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    Styx is cool. I listen to him on Bitchute. I love the Corbett Report, too.
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    OMG... It took me a minute. LOLOLOLOLOLOL... Michael
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    U, Wow. President Trump signed the Executive Order late afternoon yesterday and you are already disappointed it hasn't changed America all over? This is an example of what I call a remote control perspective. We all have recently been conditioned to change our realities by clicking a button. That's true for radio and TV and mobile devices. But the only thing we change is our perception. Reality moves at its own pace irrespective of how fast you want it to or perceive it to by switching the channel when reality gets boring. Also, you seem to root for violence taking over. That's when your words express the most pleasurable excitement. I do not. Violence sucks as a lifestyle. I speak from the experience of living next to it, actually right in the middle of it, for a chunk of my life. If you want to see war erupt so badly, join the armed forces or join the enemy. Or go full on armed robbery criminal. Then live what you gush about and see it for yourself. That will give you a reality perspective. Macho talk is cheap. Facing down bullets flying at you and people beating the shit out of you through ambush or a mob gunning or you is a tiny bit harder... President Trump is about peace through law and order. Most of the people who support him understand that. The riots in the US have only a couple of hundred people or so per city who are causing all the trouble. They are funded by Marxists and globalists. Once the funding goes away, they go away and the crowds they gin up go away. I am pretty sure things will settle down after the election because those core people who haven't gone away by then will go away soon after. Michael
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    I don't expect Trump will turn things around at all. I was hopeful in the first few months something might get done. I was as surprised as anyone he even got elected. But since then zero of his promises were kept. Obamacare still firmly in place, though to his credit he did strike down the Individual Mandate; there is no Wall; birthright citizenship still in place, though he promised to end it with his executive order, and which he could easily do; DACA--Trump swore would end immediately--is now being used by Trump to lure Hispanic voters to his base as he screams, "It's a path to citizenship!" What?! Wow. What a turn-around! Why the change of heart? Hmmm. He's talking mandatory vaccines and towing the line with Fauci and Bill & Melinda Gates now. He didn't drain the swamp--he FILLED it. Every cabinet member is a swamp creature. And many Obama holdovers still walking around freely with their security clearances, e.g., John Brennan. OMG! Trump is basically an incompetent Zionist who us not worth defending. I must say however I love Trump's war on the MSM. He has single handedly, armed only with a Twitter account, exposed them and smashed their faces brilliantly. I also love his war on China and he's hurting them where it counts. Bravo! Perhaps in his second term he will do something noteworthy, but I doubt it. I want Vladimir Putin to come over here and take over. The USA and Russia together would be an unstoppable force for good in the world. Meantime, get in line for your Trump Operation Warp Speed, Bill Gates chip and a drip, kids! It's coming! Mandatory! Enjoy!
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    Yes, it's mostly taking place in the Blue cities, of course, and always will. And of course protestors who do violence should be locked up. But that is not the case in most cases. Look what took place in Seattle recently with the CHAZ mess, and another attempted CHAZ in Portland. Look at MPLS, now seriously considering disbanding the police department, if they haven't done it already. And as the rioting grows, the rioters, Antifa, BLM, etc., grow in numbers and become more sophisticated in their attacks. We have no idea what will take place next. And with the Covid nightmare dragging us into further economic ruin, they are already warning of the next plandemic, which they say will make this one look like child's play. Bill and Melinda Gates already talking loud about it and pushing vaccines and microchips for the world. As the crime, food shortages, joblessness escalates, gun confiscations will be inevitable. Canada recently made new gun laws and a huge gun ban and grab. They will be as defenseless as Western Europe soon. US is already under martial law with the so-called "quarantine", which in reality is house arrest. Thry are testing their mettle, finding out what they can get away with for now. So far so good. The Anerican sheep folded up and went home and locked themselves up and wear masks like the obedient slaves they truly are these days. Meanwhile rioters and BLM can do as they please. Lulzerskates. I see the US breaking up, balkanized in this decade. Mexico will take TX, and maybe AZ and NM. The Chi-coms will take CA and Western Canada. Russia will annex AK. The Midwest, a sort no man's land. The Eastern Seaboard will be what's left of the US, if anything. Something like that. I recently left NV, after seventeen years of watching it turn into a Blue state. Vegas is simply an extension of LA now. It rots. Rampant homelessness, crime, a Sanctuary City. Disgusting. People leaving Cali in droves. Once a Gokdrn State, it now looks like Bangladesh. I call it Calidesh. I simply won't go there anymore. I moved to a small town in South Dakota, the number one Survivalist, Galt's Gulch state in North America. Still nice and clean living here, low cost of living, low crime, and the state least affected by the Covid sham. So far so good. Steady as she goes. Get out of the big cities, kids, buy lots of guns and food stores. It's going to get uglier. Much uglier. Trmp came up with an Executive Order recently, aimed at countering thei