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    My thought wasn’t directed solely at Brad and not necessarily only about money. Gore and Gore-like people do it to fleece money from the ‘system’ , Hollywood type virtue-signalers are probably motivated by an inherent narcissism. And they need their parrots to help move masses to accept the building of the ‘system’ or even to just be complacent enough to not fight back against the building .
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    Sorry, I guess I'm not understanding the issue in regards to falsifiability. Once again, falsifiable hypothesis and their approx date: And their conclusions:
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    Jonathan, I looked. Nothing but retweets. Lot's of 'em. (burp...) Michael
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    It's true that the strategy isn't going to work, but "dealing with climate change" isn't what it's aimed at. Ruling the world is. Ellen
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    So does William discuss? No, he posts a link: Slide, slip, slither, avoid - and then whine if you're called dishonest And what the linked-to list is about, as Michael points out, isn't how to have a discussion but how to indoctrinate. Ellen
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    I read this and the more I went along, the more I kept thinking it was so beside the point. Talk about irrelevance on steroids. But I ended up reading the whole thing. I took a look at the author, Marc-André Argentino. He's a crank funded by globalist establishment think tanks. He tries to come up with cutesy sounding terms like "infodemic" and so on. His main interest is how to find ways to shut down free speech, especially on the Internet. His main smokescreen, from what little I looked through search results, is fighting the QAnon dragon. He has even proposed that QAnon is a public health threat. He haunts the fringe of QAnon with regularity, so it's obvious he is a paid troll. See here (direct quote from his article): Two hours every Sunday for twelve weeks? LOL... I bet he feels like a regular James Bond. The organization that funds him, the Global Network on Extremism and Technology is even more interested in shutting down free speech, in monitoring the Internet and so on through the guise of fighting terrorists--mostly Saudi Arabian and far-right terrorists. I mean, after all, terrorists only come from Saudi Arabia and the far-right, right? I took a look at the peeps at that site. Impressive. But if you know what the term "public-private partnerships" means, and all of the peeps are involved in that activity, you will know the essence of this organization. In other words, the Global Network on Extremism and Technology is an elitist ruling class think tank focusing on top-down control of communications media, which means a propaganda firm. The article was posted at a site called "The Conversation," which has the slogan of "Academic rigor, journalistic flair." The lady in charge is Beth Daley (Editor and General Manager). I never heard of her, so I looked her up. She's essentially a manmade climate change missionary fighting the good fight at local levels. But back to my feeling of wasting my time as I read the article. How relevant is that thing to the real world? After all, Marc-André Argentino has been doing some rip-rory-righteous infiltration by watching a fringe QAnon group online for twelve weeks in a row on Sundays. Let's let this Sherlock tell you in his own words from the article: Three hundred whole accounts? And how many people, pray tell, watch the service from each account? Obviously one. Why one? Well, can you see the whole family or a group of friends sitting around a computer screen to watch a YouTube video every Sunday for two hours? That just doesn't happen. So, in essence, Mr. Argentino is so worried about three hundred QAnon people, he thinks a new religious movement will come out of it and threaten the world. Well, if this guy thinks the important part of QAnon is only made up of 300 fringe people, he's a crank. So I wonder what in the hell he is really being paid for. The answer is obvious. He is being paid to manufacture propaganda. Michael
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    A Twitter thread by the author of the Conversation story, adding more detail:
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    I've been wondering if whoever started "Q" was taking a page from L. Ron Hubbard's book and setting out to found a religion. Ellen PS: I haven't read the article yet. I anticipate that it will be sneery and "sophisticated"-superior in tone. I'm simply reacting to the article's title, which echoes my own question regarding "Q's" long-range intent.
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    I think it was late 2017, wasn't it Billy? When you discovered I had been reading Q. Maybe early 2018, but very shortly after Q started posting. Your reaction was mocking, of course, but I sensed a little bit of fear, a little bit of anxiety, like you actually believe it yourself but just hate all the implications, because you have chosen your side and it is opposite the Q side, etc. Your reaction told me to look even more closely and take it even more seriously as possibly real. Thank you. And now, in the middle of a scamdemic, after months of basically total radio silence from you, you post this. Thank you. Thank You! Reader, please do look into it, because if Billy and his mainstream media heroes are correct, then these Q people are dangerous and they have to be challenged head-on. How else to do that than to familiarize yourself with their crazy nonsense. It is all compiled here: https://qmap.pub/
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    An article by Adrienne LaFrance, "The Prophecies of Q," in the Atlantic.
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    Did you read that, Billy? Cuddlemuffin is free to post more recipes for tasty steamed octopus. Hooray!
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    NOTE FROM MSK: Trolling text removed. Would anybody be concerned if an unseen hand began to remove 'trolling text' ... or 'inappropriate' bits of commentary going forward? The invisible hand guide would be the Objectivist Living rules. Personally, I think such an invisible hand would be wise to "mark" the inappropriate material rather than delete it. Perhaps a spoiler ...
