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  1. From the same AP article: "While urging people to get vaccinated, state leaders including Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey have resisted imposing new restrictions, even as hospital beds fill up. On Monday, officials said 1,560 patients needed intensive care treatment in Alabama, where hospitals have just 1,562 ICU beds." OMG, they're all gonna die! Wait though , five minute search, Alabama has 32 icu beds per 100k population ( as of 2019) , out of 4.9 million+ 2019 population , Alabama has 1 icu bed for every 695 person 60+ yrs of age, in 2019 diabetes has a 13.5% prevalence and obesity has a 36.12% prevalence. Add that to all the surgeries and medical treatment screenings and disease detection that was put on hold for the better part of the last two years , plus 'all' the covid related care it seems about right , regardless 'case number hotspots' . ( nowhere in the article does it quote a health 'person' saying that the icu usage is for or even predominately for covid, and the hotspot riviera isn't the whole state, but the icu bed totals are for the entire state.) oh and Fuck the CCP
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  2. Ha except neither of them are “smartttterrr than the aVErage bear!”
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  4. It's a good thing that we can't catch viruses that sneak out the sides of unsealed masks, but only from particles which move forward from our mouths and noses. Otherwise we'd have to take that side leakage into consideration, and maybe even aim our cameras at it, instead of making very sure to avoid recording and showing any of that.
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