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  1. Another Clinton dead body story. BREAKING: Reporter Who Broke Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Story Found DEAD in His Apartment He was suicided. Rush Limbaugh once asked a question that never left me. He said we all have people we know who have died. But how many of us have known or been involved with people who have committed suicide or have been murdered? In my life, there are precious few, and only then because of my dark days in Brazil bopping around places I had no business bopping around. Most people don't know of anyone. Bring it to the current situation. How many people around Trump have committed suicide or have been murdered? I'm sure there are a few, him being famous and all, but off the top of my head, I can't think of any. Now look at the Clintons. There is a huge list of such people. It's a famous list on the Internet. And every one of the people on it either damaged the Clintons or their interests in some manner, of the Clintons benefitted. Does that make any sense as coincidence? Hell no. In Brazil, they say if you see a turtle in a tree, you can be certain that someone put it there. Michael
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