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  1. Let's flip this around, and see how it goes over: "This is truly misguided and mean of me, but the more Americans who die from totalitarianism, the loss of liberty, the loss of GNP, and the loss of their lives from a stupid fear of a virus with a scientifically proven survival rate for most people, and treatable with HCQ instead of an experimental vaccine, is better off dead per Evolutionary Physiology. Only the strong shall survive." Same energy...
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  2. Even Jon Stewart is coming out of retirement to skewer the bullshit about Wuhan. This clip is quite funny and I'm not even a fan of Jon Stewart. Michael
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  3. Here is a very interesting way James O'Keefe managed to cut through the noise. One of the local weather reporters on Fox announced live that she was going to be in a James O'Keefe video blowing the whistle on Fox censorship. And, of course, it is now all over Twitter where O'Keefe is banned. Hecker will probably lose her job, but she was probably going to lose it after the Veritas release anyway. So why not use the free publicity before she was axed? James is one creative dude. In a weird way, this reminds me of the campaign Alex Jones did with "Bill Clinton is a rapist." Michael
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  4. Say whatever you want, it doesn't matter, you 'll do whatever they tell you. maybe you could volunteer to shoot them? Probably earn you some points toward your social score.
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