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  1. TG, Your response puzzled me, so I reread what I wrote and I saw I had written a really really really inartful passage This is the culprit: "Now it looks like he caved and was punished for it.." When I wrote that, it did not occur to me that it could be interpreted as me bashing him for caving. That was the last thing I was thinking about. I meant that now it will be perceived as if he caved (as opposed to holding himself to high standard) and was punished for it. (btw - I do not approve of such "punishment.") By extension, I also meant his enemies will exploit his gesture that way.. Dayaamm! I was bashing YouTube and trying to say that Tennaple cannot extend his own standards to woke assholes as if they play by the same standards. They do not. They play dirty. He cannot lower his guard by apology before people who will use the opportunity to waste him. (That reminds me of an old Red Foxx skit where he gave is son a black check as a birthday present and his son bankrupted him. ) The rules for war are different than the rules for peace. That's what I meant. Reread what I wrote through that lens and you will see a whole new meaning emerge that was not there before. One that has a lot more humor to it, humor that laughs at the woke folks, not at him. So fuck me, anyway. Sometimes I express myself poorly, especially when I get tired or try to get too cute. (Apropos, I think that's what happened with Ellen recently.) But that's part of being a one-man-band and trying to get enough fresh content out to keep interest going when things are slow, to keep as much as possible tied to Ayn Rand in some form or other, and to keep the MAGA flame burning. Speaking of slow, I should probably slow down to let my text "cook" a bit and revise it before I post. I sometimes think about it. But what the hell. This is forum posting. People understand that inartful and unintended shit happens on forums or they don't. On the other hand, I am preparing a few things for publication and, for those,. I am as ruthless as all hell on myself re rewrites. One of the characteristics I like about you is that you do not pounce immediately if you read something and it breaks the intellectual and/or personality patterns of what you have read before. Kneejerk is a bad habit here in O-Land: i.e., judge immediately, then try to identify what one judged (mostly to justify the judgment, not to understand). In short, it is true that I'm not a fan of Tennaple, but that's simply because I don't watch his videos much. The problem is time, not his content. In fact, I was liking that you were periodically posting his videos (just like Tony is periodically posts videos by another dude, James Lindsay, who looks interesting.) But, despite it taking time the Tennaples and Lindsays (and others) to becomes everyday names around here, I am aware that they are on the side of the angels, which is where you and I are. I would never bash them for that. Michael
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  2. BLM should be BLDM (Black Lives Don't Matter) for all the shit they did. --Brant
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