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    I didn’t miss that he was a college graduate. I was a teenage college graduate. My son is on track to be a teenage college graduate. I have two direct reports who were teenage college graduates and an intern who will be a teenage college graduate next spring. That last one doesn’t even drive yet. I am surrounded by very young high performers and over achievers who are earnest yet awkward in their communication styles. All of them have learned a particular type of discussion method called a Socratic Circle. I am accustomed to my son opening discussions in the manner in which phantom did so. Also, as I pointed out before, the quote and the graphic in the original post are from an animated series that I have enjoyed with my son. Given that phantom quoted general Iroh and then explicitly said he was following Iroh’s advice, he seems to be identifying with Iroh’s grandson Zuko, a teenager or very young adult. This is also why I assume he’s male. There are strong female characters in the series that he could have identified with but didn’t. I could go on, but I’m not sure I see the point. You drew a conclusion. I drew a conclusion. We each did so based on our own experiences. We could both be wrong or the reality may be something in between. We simply can’t know unless phantom cares to enlighten us.
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    Deanna, Ah, come on. I ask a simple question about what you see, and even tell you I am curious for my own reasons dealing with my studies, and you're not sure you see the point? I even tell you I am not judging anything with this question? Well, here's the point since it is not clear to you: Exchange of information. It's simple. You know something I don't and I would like you to tell me so I can know it, too. I even said that. How is that not clear? But this phantom dude comes here and opens with a crapload of negative assumptions about Rand's flaws, and ours for that matter based on no knowledge at all, and you do see the point? Jeez, Louise... On another issue, I looked up Socratic Circle since I had not heard of it and looked at a few search entries. I happen to like the Socratic method of digging information out of the right brain and underbelly of the mind in order to verbalize it through questions and discussion. Much of the info in the brain has not been recorded in memory in verbal form, nor even the processing of it is in verbal form. So with questions and discussion, things often emerge and appear like they are new. And they are--in words. But the info was there all along. Also, the Socratic method allows the creative impulse to be added to that process so some truly new paths and dot-connections happen. (Apropos, Rand used this method in a solitaire manner in her creative writing and later in her nonfiction. She would list a string of questions as they came to mind, then proceed to answer them as if they came from someone else. After she did that, she would choose what to pursue and what to discard.) In my search, I saw a lot of things mentioning Common Core when they talked about Socratic Circle. So maybe I never heard of this because it's a new jargon term from that system. I don't know... I will look deeper over time. From what little I read, I didn't find any meaningful connection with how this phantom guy opened--talking about what he is not nor ever could be--presuming that that unfortunate state was what we were, and how flawed and foolish the things he wants to discuss are, etc., as he seeks wisdom from all this. That's the Socratic Circle way? Really? (All right, all right, that was a friendly poke in the ribs...) I want to ask you how you think the mental and emotional immaturity of a 15 year old can apply to college graduates because I'm still curious and I'm still not sure what you see. When I look at what goes on in the news on college campuses, with their safe spaces, bullying by collectives, conviction by accusation, intolerance of the boogiemen they have been indoctrinated to hate (mostly America and white males), etc., I can see the possibility. But, frankly, I am looking even deeper. Maybe you're not interested. Whatever... As part of what I see, I got into my stepson's head and, even though he is on the autistic spectrum, his IQ is now recorded as much higher than before--in fact, now it's at an average level--and he is going to college. That tells me the system that coddled him and molded him into a special needs sausage was screwed up, not him. I've tested him on his college lessons and in everything I walked through with him, he was spot on. Hell, I even screwed up the math on one thing and he corrected me. You have no idea how proud of him I am. Anyhow, enough of that. There's no point, right? I sincerely hope this phantom guy does not apply for a job or things like that using the same approach he used here to introduce himself to strangers on a forum. I don't predict he will be very successful if he does. Michael