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    There's an overwhelming over-abundance of more than enough information. And that's just in any single frame of the video. Consider all of the content of all of the frames, and there are multiple, layered, redundant means of determining whether or not any entity, attribute, action or effect seen in any frame conforms to reality. The space, the objects within it, and the motions are all precisely measurable. Then add all of the visual information from other cameras at other vantage points... Each participant on this thread who has commented on the visual evidence is right about some things, yet wrong about others. The issue is not that the visual evidence is insufficient, but that none of you has the technical knowledge to be making any conclusions, or to be dismissing anyone else's observations or concerns, or to be throwing accusations of kookiness or conspiracy theorizing at anyone who thinks that something in a photo looks a bit odd. J
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    https://fineartamerica.com/featured/the-milkyway-over-beaverhill-county-jestephotography-ltd.html Something a lil different than my Wildlife photography. Nikon Z7 mirrorless with a Sigma 14-24mm f2.8 Art series lens for Astrophotography.
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    Sunny Lohmann hosts a podcast featuring Ed Powell and Ed Mazlish: youtube.com/watch?v=995Riq8JdUo
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    Many of them sincerely believe, it’s just that they want you to die, first. They want your home burned down and turned back to prairie. Then they can enjoy earth with a smaller, sustainable population. How many who oppose pipelines have turned off their pipeline? None. That would be suicide.
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    One of the general differences between those on the left and right is that the right understands the left's views... You can see this with their parody and satire. Leftist characters are portrayed accurately, and sometimes, right-wing media creators can even explain the left's views better than actual leftists. The parody and satire created by leftists, though, is consistently egregious--like the description of Jussie Smollett's attackers, for example (pretty much every right leaning person knew it was bullshit immediately). Again, it's a generalization. Obviously not all right-wingers understand the left's talking points, but for the most part, they get it... while for the left, the opposite is true. They can't even conceive of what they are arguing against. So what you end up with is ignorant, and possibly stupid, people who the right is gently trying to point out as ignorant and stupid... which reaffirms the leftist's belief that people on the right are immoral (mean). Obviously accusing someone of being immoral is worse than accusing someone of being stupid... so it's insane. This is pretty much just venting... but it's really annoying that this is the case. Politics has become a chore where people with good ideas have to hold the hands of their attackers to help them see what they're missing.
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    You are saying either A always causes B, or A never causes B. It can't be A caused B in this particular case. Causes have contexts. The elderly woman in my example probably had weak bones. The weak bones would be a context. It is not necessary to say vaccination always causes autism in order to say vaccination caused autism in this case.
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    The suicide note left by Fidel Castro’s eldest son has rocked the Cuban nation this week, with the most astonishing revelation being the claim that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was his half-brother and the son of the late Fidel Castro. http://whatsupic.com/index/cuba-justin-trudeau-fidel-castros-son/
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    So today I had an interesting post on my twitter feed. A person looking to purchase a rights managed image for an add campaign. So I sent her my personal email via Message in order to get more details. i sent her a link to the image she wanted and ten minutes later BAM! https://fineartamerica.com/saleannouncement.html?id=9becce4a0811b1bc99e633e17bff67ee Kinda cool eh?
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    “We are not really in the business of asking for the share of that power. We are in the business of trying to grab that power and return it to the people.” Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) Link. Of course, "return it to the people" is a transparent cover for giving immense powers to Omar and a few like-minded with her to satisfy their power lust.
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    Here is a link to my song "Ave Maria (Ellen's Prayer)" as performed March 10 in Minneapolis. The singer is Christina Christensen, mezzo-soprano (https://www.facebook.com/ccmezzosoprano) and the pianist is Emily Urban (https://www.facebook.com/emilylurban). (I am not sure how long this link will remain active; I will post a permanent link later. However, the audio file can be downloaded from this link.) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MXQSi8JqBFqXL4CszL7I38c4jEsLaQhZ/view
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    How long do you think it will take to forget the name of the judge overseeing this decision, I'm not even aware of the name now. Any bets that person retires in say two years, just to be safe, and lives remarkable well on a judge's pension (?) , or am I just too cynical.
