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  1. Steve Bannon has been on the warpath against Mitch McConnell for a few days now because of the spending debacle of the Democrats. There were four points: Continuing Resolution, Increase the Debt Ceiling, Infrastructure Bill and Green New Deal. Trillions of dollars in play. Mitch caved on the first and the Dems got a Continuing Resolution until December. The Dems were totally jammed up on the Debt Ceiling, though. There was no substantial Republican pressure on Mitch to save this for Biden. On the contrary, he didn't have the votes even if he wanted to. However, on the sly, he twisted arms and bullied and got the 11 Senators he needed to save Biden's ass for free. Bannon exploded. He's put up the names, addresses and phone numbers of all the Senators who voted with Mitch and told his audience to stay on top of them nonstop. (Don't forget that Bannon's War Room podcast now has a "download" audience of close to 100 million.) And he finally crossed the Rubican. He said that if anyone intends to vote for Mitch McConnell to continue as leader of the Senate, he wants all MAGA people to vote against them at election-time. And he still wants his MAGA audience to keep calling them. When Mitch McConnell saved Biden's ass for free, all the establishment press gleefully said "Mitch Blinked." Well, Mitch has blinked, but not like they mean. Look at this tweet. I have never seen Mitch McConnell do anything like this before. Too little too late. I predict Mitch McConnell is ripe for retirement as leader and I don't see him getting reelected later when it's election time for him. Mitch fucked up on the one he could not fuck up. Michael
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