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    Red herring. We aren't taking about how the climate change before the industrial revolution. I've already covered the mechanisms that lead the planet in and out of ice ages. That mechanism is in the wrong sign (negative) to explain current changes and there is not record of changes happening as abruptly as they currently are. Go back and read what I told you about Milakovitch Cycles. Funny that you didn't think my reply was applicable then.
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    So just to be clear, you can't answer whether or not human emissions have increased atm co2? Do you think that might be a requisite for moving forward in the discussion in determining whether or not humans are responsible for warming? This is why it's pointless for me to address all your questions.
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    Asshole, how to many times do you have to be told? Answer my questions, or fuck off. I’m not doing it your way. I’m not going to play your games.
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    Fight the next ice age! Burn fossil fuels! --Brant I don't think that will work, BTW
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    When spouting government conspiracies of control, the burden of proof is on the spouter.
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    Most would consider a mad extinction bad. There previous mad extinction too over 10k years to occur, it's not an overnight or even single generation event. More conspiracy. That's yours to deal with, not mine. Bring evidence next time.
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    14 of 17 climate models published between 1970 and 2001 accurately projected future warming. https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-00243-w
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    I lose sight of the essential disagreement(s) ... amid the scorn-storms and psychological/character assessments. I think sometimes that 'What Could Persuade You to Change Your Mind?" is the right way to go, but that question doesn't reveal what a particular person believes. I don't -- after all this time -- know which beliefs are held by who, not in detail (except for Bob/Ba'al). It might be best answered by the Yale Climate Communications survey questions as revised. (or by a simple set of questions which answers reflect relative adhesion to so-called 'Consensus Statements**). The results of answering the Yale 'SASSY' survey questions assign a person's position among the "Six Americas" ... My assignment: Brief video that outlines the distinctions between the six 'buckets' ... _____________________ ** Eg, Scientific Consensus: Earth's Climate is Warming from NASA
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    “Armed and violent cultists” is particularly hilarious from Ratschild and Billyboy when we consider what happens when two or more of their Antifa cockroaches get together: And we know from recent experience in Virginia what happens when tens of thousands of armed 2nd Amendment supporters get together: *Absolutely nothing* In other words, Ratschild and Billyboy use their own side’s projected violence to try to justify their coup by an anonymous source. What could be more anti-democratic? Well, you fascist shitbags can go to hell because you are going to keep on losing. Trump will eventually go on offense and I assure you that all the karma your side’s vicious behavior has earned will be richly repaid.
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    Chemtrails for the win. "It's SCIENCE!"
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    Deleted. Gone. No longer here, departed. Gone up country to a good home. It was an unfinished blog entry that I failed to detect & delete during the earlier ruckus. If only you could communicate without loaded language and personal insults ... [Edited to add in a '&']
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    "We" didn't put any "heat" into the oceans. --Brant ". . . here comes the sun . . . ."
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    Whoever or whatever "Q" is, he or she or they are probably enjoying the break, not having posted since December 29 2019. This break has had zero effect on propagation of the 'cleaned-up' version of the mighty conspiracy-of-all-conspiracies ... from Mike Rothschild: The article is here. As "Q" might say, The 'silent' war continues.
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    "Q" is on a tear about supposed shenanigans in the March primary elections in California ... "Q" is not a top-level analyst.
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    "Fuck off, pedophile." The QAnon movement is chockful of anti-semitic garbage -- based on the wildest bullshit peddled by the Q-collective itself. If the correspondent wasn't so opposed to reason, he'd figure that one out on his own.
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    Penultimate. Trap gun slogan [OBS]. Think thank thunk. One hour of old glory as touted by the mysterious entity ... this does not seem like Q-level insider knowledge. They may need to get caffeinated and a bit blasted on marijuana, to clear away the staleness and low energy.
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    Billy, You've got a pretty good handle on your new vid toys there. Fun stuff. But, ugh, please explore lighting. And you don't need to invest in soft boxes or umbrellas with modeling lights. Just consider turning your current light so that it's facing the other way (away from you), and not shining on you directly. Bounce the light off of a wall in front of you to diffuse and soften it. Wall not close enough? Then clamp a foam board to an old mic stand from back in your band days, and bounce the light off of it. You're welcome.
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    Cunning little video exposing a much-cited QAnon account's disinformation ...