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    Altruism was appropriated by the totalitarians for moral justification for their idiological snarmniness and Rand countered with "selfishness" thereby justifying in her own way tyranny if tyranny be a value to whomever. The major flaw in her philosophy is its center in morality instead of politics and it's implicit and explicit morality. She was not wrong about rational self interest but she never recognized the nature of self interest in altruism. Of course, the religionists used altruism the same way the totalitarians did, to justify themselves and to control the subjugated and to subjugate. What has been obscured in this ideological warfare by its sheer bilateralism is actual human nature. The irony of the world of Atlas Shrugged is the sheer human destruction by the men of the mind going on strike is exponentially greater than anything the totalitarians have managed to achieve too date. Now I know I am mixing up my categories, fiction and non-fiction, and Rand declared she was trying to prevent a socialistic America, but Rand too was always mixing up those categories. However, man the individualist was also and always man the provider and man (man and woman, of course) the protector. Man and his (her) family. The irony is the Atlas bad boys were the heroes who let the other bad boys play just to practically illustrate in every way Rand could imagine how bad the bad boys and their policies could be to the USA. Not included, though, were anything like the Nazi and Communist genocides. Just good old Mr. Thompson and naked John Galt on the rack. That was essentially the end of her magnum opus. In her previous novel naked Howard Roark laughed. Roark led straight to Galt. This is why there is no Objectivist movement. The Objectivists are in Galt's Gulch. --Brant
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    btw - I am no fan of Corsi. I actually read Killing the Deep State: The Fight to Save President Trump. This could have been a very good book, but was basically a rehash of stuff from online discussions and videos without much improvement. I know because there is nothing in the book I hadn't seen before back when I read it. And, don't forget, most of the stuff one gets online needs a lot of improvement. This didn't happen in Corsi's book. Whether I like Corsi or not, agree with him or not, consider him to be sloppy and speculative or not, think he does more bad than good for spreading a pro-Trump message or not, even think his QAnon stuff that he promoted up to getting in trouble with Mueller is credible or mostly made up to promote himself and sell his book, that does not excuse what the Mueller people did to him. I get tickled by people who think Corsi was a kook until he said a message they agree with (his apology stuff). Then he becomes a credible source. L O friggin' L. In other words, to these people, Corsi lies until he doesn't. And they'll decide when he doesn't and becomes a sage. To me, Corsi is a kind of scholar for the fringe of the pro-Trump people. And he's not a very good scholar. In fact, at times, he's awful. To get value out of his work, you have to use him in the same manner you use all the major conspiracy folks. He's a blunt instrument to crack open topics that the powerful want buried, but he's not reliable for the details. And all of his conclusions need to be taken as a batch of uneven opinions--some spot on, some wacky and everything in between--that need further research. There's a trick to using these fringe folks correctly. See where the powerful get the most agitated and do the most damage to the fringe folks and right there will be the stuff to look at. (For a real good example, remember when they threw everything they had at a rather mediocre YouTube video maker to cover up the Benghazi mess? Or when they railroaded Dinesh D'Souza over campaign finance? Etc.?) Since Mueller came at Corsi with guns blazing, that's where the rot is. It doesn't matter what Corsi says from that point on. What he was talking about is what they want silenced. In my opinion, starting with Seth Rich... Michael
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    While we're asking stuff, I ask you to get a thorough psychiatric evaluation, and if you don't do it, I might call you such terrible names that you will go mad with terror and turn into a raving liberal. (Such are the heights of rational discourse on OL these days, apparently).
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    That is of course the fallacy. The interval [0,2] contains infinitely many points, and infinity is not a natural number, therefore the notion of density doesn't work, as the density is also infinite, and 2 * ∞ = ∞. Cantor, cardinality, continuum and all that. It isn't surprising that people like Aristotle and Galileo didn't understand such things well. Therefore those helpless attempts to consider circles "jumping" or "waiting" to make up for differences in traveled distance in Aristotle's paradox.
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    Strange, "choose files" works fine for me (apart from upload limits...), I just put the cursor on the desired file, hit <enter> and the picture is uploaded (apart from...) Total Commander is one of those Norton Commander type file manipulation programs for Windows, I use it because I then can avoid that horrible dragging... In general such a limit is the amount of data you can upload in a certain period (1 day, 1 week, etc.), at the end of that period the limit is reset. At the moment my limit is only 0.02 MB. You can find it at the bottom of your edit window, under "choose files": "total size 0.02 MB" in my case.
