idiots think this kind of bullying will win a culture war. btw - You know what Christians have in the US that social media doesn't? What social media will never have? Churches. Physical churches where people go using their cars and legs and feet to get there, not a mouse or a keyboard. And, boy are there churches in America. Lot's of 'em. In every city, in every suburb, in every patch of country. And guess what? Christians vote. I almost feel sorry for the social media giants. They are committing suicide right in front of our eyes without even realizing it. They are smart people in doing social media platforms, but man are they as dumb as a bag of left-handed hammers about how to use their platforms to persuade. Michael
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    LOL... Carpe Donks 'em again: The Magic Wand of Trump... Michael
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    It's kind of funny seeing lefties sound like Rand. I don't mean the SJW lefties who are so thin-skinned, they can't handle poo-poo-head-like insults and need safe spaces. You know, the ones who clamor for police protection against contact with ideas that go against their indoctrination. I'm talking about the "burn this shit to the ground and rebuild it in our image (with us in power)" lefties. Jimmy Dore is the last kind, although I believe there is a good side to him. (He's the kind that makes me think of the aphorism: The road to hell is paved with good intentions.) His video below really bears watching. Take away Jimmy Dore's enemy-bashing comments for audience applause and listen to what he says against Maza re free speech. These comments are as Randian as anyone could ever want, and they are getting just as much applause as the other crowd-pleasing comments--from a progressive audience! In the leftwing stuff of not too long ago, you never heard a leftie preach in favor of free speech for their enemies. Sometimes they would mouth something in that direction as a ruse or a gotcha, but what is happening with Dore and so many like him is not a ruse. These lefties literally want free speech for their enemies and they mean it. Later, if they get massive power, they might want to torture and kill their enemies, or lock them up in reeducation camps and so on (after all, power does corrupt), but for now, free speech for everybody, including their enemies, is a legitimate part of their platform. (As an aside, this free speech principle will make it hellishly difficult for them to get absolute power like they did in Soviet Russia, Communist China and so on, but that's another topic.) Talk about moving the Overton Window within the leftie world... That's something. And, of course, you know I'm going to say it. President Trump was a major influence in doing that. PC censorship had been growing by the time President Obama took office, but Obama massively ramped up its implementation--intellectually through his COBS elitists (Consortium of Behavioral Scientists) and logistically through his crony elitsts in power. Sometimes, hell often, he would use plain vanilla thugs for intimidating opposing voices. President Trump came along and shut down covert PC censorship by socking it in the nose--hard--and made the rats come out of the shadows. Now that people can see the rats, people fight them--and, lo and behold--even diehard progressive lefties fight them, and fight them on principle at that. At root, Ayn Rand has her finger in that, too. Michael
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    Here's an interesting aspect of story wars when on defense. It's in a transcript of a Rush Limbaugh segment on his radio show. We Need to Call Out Journalistic Malpractice — And Name Names There is stuff in this transcript that deals with the news of the day, but the gist of the story wars part is that blatantly fake news stories that attack individuals in the culture--when busted--mostly get pegged to their platforms, not to the lying authors who do the attacking. In other words, say someone at CNN attacks a blogger with a stupid story that was made up. After being busted, the news in the culture will say that "CNN" attacked the blogger. It will not mention (or barely mention) the author. What will happen to CNN after it apologizes, if it does? Not much. CNN will always be there until it does this crap so many times it destroys its credibility to the extent it is no longer viable as a business. But that number is huge and CNN backers have deep pockets. Now look at the blogger who gets slimed. What happens to the blogger? Well, if the story involves a hot button issue, the CNN fake story will spread like wildfire and the blogger will be damaged through degraded reputation, death threats and the like. These effects do not go away after "CNN" makes a retraction. In sum, nothing much happens to CNN for putting out a fake story, but the blogger gets destroyed or greatly damaged no matter the remedy. From that angle, why wouldn't CNN abuse that power to promote its agendas? With rare exceptions (like President Trump ), this form of dishonesty is extremely effective against individuals and the cost is extremely low for getting busted. So Rush's advice is that when you oppose a fake news story, do not just mention the platform. Mention the author of the fake information and, if you can, mention the person at CNN (or communications company) who approved this garbage. Pin it on the individual or individuals, not just the company. Obviously, this applies to any news or communications organization that spreads fake news or propaganda. There is one caveat, though. At MSNBC, there is a talking head host named Lawrence O'Donnell who attacks individuals regularly on gotcha stories. His credibility is awful since he puts out so much fake news, but when he is right, he turns his report into a nonstop harangue against the individual who was wrong and/or dishonest. He drones on and on and on forever and repeats his gotcha ad nauseam, each time in a melodramatic and overly accusatory manner. I believe his way of reporting on an individual who promotes fake information is not effective (except for hardcore fanatics) because the viewer experience of receiving this information is stomp down awful and painful. So that way is an exception. But in general, name the names of the phony-baloney fabricators. That stings on their hides whereas bashing a company does not. It's far easier for a collective like a company to defend the malpractice of one of its employees than it is for an individual to defend his or her own malpractice. This works well when said busted individual has a good reputation and prominence. This is great advice from Rush when doing battle in the story wars theater. Nail the lying SOB, not just the company where the lying SOB works. Michael
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    Ha! I'm not the only one to see it. Michael
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    Pound for pound unborn baby parts are worth more. It's psych-ops to normalize later abortions( post 1st trimester). Threats of infanticide are a canard , a negotiating point to pull back from.
