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  1. Here is a fantastic meme I stumbled across out thar on the Interwebs. Of course, those are establishment and go-along-to-get-along Republicans. Not the new kind who support Trump. Bill Kristol, ya' never looked so good. And neither did Pocahontas... Michael
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  2. Aldo, There are a couple of young guys who are doing a new YouTube podcast called "Ayn Rand Fan Club." MisterSwig, one of them, posts on OL and shares their videos. The latest was an interview with Stephen Hicks. I haven't had the time to see it or comment on it yet. But here is the link if you are interested. I bet it's a good interview. As to Hicks's book, I've started it several times, but for some reason I can't get into it. I don't know what the problem is, either, so I'm not criticizing Stephen for this. I like Jordan Peterson's criticism of postmodernism, though, and I even saw him do an interview of Stephen. I think part of my particular problem is with art and overgeneralizations. I'm not satisfied with anything I have read about the nature of art up to now. By art, I mean more than fine arts, painting, or any other category of art. I mean art as a form of human activity that covers decoration, works of art, music, story, all of it. I used to be happy with Rand's definition, but the more I learned about neuroscience and modern psychology, the more I fell out of love with her idea of sense of life as the basis of art. I haven't learned enough about postmodernism yet to be able to keep the good and discard the bad, but I can point to some things I think are completely silly like the constant self-referencing of form in the middle of art works. And some of the deconstruction I have seen reminds me of the 12 tone system of composing I learned in college (which I consider to be one of the major movement starts to postmodernism). Leonard Peikoff has an interesting way of categorizing things with his DIM Hypothesis and one of the categories is misintegration (the Frankenstein monster). Except some of the postmodern deconstruction I have seen take it one step further. It not only finds random patterns and assembles parts from those patterns into something that looks like wholes, it also transposes them into systems that are not made to process them. In the dodecaphonic system of composing I mentioned, it takes tones, assigns a mathematical number to each of the 12 chromatic tones, then plays with the math of the numbers as form principles while ignoring how the human mind processes sound. When I look at the mess postmodernism has made with history (for example the feminist way of seeing everything through the lens of the patriarchy), I think the root of it is to remove the human from human nature, then remove nature. I will get around to Stephen's book, though. I want to find out what my inner resistance to it is. (I suspect it is the writing style, but don't tell Stephen. ) Anyway, food for thought. And I hope you look at the Ayn Rand Fan Club/Hicks interview I mentioned. These guys are just starting out and I would like to see them grow. Michael
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