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    We did say that the circumference of the small circle slides or slips in relationship to the track. The small circle is not doing a true roll on the track. This is not to say that the small wheel slips in relationship to the surrounding figure. Nor is it to say that the small wheel's circumference is extended (your latest incorrect attribution). Ellen
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    Once a track is put in, the inner wheel's motion isn't any longer just the 'effect' of the big wheel's 'cause'. The two achieve causal parity. The total weight, drag, etc. and velocity of both (fixed) wheels has been transferred onto two surfaces, equalising them, so skidding the smaller one will cause the big wheel to skid too, and vice-versa. Ignoring causality is partly where the slipists have slipped up. When the front wheel on your bicycle skids, doesn't the bike skid?
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    Every word or phrase I put in bold highlight Jonathan’s mutilating Mechanica. The ancient Greeks in Mechanica said nothing about two wheels, surfaces, or slipping or not slipping. Jonathan has no solution without his crutch – a second surface, track, or support. He needs a crutch so he can claim slippage. When the problem conditions are met, the smaller circle horizontally moves the circumference of the larger circle (or vice-versa) with or without a second surface, track, or support. The paradox does not appear and disappear depending on whether or not there is a second surface, real or imagined. My solutions hold with or without a second surface, track, or support. Jonathan has refused to acknowledge my solutions as solutions. He has even denied they are, like he did this time. No good reason given; it’s mere ego and stubbornness.
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    Max, So, is it to you more advisable to trust the establishment people who run endless war for profit, support an enormous fake news propaganda media, and have been caught time and time again using unsuspecting people as guinea pigs? Let me be devil's advocate for a second. As I understand your post, you only got your information about this guy from other people. Is that correct? I mean, you didn't look at anything he had to say. Am I right in that supposition (based on the tenor of your post), or have you actually looked to see if he has anything interesting to present? If you only got your info from other people, then your advice to not trust him comes from information your gleaned second-hand and some suppositions you probably added on your own. Correct? Is that rational? Don't misunderstand me. I'm not advocating for Russell Blaylock. I don't know his work. I'm advocating for a more open view of looking at things, especially if brainstorming the causes of an epidemic. I agree that many times there are "conspiracy nuts." But I have also seen "conspiracy nuts" turn out to be correct. I used to do like you do. Just dismiss something out of hand based on second hand information. I lost my certainty in that when I began checking the facts of everyone, not just the respectable people. I highly recommend first hand looking at everything. But it's your mind, your time, your values... Michael
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    DNA doesn't much value intelligence. Language seems to be almost as important as the opposable thumb. We may be the smartest beings of our galaxy, for several reasons. But there may be trillions of galaxies. Etc. --Brant
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    The above is yet more confirmation. As Jon just said: "I think we will all have to accept that our discussants cannot process what we are saying, cannot cognitively manage all the parts, conditions and motions at once and that there is no teaching innovation that will change that." J
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    Pretty obvious Jon gets to say whatever he wants without repercussion. Pretty sad how he asked questions about my childhood and me being me just answered knowing fully that he only did so in order to attack me at a later date. A small part of me actually was hoping that it was not what he was going to be doing but being the sociopath that he is I knew he couldn’t help himself. MSK.. that lil flame war would have even made Perigo blush. Just sayin..
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    You stopped following or saying anything to do with Rand long ago. Ps: your keyboard warrior bravery is pathetic. You can’t even defend an idea against a “leftist”. You just call them a cunt or a pedo or a retard. Yup it is his site.
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    Sure, soon as Jon learns to stfu.