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    There are also those who know full well that it's a crock and who are pushing it mendaciously for population-reduction (and other) goals. Ellen
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    Crowder won for now. Michael
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    Yeah, they're all still here despite their promises to flee to Canada. Words versus actions. It's much the same as people who "believe" in human-caused global warming, and preach it, but have a larger carbon footprint than the average person. J
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    This is too delicious. Yesterday, when President Trump was meeting with the Queen of England, the fake news media was lamenting the lack of protests, but projecting this was the case because today the protesting would be ramped up. They would show Trump, that's for sure. They would show him. Well, this happened today: Here is the video of the crime: Looks like it was a pissy little rally anyway. There's just not much enthusiasm in England for protesting President Trump when he is there, I guess. What can one do? Oh dear, oh dear... Throw another milkshake at Farage? Michael
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    My take on Rand was more her emotional response than her intellectual justification re her attitude toward American Indians. In today's context Moslem terrorists would be worse than the worse of them, real or imagined. My intellectual orientation is all property in this country, including real property, belongs directly to private citizens or is held in trust by the government for them. The purpose of that government is to protect the citizens and their property and therefore control access to same through citizenship and it's ancillaries and visas. Private parties cannot do this for none can control their guests sufficiently to keep them in non-rights'-violating line. It's the exigencies of the modern world that made me come up with this formulation. I think Rand would have done the same albeit spitting between each word. Regardless, no ideology can overcome the go to war to save our asses need of the general population which is human biological. Trump up ideas down. This is the age of the "businessman" vrs the left entire including the left libertarians. We are a long way from brains (ideas) and so close to Mexico. --Brant
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    Brant, That's an interesting point. I could never see Rand agreeing with open borders during war time. That would be an invitation for enemy soldiers and sympathizers to walk right into the country without a fight. If the enemy uniforms would be a problem, they can change clothes once they are inside the US. I can't see Rand agreeing with this logically, practically or ideologically. But think about this. George Bush declared a "War on Terror" right after 9/11. On May 23, 2013, President Obama announced on that the Global War on Terror was over. That's a technicality. Still, I can't see Rand agreeing with allowing wholesale communist immigration to the US in an open borders policy. Ditto for Islamist. Taking the logical chain from there, you have to arrive at a conclusion that there is a reality-based need to set legal immigration standards if a country wants to survive as a country. Rand loved the US, so I doubt she would have agreed to its destruction by foreign governments using mass immigration as a weapon. I would love to call Brook stupid for his views, but he is not. In posture, he is an Objectivist, but, politically, I see him as a proponent of globalist values more than Objectivist ones. Michael
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    Don't interpret, using your bias. Read what the Koreans and Japanese think.
