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  1. We have a new episode where we interview Stephen Hicks on postmodernism and the leftist manifestations of it. If you're into the use of language, I ask him about the postmodern tactic of weaponized rhetoric near the end.
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  2. Is it true that if there is a treatment extant for a disease, the federal government can not by law approve a vaccine ? Whew , glad thing Ivermectin never caught on or Pfizer would never have been able to develop and receive approval for marketing its lipid encapsulated gene therapy, that ,by the way,has met FDA approval without having to have safety studies on American citizens as do all other medical technologies, it is illegal to gain approval based on foreign studies, or was or is except you know ..covid. Inexpensive and readily available chemicals were thankfully avoided and miraculously 'vaccines' are saving the day !
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