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    Very good article. Trump's Master Spooks Behind the scenes, Trump's spooks are destroying the enemies of the Republic, using astonishing tradecraft. Their assault has been devastating, as REX explains. https://quodverum.com/2018/12/337/trump-s-master-spooks.html
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    Hi Jon, Perhaps I was too hasty since I haven't been reading all the posts on OL, but I just noticed that some people are quick to engage in name calling. I'm not an absolutist when it comes to being polite. If someone is being flagrantly rude and disparaging, I'll sometimes get down in the gutter and engage in a little tit-for-tat. However, I generally dislike being impolite just because someone else doesn't seem to understand something, frustration notwithstanding. Cheers, Darrell
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    Yes, Darrell - if you mean the two wheels are separate, rolling independently. Back to the wheel in a wheel: The entire paradox is premised on the pesky small wheel which pops up at the end, having (we see) rolled only once--and having traveled at an identical forward speed (transitional velocity) to its big brother (self-evidently) and ending up in its exact original location within the large wheel. How did it get there? Why has it laterally traveled further than its own circumference, in a single revolution? "Surely" - some will believe - "It has to have skidded/etc./etc. to have moved so far in its one (smaller) revolution, in the same time?". 1. Such "slippage" contradicts the identity of the wheel. And one's experience in reality. 2. The explanation (how and why) is clear when one accepts (as one induces from experience -and- formally learns) that any inner circle/wheel/point within a wheel, is turning slower than any other circles, (etc.) outside of its circumference - up to and including the main wheel. Therefore, it is able to rotate once, slower, (in the same period the big wheel rotates once, a little quicker) -- while moving a distance a few or several times its length of circumference. A distance determined by the large wheel's circumference. To look at this in reverse, if the (erroneous) assumption is made by casual observation, that the small wheel 'turning-speed' and the big wheel 'turning-speed' are identical, then the paradox remains a paradox. Although one knows, self-evidently, that the wheels always 'work', in reality, one can't explain this phenomenon. Relative *tangential velocity* is the full explanation for the paradox. (I suspect more than ever, the second 'track' was added in later. Not just to complicate, but more to attempt to justify "slippage" where there is none ).
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    You got that right. .... That’s the habitual liar, psychologizer, and snooty reality-faker again. The author of Mechanica never said what Jonathan tries to cram in his mouth and mind. The author called the phenomena strange and remarkable, but “should” and “ought” do not appear in his description of it. He knew the smaller circle, when dependent on a larger circle, covered a distance greater than its circumference, and he did not posit two surfaces simultaneously.
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    Hi Tony, After reading MSK's post from Nov. 22nd --- I'll catch up eventually --- I realized that there are two ways to resolve the paradox. Perhaps the second way is easier for you. Let R, W, and V be the radius, angular velocity and tangential velocity of the big wheel. Then V = RW. Define r, w, and v similarly for the small wheel so that v = rw. Then, if R > r either V > v or w > W. Either the tangential velocity of the big wheel is larger or the angular velocity of the small wheel is larger. So, another way of resolving the paradox is to say that the wheels are actually separate wheels that turn at different rates. If that is easier for you to visualize, that works too. Darrell
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    There is no straw-man KorbenKeatingShit-For-Brains cannot cut down.
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    http://m.digitaljournal.com/news/world/bush-grandpa-traded-with-enemy-for-3-years-before-assets-seized/article/424715 Here ya go Brant 😊
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    I was saying - one millimeter of track height difference - anywhere - in that demonstration, and it becomes arbitrary. You've got rolling resistance and the weight-disparity of a massive main wheel and a tiny inner wheel, like a hub. Even so, you can see the 'hub' gripping and turning for a while. A dubious experiment that proves little..
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    Maybe you are not sure about this one. Let’s do another one. The small wheel rolls it’s road without slip, and what is the large wheel doing?
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    Yeah, they can't deal with it. And the animated version that you requested, provided here, won't help them either: Length AB is equal to length EF, as well as to length CD, but not to length GH. Point E on the smaller circle contacts Line 2 at point G. Point F contacts Line 2 at point H. Point A contacts Line 1 at Point C. Point B contacts Line 1 at point D. History's math eggheads, who happened to be visuospatially/mechanically inept, got all eggheady about infinite single points, and, jeepers, they couldn't figure out shit because any one point on one circle corresponds with a point on the other circle! Heh. So, instead of limiting ourselves to single geometric points (which do not have any length, area, volume or any other dimensional attribute), and thus remaining retarded math eggheads, let's put pairs of points at a specific distance apart on both circles! Yay! What does it show? Merlin? Tony? Heh. They still won't get it. J
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    You meant "Randalize" didn't you?