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    Those democrat buzzards talk like they have all had a few beers. They are belligerent, mean, and spoiling for a brawl. We need to fight back. We need to fight fire with fire. Are the Democrats getting serious about impeachment? Perhaps it is time for the President to “get serious” too. PDQ. For those of you in Yorba Linda “PDQ” means pretty damn quick. I am getting sick of Pelosi and company. Their obstruction is going on and on. They are hurting America. If there are crimes committed by Democrats in The Mueller Report the Justice Department should indict them. Sure Obama had his critics and lampooners when he was running for his first term. Where was his family from? Was it Borneo, Indonesia, or Africa? Was he a cannibal? Was he even an American? But remember how nice the Republicans were during the 8 years of the Obama Administration? Of course there was the usual political discord, but it was with the gloves on. It was NOTHING like the first three years of the Trump Administration. They hate Trump for his success. They hate Trump like they hated the Vietnam War. They are beginning an era of Lethal Politics, which may carry on during President Trump’s second term in office. Consider what tactics may be needed in 2020. And then, until the end of President Trump’s second term. Peter
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    We need to take action now. And by "we," I mean Others™. In the short mean time, Billy, I know that you're not going to (can't) answer any of my previous questions about "the science" (tee hee hee), but might you have enough intellectual curiosity to offer up some thoughts on what "the science" should consist of? What are the ground rules? What is the methodology? Can you give some idea of how you think it should work, and maybe show that proposed method successfully applied to phenomena other than or in addition to climate? No? More steamed octopus? M-Kay. J
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    That episode was infuriating, but Ashley Judd was invigorating. She is, and was, beautiful. "Darmok" is the 102nd episode of the American science fiction television series Star Trek: The Next Generation, the second episode of the fifth season. The episode features Paul Winfield, who previously played Captain Terrell in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, and Ashley Judd in her debut acting performance. It describes an incident in which the crew of the Enterprise is unable to establish meaningful communication with the crew of an alien vessel, which is resolved by the struggle of the ships . . . .
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    I can see some advantage to The Gang in propping up the Ayatollah regime. But North Korea? Why? What Gang advantage is there in a country with a mad man at the helm and a nuclear button within his reach and the West Coast of the US within range? Ellen
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    Thanks again William. I went to the site and Pierre is really funny. And so is our guy. He just posted an obviously fake video of Pelosi that makes her look drunk and feeble. Ha! I wonder what life would be like if we had “stayed with England” like Canada and Australia? Are we freer than countries affiliated with Great Britain today? I suppose so. So home, home on the range, and “Give me liberty or give me death!” But England and its colonies didn’t turn out so bad. I have been watching “The Crown” and “Victoria” on our public broadcasting channel. On “Victoria” some episodes were from 1848, and England seemed more civilized than we freer people did back then. What a weird dilemma. I don’t know. If we wanted a monarch in our country’s history could we do better than Vicky or Eliza? Maybe not. If anyone wants to see a very funny skit from Saturday Night Live just type in something like “Lindsey Lohan pretending to be Hermione Granger from Harry Potter” and watch it. Behzinga! Yow! That soup is hot, hot, hot! Obviously I am also a big fan of classy English Lit like we get from J.K. Rowling. I had a bad thought when I watched it though. I remember she was arrested for DUI and possession and I think those male SNL guys might have corrupted her. Boo! Hiss! Peter An excerpt from Pierre Trudeau’s famous Washington Press Club speech regarding Canadian policy and the United States, comparing the situation to "sleeping with an elephant. No matter how friendly or even-tempered is the beast, if I can call it that, one is affected by every twitch and grunt."
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    This is the political criteria of the social media giants these days. What a joke they are in politics. Michael
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    Jon, Because you don't win culture wars with bans. I'm playing the long game. You seem to prefer short term gratification. I won't be doing any podcasts with any leftie authoritarians, though. They went for the short term gratification and bans (social media and elsewhere). Now they're losing the culture war big time as they sell out to crony corporations just to stay relevant and they are too hate-filled to see it. Once their idiocy stops making money and/or power for the elitist establishment, they will go the way of Avenatti. Slower than him, granted, but the path is the same. Michael
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    This got some traction on Reddit: "It’s Time to Boot Climate Deniers Off Social Media." I wonder if the person behind this article would go on a live podcast with us ...
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    Let's have some fun with the electoral college. Hillary Clinton was extremely bitter about the fact that she received more votes than President Trump, most of them in California. Setting aside voter fraud, let's look at what the country would look like without the electoral college: Now let's look at what the good people of California are doing today to see who would be electing the new President if the electoral college ever gets abolished: Medieval diseases? Wow. Now that's a remarkable achievement. California is restoring ancient history in real time. Imagine being able to do that with the whole country. Michael
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    I'm sure you did clarify. However, since I've slept many times over since 2014, and I haven't worked in agriculture in 3 years, I have no basis on which to continue debate. :-)
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    S, Robert used to be a friend of mine and we are still cordial. It's a term of affection (even when we disagree). Lighten up. In fact, I can do this the other way. Why do you feel the need to do micromanaging PC language control freak behavior on everyone? You make terrible presuppositions about people you don't even know. Michael
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    What IS your evidence based conclusion to call William a pedophile?
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    The Fourth Reich isn't going to just give up Britain.