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    Kayleigh McEnany snookered the entire press into broadcasting the riots. Lots of cable news stations cut away since they are pretending the riots are not happening, but not before their viewers saw what they saw. If you just want to see the montage, it starts at about 2:26 and runs for about a minute. Even Fox News cut away and left an embarrassed Harris Faulkner hanging. Michael
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    Last weekend Q posted "*** Are you ready to serve again?" Flynn is a three-star general, but currently out of work. In mere minutes Flynn changes his background on Twitter to a big flowing US flag with "God Bless America." Then Q posted "Acknowledged. God Bless America."
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    Of course there are pictures and parties all the rich elites were invited to. Trump is among those they would have worked very hard to entrap. They failed. Now let’s do Epstein. Clinton. Young girls: Bill Clinton is on the Lolita Express logs flying to Epstein Child Rape Island on TWENTY SIX OCCASIONS. He skipped out on his Secret Service protection, left and flew without them, on all twenty six occasions.
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    Yeah, it's not like he led a chant of "Lock her up!"
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    I emphatically disagree that President Trump is racist. He magically became racist by lefties and certain black celebrities after he entered politics and won. Previously, they all took his money and called him a huge friend to the blacks. Charlamagne Tha God, co-host of the top radio show, “The Breakfast Club,” openly calls President Trump racist, but he went off on Biden over race yesterday. If anyone wants to see how people like Charlamagne Tha God think about American history and culture, he is quite open about it in the video below. It's so race-heavy, I see it in the same light as I do the thinking of all bigoted collectivists. Anywho, he's the guy to whom Biden said, "If you have a problem figuring out if you're for me or for Trump, then you ain't black." And “The Breakfast Club” is so popular, it's pretty influential in driving the behavior and choices of a substantial segment of black voters. (btw - I don't think Charlamagne Tha God's audience is uniform in thinking like he does, but he's an entertaining dude and highly intelligent, so I believe he earned his audience through his talent, not through his racism. At least for many.) That's is the backstory for... Guess what! drum roll... You guessed it. Biden stepped in it again. He said Trump was the first racist who ever got elected president. First the article about all this, then the video (which is also in the article). Charlamagne Tha God suggests Biden ‘shut the eff up forever’ after saying Trump is ‘first’ racist president Here's the video (and it's good to listen to it to see how these people think): Charlamagne Tha God's frustration: And where is Charlamagne Tha God's real interest in presidential politics? It's all good so long as it's black. When it ain't black, it ain't good. I agree that it is hard to be enthused about voting for Biden for any reason, but this guy's openly stated reason is that Biden is an old white male. That's the long and short of it. That's his intellectual foundation. Skin color and gender. He has allowed himself to become that which he despises. On the good side, even if Biden appoints a black woman as his running mate, he is already losing a lot of potential votes from black people who would never vote for Trump. Many will stay home in disgust. Thanks, Joe... Michael
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    Peter, They are rebelling already. Sanctuary cities, nonstop calls to abolish the system, autonomous zones, riots, mobs taking down statues, mobs trying to burn down courts and police stations, defund the police, Antifa, BLM, mainstream media support for the chaos, etc. That looks like rebelling to me. Michael
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    Qanon targets pedophiles, sex traffickers and satanists. Twitter, Facebook, the MSM & some others target Qanon. Making sense yet?
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    Kid's player number in the opening image?