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    Same here! Tony, tell us about this one...
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    Are you perhaps blind, Jon? I said a few times that such experiments were conducted. And long before your suggestion, and changes nothing. "Math and experiment" are not substitutes for identification and thinking.
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    Lawrrd tunderin jeezus bai! Ware ya tuuuu? I’ll comes ware yur at! Newfie to English translation? Where the fuck are you? I’ll be right there.
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    Michael, Thanks for the thoughts, links and videos.
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    These people are so dumb and ignorant they think the ice in their brains will melt because of AGW. If only. --Brant I'd love to tell her the Titanic sank because of CC and watch her run with that
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    I’m pretty sure they left because they got tired of reading “The world according to Letendre followed by mass Qanon/mass pedophile under every rock crap posts?”
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    Having Aspberger's Syndrome is a definite advantage in the computer and software related trades. Also in physical science. P.A.M.Dirac was almost a textbook case of Aspberger's Syndrome. Spock, the son of a Sarek, is the patron saint of the Aspies. Live Long and Prosper \\//
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    No more excuses. Styx finally has his shirt on! When I say the giant social media platforms are not strictly private property anymore because of their integration with the government, Styx lays out a really good case for this in this video. There's even more to it, but at least this is in plain language and it's really hard to refute. If taxpayers are footing the bill, they should not be selectively banned. Besides, didn't the courts say that President Trump could not ban offensive comments to his tweets (although that is a feature Twitter offers) because it was a public service or something like that? Well... Pandora's box is now open... On another note and in defense of Korben, I have to admit, the skull with an eyeball in it is an improvement over the scrawny chest. He's still gotta work on that John Lennon look, though. Michael
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    Here is a good start of what I am talking about. Note, President Trump is not an ideologue disconnected from reality. He's a fixer of problems and a builder--all in reality. If he has to choose between fixing a problem or watching a situation degenerate until all is lost just so he can peg his inaction to a story in his mind, he will act and fix the problem. So be careful what you wish for. Reality might have a different opinion... At least, if the social media giants don't stop, the Trump administration will probably start by canceling or chopping up government contracts with social media giants, getting rid of government employees who formerly came from social media giants, cutting access of social media giants to the underbelly of the government's informatics infrastructure, and things like that. Thing about those juicy Pentagon connections... We can probably expect to see some of the head honchos of the social media giants head to Washington for a powwow with the President soon. Tim Cook was just there. I wonder if the things he was promised are suddenly being reconsidered... Leverage and all... But if that doesn't work, and I mean before the midterms, I have little doubt President Trump's legal advisors are ready, willing and able to craft legal approaches and even bills for Congress to fix this out-of-control assault on Alex Jones and, now, on countless conservative voices, some as benign as PragerU. If ever there were a time for principled voices from our end to speak up about something other than the rights of elitist crony corporatists, that time is now. Michael
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    That is an instantaneous point of tangency. Now you see why Newton and Leibniz had to invent calculus to deal with motion. Poor old Aristotle did not have a chance and even Archimedes who was smart enough to do it, did not invent a form a calculus for dealing with motion. Archimedes developed a theory for static balancing forces but he never invented dynamics. That came much, much later. It is "problems" like the rolling wheel and falling bodies that indicate just how essential differential calculus and differential equations are for the development of physical science. It all comes down to grasping the instantaneous, infinitesimal details of sustained motion. Motion as a unity over time and grasped instantaneously. Quite a trick!
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    As I said over on the five-minute phobia thread, you are using stolen concepts here. If empirical studies are as unreliable as you say, I have to wonder what you would consider good evidence and why that is better. How you would prove such a claim without empirical evidence is beyond me. In any case I did not say that controlled studies are "the only way" to gather information. In the passage you quoted I expressly mentioned that testimonials (about sentence-completion, for example) could be of some value. Speaking from an amateur literacy in the field, I should think that a good followup would include standardized tests, self-reports and interviews with duly blinded investigators, and maybe other techniques as well. As a matter of fact I've read several of Branden's books. The theoretical part was impressive. The exercises struck me the same way folk-dancing does: harmless fun if you're into it, but not for me.