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    William, PP is as good as any. Look at my paraphrase of a few of his (or her) comments. That while there are parents who willingly sell their children to the scientism and socialist indoctrination of modern education. It's more likely the teachers, nurses, and others who care for your children are there to turn them into willing thralls for the globalist manmade global warming power mongers. . . . Imagine living in this kind of fear. That a great evil hung over you like a cloud that will soon be destroyed along with the planet. That at any moment evil forces would be there to brainwash and control your family and destroy the entire earth in 10 years. That Christians (and now Trump) are out to get you. . . . Everyone is the outgroup. Everyone is to be distrusted. The enemy surrounds us. Only via isolation and safe spaces can we achieve salvation. Scientism plus statism is a poison that make people hateful and scared. To think anyone would want to be this way makes me sad. That works to a tee for SJW's. Michael
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    New Jersey requires automobiles to have license plates mounted on the front and rear, I recently bought a car and was issued a paper 'temp' tag for the rear, leaving the front open. I made a 'fun' front plate by fashioning a "Q" out of orange electrical tape on a white backround. I've noticed a few smiles and other approving gestures on the road. The only q quotes or drops I've ever seen have come from reading OL and my favorite ,and to me, the most important q- related story is the one about the deputy sherriff in Florida wearing a patch while welcoming VP Pence. To me the meme is more important and powerful than The Q, prove or disprove the personage , I'll always have Q. Who doesn't want a Q, yeh? Seriously who doesn't want to have the belief that there is a 'righteous' power to speaking ( and 'doing') truth to power?
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    I gave readers a straightforward explanation -- how to make sure a quote will comprise a tweet from an earlier comment. The Mike Rothschild tweet remains where it was posted. Nothing was deleted. Intelligent readers will most likely accept a parsimonious explanation -- that the attempted quote failed to include the 'white-space' following the embedded tweet -- and thus failed to show. Anyone can check to see if the "missing" tweet is still there ...
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    "Did you delete Mike's analysis?" No. It is where it was -- embedded in the comment on the previous page. When we quote a post containing an embedded tweet, we need to include in our selection the 'white space' that follows the tweet. Eg, Voici ...
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    Surprise surprise, the two grifters are offering the same material two weeks later ... Sather, Nemos. This time there is a bit of news via the 8chan folks: Bonus: young Mike Rothschild utters intemperate criticism ...
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    While we are exploring the landscape of possibility: EXPOSED: George SOROS Is Behind the ‘Whistleblower’ Complaint!!!
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    She's better than Billy at serving up tasty steamed octopus! Dayyam! People are DYING!!!! Fuckers need to be punished right goddamned now for future catastrophes! We can't wait. Immediate pain to the grups for what they done to Greta's childhood and her future of doom. J
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    Exclusive: Russia Carried Out A 'Stunning' Breach Of FBI Communications System, Escalating The Spy Game On U.S. Soil
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    Here's a story that invites thought about 'Fake News' ... Court revives suit alleging Fox News inflicted 'emotional torture' on Seth Rich family
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    Jon, Is the AnOn66 personage someone you think is a fake Q fan? I thought you'd posted some AnOn66 things, but maybe I'm misremembering. Ellen
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    Jon, In compensation, there are such things as "impeachment rallies" -- in DC at that. From Redstate today: Embarrassing: Leftist Groups Threw An “Impeach Trump” Rally In DC And No One Showed Up From Breitbart Monday: Leftists’ D.C. ‘Impeach Donald Trump’ Protests a Bust The people who staged this were not a bunch of nobodies. Take a look. From the Breitbart article (my bold): The idea was to shame Congress, on its first day back from its August break, into getting rid of the dastardly Trump. But it's awfully hard to shame anyone for anything if there is no one doing the shaming. The Redstate article mentioned another interesting tidbit about leftie demonstrations. Many, many, many of them are nothing more than activist-funded hooks for the fake news media to spin a fake news narrative to see if they can get a little something going--to try to make a fact happen where there is nothing. The reference in the first paragraph is to the public's lack of interest in impeachment. (My bold below.) Oh... Well, there's Trump again... I forgot we were talking about the futility of Q nobodies who stage rallies in DC where a mere couple of hundred people show up... Michael
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    Bullshit. Cirrus clouds persist for hours on end. The water trail from a jet is made of the same stuff as Cirrus Clouds. H2O in a solid state which occurs shortly after gaseous H2O condenses into liquid H2O. All the nasty gasses are invisible. SO2, NOx CO2.
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    Jonathan, Cannuck epistemology handed down from their leadership? Michael
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    The pupil has not demonstrated an understanding of “tiresome reading suggestion #34.” So much for in his own words. Worst fake professor ever. Cartman is a better fake cop. Cartman fakes having been in ‘Nam better than this.
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    That's some mighty fine tasty steamed octopus! I've heard that Manhattan is 5 feet underwater. Is that true, Billy? Who should be punished first? How exciting! Anyway, do you have any answers to my questions yet? No? Still hoping that we'll forget what actual science is? J
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    Huh? Doesn't it have everything to do with this thread? As in, if we don't completely get rid of freedom, and if we don't immediately start punishing evil deniers, then, by the end of next week, the entire planet will be on fire just like that, followed shortly by everything being five thousand feet underwater due to all of the ice, everywhere, melting? J
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    One of these things is quite like the other ... Epistemologists are standing by to take your calls.